Thursday 3/18/04 Short Recaps

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Due to NCAA Basketball, the CBS daytime lineup (ATWT, B&B, GL and Y&R) will be pre-empted on March 18 and 19.

AMC by Jennifer

Bianca and Babe are stranded in the cabin and Bianca believes she's ready to give birth. Everybody is very worried about them and unable to find them.

Edmund urges Maria to go to the hospital to help patients instead of being stuck in the house taking care of him. But when he's alone, stuck in the wheelchair, he finds he cannot help his daughter who needs him. He tries and fails to get up the stairs. Then, suddenly his brother in law Bobbie appears, rushes up the stairs and helps the kids.

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

basketball - no recap

Days by Danielle

Victor haunts Nicole. Brady’s fears that Nicole won’t sign over the funds to build the concert hall prove unfounded. Nicole solely signed over the funds to spite Victor and to get Brady to want her. Belle admits the truth to Shawn only to find that he had fallen asleep. Marlena imagines having to kill Shawn and almost killing Belle. John accuses Marlena of being the Salem Stalker, insisting that she admit it. In the process, he tells her that Tek suspects her as well. Rex turns down Mimi’s marriage proposal, instead asking Mimi to wait until he has a good job and can take care of her. Hope desperately tries to convince Bo to slow down and get some rest, taking on the hunt for the killer herself.

GH by Jennifer

GL by Megan

OLTL by Kathy

At John’s room, Natalie and John share an awkward moment, following their kiss. They agree that neither may be ready for a relationship, but their friendship is very important. Natalie urges John to consider Bo’s offer for the position with L.P.D. RJ and Evangeline set Nora up on a blind date, much to Nora’s surprise. As Nora is enjoying dinner with her date, Roxy comes in and makes a scene, announcing that this man is married!

Antonio and Jessica are in Puerto Rico, and Antonio finally connects with Adrianna’s adoptive mother. He questions her, but she continues to confirm that Dorian is Adrianna’s mother. Antonio still has doubts. Paul overhears Carlotta leaving a message for Dorian that Antonio is in Puerto Rico. Dorian and David arrive in Puerto Rico, see Antonio, but he doesn’t see them. David vows that this situation will be resolved in their favor. Haver swipes his attorney’s cell phone, and makes a call to Jessica. Eve sings at Capricorn, to a packed house.

Passions by Brenda

Beth lets it slip that she was the one who stole Sheridan's baby and Sheridan overhears her, but Beth manages once again to cover up the truth. Whitney discovers that Chad owes Alistair money. Chad goes to pay Alistair, and Julian questions why Alistair would loan money to Chad. Rebecca manages to get the custody hearing moved up and Theresa is in a panic, knowing that it won't be very likely that she will get her son back, since she doesn't have a job or a place to live.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

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