Wednesday 3/17/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Babe and Bianca are stuck in the car in the rainstorm until they find a cabin. Right at the wrong time, Bianca feels as though her water has broken. Erica reveals to Jack that she feels betrayed by him, Kendall, Bianca and David keeping it a secret that Bianca is pregnant. She tells him that Bianca has made a very serious mistake and neeeds her mother. She also tells Jack she wants him to leave her drinking alone, and gives him back the ring he gave her so they can be rid of each other once and for all.

Ryan and Greenlee take shelter and make special efforts not to have sex. Kendall and JR try unsuccessfully to contact Bianca and Babe. Tad and Krystal are also worried about them. Adam Chandler attempts to get Liza to help him spy on Krystal and Babe. She tells him she knows that Babe and JR love each other and Adam is alone with his quest to spy.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison overcomes her anxiety over the apartment and decides on lovemaking for a while. Barbara guesses that her son is pushing her out of the apartment, so that he can be with a woman that he has hidden in his apartment. Carly believes more and more in her working partner. Casey is told that he can’t spend any more time with a troubled youth.

Chris keeps a cool head even though he may have been ripped off. Craig gets a warning to keep secrets if he really values his daughter. Jennifer is sent to try on a dress, so that her mother can get away for a while. Jessica promises that she will do her best to convince the judge to do things her way. Lucy overhears that her stepmother is missing, and sees that her father has been dishonest with her yet again. Sarah is to be remanded to the custody of the state of Illinois.

B&B by Lea

Massimo was surprised to hear about the fire in his building. Hector visited Amber at the hospital. He told her why she was in the hospital and told her he was the one who pulled her out of the fire. Thomas brought Caitlin coffee and told her about his visit with her father. Caitlin was thrilled to her father was a hero again.

Deacon continued to blackmail Jackie for a job. Jackie promised to do what she could – but she said she wasn’t a miracle worker. Deacon asked Massimo for a job and Jackie tried to talk him into giving him a job. Massimo turned him down and Deacon made a beeline to Logan Design.

Days by Danielle

Rex is shocked to learn that Mimi knew of his plans to propose. Mimi lashes out at Bonnie but they later make up. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi to dump Rex and go after Shawn. Shawn and Philip spend St. Patrick’s Day at the Cheatin’ Heart consoling Rex when Madison joins them, mentioning her previous conversation with Philip about Belle. Philip tries to convince Madison that he doesn’t like Belle as Shawn calls Mimi to join them where Mimi decides to do the proposal to Rex herself.

Belle comes close to confessing to Shawn but they get interrupted again. Belle visits Marlena to admit to her about lying to Shawn and to ask where Marlena really was when Doug was murdered. Marlena tries to convince Belle not to tell Shawn the truth. Marlena compiles a list of potential threats and emphasizes John’s name before burning it. John’s defensiveness leads Tek to suggest that John could be covering for Marlena. Hope defends Marlena to Tek. John admits to Brady that Belle lied about being Marlena’s alibi.

GH by Jennifer

GL by Megan

Reva comes home anxious to help after learning about the blowup in the newspapers. Christopher comes over and tells her she can't force a connection to Maryanne. Reva feels a ticking clock and can't wait for this damn ghost. Marah retreats to the pool house where Marina and Michelle are waiting. The girls are all affected by their journey with Carrie. But most of all, Marah's missing Jeffrey, worried for him. Josh is startled when a pink envelope, from Carrie, is delivered to him at home. Meanwhile Jeffrey is at the police station. Gus comes upon him as he ponders shredding the evidence. He talks Jeffrey out of it, but then Jeffrey switches gears, firing Gus because he's been compromised at Spaulding as an operative. Gus, understanding Jeffrey's position, gives him the keys to his car so he can go see Marah, unnoticed. At the Spaulding office, Alex and Alan cross. He's angry and frustrated and takes the news of the mob's involvement with Antimonius out on her, even accusing her of knowing about it. But she knows his frustration is over his falling out with Gus and tells him so. She subtly works Alan and when Gus arrives, he's less willing to reconcile than he might have been otherwise. Gus quits and Alan does nothing to stop him.

OLTL by Steph

Bo offers John a position as Chief of Detectives, and urges John to consider it. Eve moves in with Roxy, and John tells Eve he may be leaving Llanview. Viki and Dorian discuss their plane crash, and their days at the hospital together, as Dorian is considering getting her medical license reinstated. Todd sends the Lord Ring to Starr, with instructions that it will protect her from bad things, and that she is only allowed to show the ring to Viki.

Paul and Kelly continue to discuss getting a baby, and Kelly says the doctor has told her she will never be able to get pregnant again. The two discuss Kevin and Blair, and Paul asks Kelly if she thinks a baby will really keep Kevin from Blair. Kelly later calls Kevin and tells him she’s with friends he doesn’t know, and she’ll be home soon. John stands Natalie up, but Natalie takes a burger over to John’s room. As Natalie is leaving, she runs back to him, and gives him a passionate kiss.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan decides she will talk to Beth and try to get help her get Luis back. Beth pretends to be very caring and thankful to Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace offers Sheridan a bologna sandwich - Sheridan says she doesn't want one, and Mrs. Wallace replies that Sheridan doesn't know how much bologna she already has had.

Pilar and her family are served a court order by the police department, who take possession of the Lopez-Fitzgerald home immediately and start putting their possessions in the street. Theresa is served a court order soon after to attend the custody hearing. Rebecca's plan is falling into place, but Gwen is hesitant to evict the entire Lopez family. Antonio shows up to offer Pilar some money, but he doesn't want to make amends with his family. He doesn't offer any of them a place to stay, and barely helps with moving their possessions.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

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