Monday 3/22/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Everybody is distraught and afraid that Babe and Bianca are dead. Kendall rips into Erica and tells her she killed Bianca.

Babe calls Paul Kramer. At first, he tells her he will not help her by going to the cabin in his chopper, but later reconsiders. He actually ends up delivering her baby and sounds like he wants to help Bianca. But as soon as he's out the door, he remembers his sister Kelly asking him to steal a baby for her and calls her telling her he has one for her.

ATWT by Boo

Jordan and Jennifer get closer. Barbara has more problems with her eyesight and enlists Walker's help. The Judge allows Sarah to stay with Margo and Tom temporarily while the court conducts and investigation. Lily confronts Lucinda about the 10 million dollar check she gave Dusty. Holden and Lily continue to try to reconnect. Jack, Craig, Paul, Lucy, and Carly become more concerned with Rosanna's safety. Craig and Jack head off to New York to check on some of the items that were stolen from Fairwinds.

B&B by Lea

Deacon told Jackie he was telling Brooke about the paternity test. He whined about Massimo turning him down for a job. After some talking – Deacon agreed to keep his mouth shut. Brooke went to Stephanie for advice about Nick. She told Stephanie about their trip to the island and his proposal.

Nick thought about a conversation he had in the past with Brooke about his love of the sea. Ridge arrived to tell off Nick about taking Brooke on an adventure (and yes we went over the same arguments again). Nick wanted Ridge to forgive him – and to accept Nick and Brooke together. Ridge arrived and asked Brooke what happened on the island.

Days by Danielle

Tek’s suspicions of Marlena as the serial killer grow as Hope begins to consider Marlena as a possibility based on the evidence. Hope dismisses her suspicions when John vows that Marlena is innocent. John shows Marlena the surveillance camera footage from the cemetery to explain why Tek suspects her. Marlena makes plans to kill Tek. John lashes out at Tek for his theory about Marlena.

Julie visits Marlena to talk about Doug’s behavior before he died. From their talk, Marlena remembers seeing Doug leaving Julie a message by Tom’s grave revealing the killer and decides to head out there. Alice gets a visit from Tom’s ghost telling her to go to his grave for answers. Jennifer arrives at Alice’s house to pay her respects to Doug where Sami continues to say insensitive things. Lucas and Sami discuss ever finding true love.

GH by Jennifer

Jason rescues Sam from the assassin. Jason chases after him but he gets away. Jason yells at Sam for leaving the pent house. Sage arrives and makes Faith leave before she can do anymore harm to Lorenzo. Sonny and Carly discuss reconciliation. Sonny again says that Lorenzo destroyed their family. He also thinks that Lorenzo planted the bomb to make him look bad. Carly goes to Alcazar and questions him about the bomb. He denies any involvement. The man who killed Sam meets with Lorenzo, we find out that Lorenzo did have the bomb planted in Sonny’s car. The man realizes that Alcazar is blind and demands more money or he will kill Jason and Sam. Zander makes a heart felt plea to Emily to get back together. Zander taunts Emily with the idea that he harmed Nikolas. Zander wants to make love with Emily. Enid identifies what is supposed to be Zander’s personal effects as her brother Wally’s. Elizabeth sees Zander and Elizabeth together in the cottage.

GL by Megan

Jeffrey and Marah break from their passionate kiss at the pool house as he informs her Doris Wolfe has taken over the case. Full of loving concern, Jeffrey gives Marah tips on how to testify. Both realize the hardest part of the trial will be staying away from each other. While they agree it's the right course of action, chemistry takes over and they find themselves making love. Josh and Reva react to the arrival of another taunting letter from Carrie. Harley arrives and shares information she's found on MC Corp, a legal business that Carrie created. Josh tracks down its corporate address, and he and Reva go to check it out. At MC Corp, they are stunned to hear Carrie talking, but it is only her voice on tape giving instructions to a law student. Josh, connecting the student to the messenger who brought Carrie's most recent letter, explains to the student his role in possible harassment, and the student eagerly spills to his role as Carrie's agent. It was he who notified the papers about Jeffrey and Marah's relationship. Gus has quit and Alan's feelings are hurt. Alex reprimands Gus but is interrupted by the arrival of Olivia who shares rumors of a Spaulding stock dive. Brad, Alex and Alan are all seen dumping stock by the end of the day and Olivia is pleased at her windfall. But at Ravenwood, we see how Olivia's mere presence angers the agitated Phillip. Harley and Gus meet up at the police station, where she rejoices that finally one of her men got out of Spaulding before it cost him their relationship. But she worries that Gus is going back out on the street to fight drugs.

OLTL by Kathy

In Puerto Rico, as Jess and Antonio are leaving, he warns Dorian he’s not done with the investigation of Adrianna. David and Dorian head for home and talk about their wedding that didn’t happen, and what the future might hold for them. John and Bo discuss Haver’s dying accusation, and Bo assures John he believes in his innocence. Bo brings Antonio in for the investigation. Bo and Antonio read Haver’s journal, which contains damaging information.

Blair visits Todd and warns him to stay away. Todd assures Blair that he is moving on with his life, and realizes it’s over for the two of them. Blair visits Kevin, and the two of them decide Kelly has been lying in an attempt to get some attention and affection from Kevin. Paul calls Kelly and tells her he has a baby for her. Todd figures out where Kelly is, and pays her a visit in the hospital. Todd discovers Kelly lost her baby, and offers to help her. Todd overhears a conversation Kelly has with Paul, giving her directions to come pick up her baby.

Passions by Brenda

The judge makes his ruling and Theresa loses custody of little Ethan for one year. Theresa begs Julian to help her, but Rebecca pulls him away and threatens to tell about his past with Eve. Rebecca tells Gwen that now is the perfect time to ask Ethan if they should adopt little Ethan. Pilar questions Beth about her reason for not wanting Sheridan to be around baby Martin. Pilar, of course, thinks it's because Sheridan claimed that Beth's baby was hers.

Eve feels even more guilt that her past with Julian has now cost Theresa and her child to be separated. Sam has a heart to heart talk with Charity, which brings her to tears. She refuses to back down on her determination to be a "bad" girl. Simone tries to get Kay to admit that the life she's leading now is nothing like her fantasy with Miguel. Kay almost gives in until baby Maria says her first word - "Mama".

Y&R By Kate one day ahead!

Jack helps Jill to see her feelings about Katherine in a new light, while at home, Arthur is moving in despite Katherine’s qualms. Victor is suddenly enlightened concerning his great fortune, and decides to make up for his wrongs. Damon finds himself stuck between Phyllis and a jealous Vanessa. Phyllis has it out with Danny and Christine and warns Christine to stay out from between her and her son.

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