Friday 3/19/04 Short Recaps

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Due to NCAA Basketball, the CBS daytime lineup (ATWT, B&B, GL and Y&R) will be pre-empted on March 18 and 19.

AMC by Jennifer

Bianca gives birth in the cabin. Babe helps her then goes to find a doctor. When she finds a phone, she gets a hold of Paul Kramer and asks him to get there with his chopper. At Adam's, all of Bianca's and Babe's friends and family are determined to find them, whatever it takes. When Erica finds out, she is determined to help look for Bianca. Ryan and Greenlee discover the car and know they need to be there. Everyone has reason to believe they are both dead althogh they've pulled through.

Edmund is determined to have the surgery and tells Maria it's unacceptable not to be able to walk, regardless of what she tells him. After being the hero to Maria's and Edmund's kids, Bobbie tells Anita he wants to have a baby with her. She tells him a baby will not save their marriage and she cannot forgive him for cheating on her.

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

Days by Danielle

Lucas picks up Will and Sami for Doug’s wake. Sami refuses to go at first but eventually joins them. While at the wake, Julie advises Sami and Lucas to give in to their feelings about each other. Alice and Julie reminisce about Doug’s days in Salem and his relationship with Hope.

John and Marlena argue about John’s accusations. Marlena tempts him to call the police to turn her in. Marlena convinces John that his having seen Marlena at the cemetery is because of Stefano planting things in John’s subconscious that are now coming back to the surface.

GH by Jennifer

GL by Megan

OLTL by Kathy

Haver is shot and wounded seriously as he is being taken to arraignment. Bo is told the gun used was registered to John. Before he dies, Haver accuses John of shooting him. In Texas Renee tells Kevin that Duke has some problems with Kevin – Duke feels alienated because of Kevin’s past relationships with other women. Todd accepts Viki’s offer for a position at The Banner. Blair is having an “unbirthday” party for Jack, since they missed his birthday due to the New York trip. Natalie reminisces about her kiss with John. Kevin returns to Llanview, and Blair convinces him to come to Jack’s party. Todd spies outside, and doesn’t like the fact that Kevin is there with Jack and Blair. Starr and Matthew plot to get Bo and Nora back together. Michael and Marcie share some intimate moments together, but he is called back to the E.R.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa has an outburst in the courtroom when Rebecca testifies about little Ethan. The judge orders her to stop or he will take her child away from her immediately. After Theresa testifies, the judge gets ready to give his decision, and the outcome looks bleak for Theresa - she has no job and no home.

Pilar stops by the Book Cafe as Beth and her mother are arguing about baby Martin. Pilar questions Beth about her reasons for not wanting Sheridan to hold the baby, and Beth gives Pilar a "reasonable" explanation, but Pilar is suspicious and asks Beth for the real reason she doesn't want Sheridan around baby Martin. Kay gets teased by her co-workers about her father and Miguel. Simone stops by and asks Kay if the hard life she is leading now is worth all she went through to get Miguel away from Charity. Sam receives a letter from the college dean, and Charity is in danger of flunking out of school.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur promises not to be scared away by anything negative that might happen once he moves into the mansion. Christine comes up with a place for a teen to bunk while in town. Esther is question about her money and why she needs a menial job.

Jill is not sure that another roommate is the answer to a tender situation. Katherine spies the new bus girl at the Athletic Club. Kevin explains why no evidence will be found to link him to parts of Marcino's. Michael coaxes his client for the calm, honest version of the pole at Marcino's. Phyllis gets her groove back. Nick smirks when he realizes that an ex-employee wants her job back.

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