Tuesday 3/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica lays down the law to Kendall, stating the she believes that Bianca's decision to have the child of a rape was due to Kendall manipulating her because of her own situation. Kendall, very upset, goes to find out from David Hayward what he knows about Bianca's decision to keep the baby. David assures Kendall that Bianca made her own independent choice, Kendall need not blame herself, and that Erica has her own issues to deal with regarding Bianca's decision.

For the first time, Bianca has her doubts about her decision. She informs Babe that she will need to leave town and have her baby where nobody will know how she was conceived so that she is protected from that which Erica warned Bianca. Tad is still having his dilemma with his three women. Both Liza and Krystal know he will not commit. But Simone reveals that she wants romance with him.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison guesses that she will be having 7 years bad luck because of a broken picture. Ben decides to know why a fake priest has been visiting a patient. Chris looks past the mess in the new condo, and decides that they will fix it up. Jordan offers to take full responsibility if anything goes wrong with a meeting between enemies. Katie is offered a chance to ask any questions that she wants about a strange young woman and her relationship with a contractor, but she doesn’t take the offer.

Kim is invited over for dinner later at the new condo. Lisa refuses to have anything to do with BRO, even though she used to be close to the owner. Mike sees through a trick with a priest, and knows that the man didn’t come up with the idea himself. Pilar grabs the phone to call security.

B&B by Lea

Rick and Thomas discussed the situation between Brooke, Nick and Ridge. Caitlin’s dad saved Amber’s life.

Brooke didn’t have an answer to Nick’s proposal. Brooke asked the stars to guide her to what was right. Ridge and Jackie had words. He accused her of manipulating the situation and trying to win Brooke for Nick.

Days by Danielle

Philip is distracted from his talk with Brady as he watches Belle and Shawn in the park. Belle decides to tell Shawn the truth about being with Marlena the night of Doug’s murder. Shawn overhears Philip and Brady talking about men lusting after women they shouldn’t but assumes that they were referring to Brady and Nicole. Mimi and Patrick share a joyous reunion. Bonnie insists that Mimi is too young to get married. Patrick demands the return of all of his money from Bonnie. Rex treats Mimi to dinner at an expensive restaurant. Rex is hesitant to propose to Mimi because Shawn Sr.’s stipulation relied on Bonnie’s permission. Mimi attacks Bonnie when she hears that Bonnie is the reason that Rex didn’t propose tonight.

John’s visions of Marlena as the killer under hypnosis send him into convulsions. As Tek and Hope try to save John, John flashes through his and Marlena’s romantic past. While still in the trance, John faces the decision of whether to keep silent or cast suspicion on Marlena as the Salem Stalker. Tek suspects that John knows the killer’s identity but doesn’t want to reveal it. As Tek downloads photos from St. Luke’s surveillance camera, John flashes back to all the clues that point to Marlena as the Salem Stalker.

GH by Suzanne

Carly can’t break it off with Alcazar when she learns that he was blinded in the explosion. Sonny packs up Michael and Morgan to move in with Carly. Sonny tries to explain to Michael why this is best. Sonny says a heart-wrenching goodbye to his sons. Sam comes to the penthouse and collapses in Sonny’s arms.

Helena is mad that Nikolas is giving money to the fire victims. She doesn’t feel that they owe the victims anything. It wasn’t their hotel that burned down. Nikolas kicks Helena out and reassures Emily of their future together. Zander is at the church and talks to a priest about the sacrament of marriage. Zander fantasizes about marrying Emily. Sage is now volunteering at the hospital, which Georgie is not happy about. Sage is prepared to trash Georgie’s reputation.

GL by Megan

At the Beacon, Jeffrey reacts to the bombshell, and back at the Lewis house, Marah does the same. She's been 'outed' as Carrie's killer and he's been accused of shielding her from prosecution. Jeffrey realizes he must excuse himself from Marah's case and warns his replacement, Doris Wolfe, not to let any problems the two of them had in the past get in the way of doing what is right. At the fairgrounds, Reva encounters Harley and they realize they're both anxious to find a way to help Marah. They decide that two heads are better than one. But it's at the fairgrounds where Reva learns the bombshell about Marah – and it's Doris who delivers the news. Jeffrey is sorting through the evidence he's required to pass along to Doris, but gets wind she's considering convening a Grand Jury. As he gets the news, he holds a file containing all his notes and he looks up to see he's a few steps from a shredding machine. Cassie and Edmund are at Company with the startling photo of Jeffrey and Christopher. Cassie's more startled by the insecurity Edmund harbors, leading him to investigate Jeffrey to begin with.

OLTL by Traci

As Marcie struggles with one of her classes, Michael agrees to help tutor her, allowing them to spend more time together. Jen and Riley agree to lean on each other for support to get through their alcohol/drug problem. Jessica visits Haver for some answers, but gets none. Haver swiped a prescription from Jessica’s purse. Antonio learns that Dorian is Adrianna’s mother, but becomes suspicious when he learns about the $30 million inheritance. Carlotta insisted that Dorian is Adrianna’s mother, but Antonio and Jessica decide to go to Puerto Rico to get some answers. Dorian and David also decide to honeymoon in Puerto Rico after Antonio questioned David. John turns in his badge after Haver bangs his head on the cell bars, claiming John attacked him. John agrees to meet Natalie for dinner at Rodi’s.

Passions by Brenda

Jesssica's scream of anger towards Charity and Reese brings the Bennett household face to face again. Grace tries to talk to Jessica, Kay, and Charity, but they want nothing to do with her and they don't hold back when telling her so. Kay refuses to let Grace hold baby Maria, and Sam takes the side of the girls. Grace reaches her decision to go to Italy with David. Pilar agrees to take over the bed and breakfast for Grace.

Alistair and Dr. Ackland found Sheridan before Luis and Antonio, and after giving Sheridan an injection, she once again chooses Antonio over Luis. (Sheridan was knocked out by the drug and left in the gazebo by Dr. Ackland and Alistair, where she was discovered by Luis and Antonio). Julian begins to suspect his father is behind Sheridan's sudden change in heart. Miguel moves in with Kay at Tabitha's, and Luis stays at Hank's for the night. Luis tells Pilar he will never be happy again without Sheridan.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley is suspicious that her brother has been sending employees to plead his case. Christine gets angry when praised for the job that she did in court. Damon pries feelings out of a troubled redhead. Detective Webber works on a prisoner’s vulnerabilities. Drucilla is asked whose team she is playing on.

Jack is playing a game of survivor with his sister and he would like to vote her off the island. Jill suddenly realizes that she is talking like real family with her mother for the first time. Kevin gets over excited when he hears that someone saw him at the club the night that a stripper last performed. Michael runs to the rescue. Phyllis breaks into a good friend’s apartment.

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