Tuesday 3/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Paul comes to look like he's rescuing Babe, Bianca and their babies. But he keeps Babe's baby in the cabin waiting for Kelly to come and take him while he drugs Babe and leaves her, Bianca and Miranda to lie abandoned on the ground.

The search party of all the people in Babe's and Bianca's life keep looking for them but not finding them. Jamie and Maggie almost catch Paul in the cabin where Bianca and Babe just gave birth. Greenlee discovers Paul's chopper and informs Ryan and Kendall where she saw it. Krystal consoles a distraught Erica and encourages her to believe she is a good mother in spite of the last conversation she had with Bianca before she went out in the storm.

ATWT by Boo

Chris and Alison argue over whose fault it is that they lost the condo and all their possessions. Katie continues to obsess about Pilar and get frustrated when no one will listen to her that the girl is trouble.  Mike moves Pilar into his home and promises to keep her safe from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Dusty and Lily get to work on planning a
fundraiser for Rose's foundation. Carly and Paul decide to go to St. Barts to do their own investigation on Rosanna's kidnapping. Lucy is disappointed that they will not allow her to go along too. Molly visits Holden and tries to encourage him not to give up on Lily.

B&B by Lea

Ridge asked Brooke what happened between her and Nick on the island. Brooke and Ridge went over old territory: again. She told him marrying Nick might be the answer. Stephanie dropped by Nick’s office to talk about Brooke. Stephanie told Nick she thought Brooke should marry him.

Eric brought Samantha coffee and they talked about her baby. Eric told her that he and Stephanie were there to help her. They also discussed her mother. Thomas brought Samantha a puppy – she’s thrilled.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie orders a mechanical bull for Tuscany. Julie stops by Tuscany and is outraged at Mickey for letting Bonnie turn Tuscany into a country bar. Mickey declares to Julie that he plans to change the name of Tuscany to Alice’s. Bonnie unveils a sign with the new name as a gift to Mickey. Hope meets with Celeste to discuss the visions that led Celeste to the cemetery. John seeks Celeste’s help, admitting to her his suspicions about Marlena. Hope flashbacks through her life with Bo as she worries about having to live without him.

Julie is as determined as Marlena to find the message that Doug left but Marlena convinces her to go home instead. Alice finds Doug’s note at Tom’s grave but thinks it is a sign that Marlena is the next victim. Doug’s ghost visits Alice and attempts to tell Alice that Marlena is the killer. Later, Alice considers the possibility of Marlena being the serial killer. Marlena hacks into the police mainframe, erases her picture, and uses it to see Alice with Doug’s note.

GH by Jennifer

Emily gives in to Zander’s request to make love. Zander, however can’t go through with it. Elizabeth tells Ric and Lucky that Zander and Emily are at the cottage. Zander apologizes to Emily, she forgives him. Ric, Lucky and a SWAT team surround the cottage. Emily convinces Zander to give himself up. Emily and an unarmed Zander emerge from the cottage. Zander pushes Emily away and pretends to reach for his gun. Zander is shot multiple times and dies in Emily’s arms.

Jason and Courtney take turns trying to convince Sonny to get back together with Carly. Alcazar pushes Carly away, they later make up. While Carly and Alcazar are kissing Sonny walks up to the window and sees this. Nikolas is in a car crash while rushing back to Port Charles after hearing about Zander and Emily on the radio.

GL by Megan

Reva shares with Jeffrey what she and Josh learned when they went to MC Corp. Despite Jeffrey's warning, she confronts Doris Wolfe. Jeffrey helps Reva find another way to defend her daughter. Cleverly, she demonstrates to Doris and Frank how Carrie victimized her daughter. It looks like a big win for Reva and Jeffrey until Doris produces a bullet in Carrie's cloak that points an incriminating finger at Marah. Lizzie is running lines with Tammy and Joey when she encounters Sam Spencer. He is cold to her, knowing all too well how she has treated his sister, Olivia. But Lizzie works her charm and her negotiating skills on Sam in an effort to win him over. In the attempt, she begins to suspect that Sam is hiding something especially when he goes out of his way to prevent her from knowing where he lives. Lizzie concocts a lie about wanting to get closer to Olivia to persuade Tammy to help her track down Sam's address. Olivia has her hands full with Phillip. Is he merely manic or is he devilishly toying with her? Olivia isn't sure; all she does know is his behavior is as erratic as it was before he was admitted to Ravenwood. Christopher tells her there's a reason: Blood tests reveal that Phillip is off his meds. When Christopher takes Phillip to his office for a therapy session, Olivia finds Phillip's stash of pills under the mattress. Now she has a dilemma: to reveal the stash and make sure Philip gets back on his meds or to let him go on neglecting his medication so that his behavior will keep him at Ravenwood and under her control.

OLTL by Kathy

Kelly meets Paul at the cabin, and agrees to take the baby. She asks Paul how she’ll ever be able to repay him, and Paul tells her to just be a good mom. Todd is spying, and realizes what is happening. He makes a call to dig up some dirt on Paul. Kelly ends up at Todd’s penthouse, and Todd convinces Kelly that by keeping the baby, and making Kevin believe it is his, both will get what they want. Carlotta pays David a visit, and wants to tell Antonio the truth about Adrianna. David tells Carlotta not to do anything until she speaks to Dorian. Viki goes to the hospital to have some tests, and Dorian informs Viki that she had a mild heart attack. David pitches his ideas for “Craze,” and amazingly, Kevin finally likes his ideas. Michael helps Marcie retrieve her data from the computer, and the two end up in an intimate moment. Marcie stops, and says she’s not ready to take their relationship to the next level, as she “feels” Al’s presence Michael tells her not to worry, that they will move at a pace she is comfortable with.

Passions by Suzanne

Theresa attacks Gwen in the courtroom for suggesting she and Ethan adopt Little Ethan. Rebecca gets the judge to take away Theresa's parental rights so she can adopt Little Ethan. Gwen gets mad at Ethan for supporting Theresa. Father Lonigan runs into Charity and asks her to tell him what's wrong. She tells him about Death's bargain. He tells her that Death can't bargain with a mortal so she doesn't have to stick to it. She has lost her faith so she doesn't believe him. Working at the cannery, and the women who taunt her there about how she's going to be working there for the next 30 years, is starting to get to Kay. Luis visits Pilar, who has Martin; he decides to spend more time with Beth and Martin. Beth asks Sheridan to help her look nice for Luis. Sheridan does, but she is sad about it. Antonio insists that Sheridan burn her photos of Luis. Pilar and Luis show up on Beth's doorstep with Martin.

Y&R By CallieKim

Phyllis argues with Danny and Christine about little Daniel and warns Christine to butt out. Jill talks to Jack about her father and her fears and he persuades her to give it a chance. Arthur persuades Kay to let him move in and he does. Nikki and Victor share intimate moments. Victor realizes that he is a lucky man and shares his feelings with Nikki.

Vanessa comes over to Damon's and tries to seduce him. His rejection leads her to believe there is someone else and then Phyllis shows up! Realizing Phyllis is the other woman, Vanessa verbally attacks her and Phyllis lashes back.

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