Monday 3/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica allows herself to be interviewed by a malicious woman who asks her all about the dirt in her family's lives. Bianca enters and tells all about her decision to have the baby and that she has nothing to hide. Kendall enters and is grilled by the nasty interviewer. JR and Babe accompany Bianca and JR threatens to sue the woman for hurting his friends. Erica reveals to her daughters that there is nothing anybody could see as positive with Bianca choosing to have the baby from a rapist. Greenlee and Ryan sound as though they are ready to part company although it may not actually be that way.

Brooke and Tad have discovered that Jamie is ready to move out of his parents house and live with Maggie. They cannot decide whether that's the right decision for him. Kendall asks Simone and Mia to team up with her again, at Fusion and be shareholders. Jamie also comes to apply for a job. Simone reveals that she'd consider hiring him so that she can win points with Tad.

ATWT by Glynis

Carly is cornered and presented with receipts that prove she was canoodling with someone forbidden. Henry has an idea for getting more information. Holden regrets judging his wife in the past. Lily is angry when she figures out that her mother-in-law has been called to come and sit with her, because of the kids.

Lucinda will do anything to keep her daughter from working on the Rose Foundation. Lucy agrees to keep the secret of exactly who was on the trip to her interview. Mike sees the need for new women’s clothes, as old clothes are covered with blood. Paul agrees to go skating, but only if there is no laughter.

B&B by Lea

Amber continued to sleep as the apartment burned. A neighbor finally woke her and she called 911. Of course she had to go back to get her photo album – and passed out in the smoke. Caitlin’s dad arrived to save Amber.

Ridge visited Samantha and she told him about the baby and how the baby died. Meanwhile, Nick and Brooke went camping on the beach. He pulled out his guitar and they say Jack Wagner’s new song Going Back Again (can I say give me a break?). Nick proposed to Brooke (can I say give me a break?).

Days by Danielle

Julie finds Mickey’s papers to turn over Tuscany in Bonnie’s mail and plots to force Bonnie out of business. Philip shares his suspicions with Brady that Nicole killed Victor and accuses Brady of not being so willing to turn Nicole in to the police. Together Nicole and Jan work out a deal to get Shawn with Jan and then Jan will turn the evidence over to Nicole. Rex discusses proposing to Mimi with Shawn who leads Rex to Shawn Sr. to hear the story of how Shawn Sr. proposed to Caroline. Shawn Sr. gives Rex his and Caroline’s wool rings to use when he proposes to Mimi. Rex asks Bonnie for permission to marry Mimi but Bonnie refuses. Belle surprises Mimi with a day at a spa to help prepare for Rex’s proposal. Belle shares with Mimi her fantasy about how she wants Shawn to propose to her.

Hope wants to contact Marlena for help but John insists that Marlena not be involved. Tek puts John under hypnosis where John sees Marlena’s face as the killer. Celeste warns Alice that another Horton will die and the cemetery will fit into it. Celeste suggests that Hope could be the next victim. Alice appeals to the killer and Celeste senses that the killer heard her wish just as they turn to see Marlena standing behind them. Marlena goes to confession but disguises her face and voice. Father Jansen tries to get Marlena to identify herself and to go get help but Marlena refuses.

GH by Suzanne

Mac is brought back to General Hospital by a nurse from Mercy. Felicia tries to find out who brought Mac to Mercy. Mac begs Felicia to stay in town for the girls. While at Cameron’s grave Zander has a flash back to the night of the fire. He killed a maintenance worker and set the fire to cover his tracks. At Wyndemere Zander listens on as Emily gushes to Elizabeth about the night at the church with Nikolas. She then tells Elizabeth that she loved Zander and never meant to hurt him. Elizabeth confesses that she never meant to hurt him and will have to live with that for the rest of her life.

The Judge grants Sonny and Carly joint custody. After a bomb explodes in Sonny’s car, he gives Carly full custody. Carly tells Alexis that she will keep Alexis’s secret for as long as it is convenient for her. Carly decides that she will take after Sonny’s lead and do what is best for the boys, no matter how much it hurts her. She’s going to tell Lorenzo it’s over. Lorenzo is blinded by the explosion. Tracy and Edward try to bribe Dillon with cars and film school for his vote. Dillon goes to Luke for advice on who to vote for. Dillon knows if he votes for Tracy, he’ll take away his grandfather’s reason to live. If he votes for Edward, he’ll feel the wrath of Tracy.

GL by Megan

Reva discovers Marah attempting to make contact with Jeffrey and intervenes. She is worried that even though Marah's yet to be charged, she risks compromising herself by appearing too close to the man who will be in charge of her case. Marah defends Jeffrey, assuring Reva that she feels safe if he tells her she is. Desperate to do something to help Marah, Reva goes to the fairgrounds after getting another vision of Maryanne Caruthers beckoning to her. As she makes her way around the deserted area, she hears a noise behind her. Jeffrey calls Marah and the longing they feel is evident. Jeffrey begins to tell her that it will all end soon, but it's at that moment that he's approached by an assistant with a newspaper. Marah turns on the television and they get the news at the same time: Marah's been named as the new suspect – and Jeffrey's been accused of covering up for her. Edmund meets with Dax who has a surprise photo for him stemming from Edmund's request to look into Jeffrey's past. Edmund's clearly troubled by what he sees and tracks down Cassie to show her the photo of a younger Jeffrey in military uniform with two others, similarly dressed, and one of them is Christopher. Eden gets flowers from Vinnie Salerno congratulating her on Bill's rise to the top. She covers with Bill and makes a beeline for Tony to ask his advice. But Tony, in a flash of anger, tells her that if she ever thought she was out of the mob life because something better came along, she was dreaming.

OLTL by Kathy

Dorian arrives at the church and tells David she won't marry him. The two decide to postpone the wedding because Dorian is scared of her feelings - she loves David. David and Dorian decided to go on their honeymoon. Blair and Kevin continue to work on "Craze" and continue to grow closer. Todd makes arrangements to go to Texas.

One of Dr. Haver's victim's father tries to kill him, but ironically, John saves him. John talks to Caitlin's spirit, Natalie witnesses this and is touched.

Passions by Brenda

Fox and Theresa are at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home after the Blue Note event. Theresa asks Fox to stay overnight. At first he refuses, because he doesn't want to be her rebound choice. But Theresa convinces him to stay after she talks about little Ethan. Fox and Theresa make love! Sheridan regains consciousness and comes to a decision regarding her choice to stay married to Antonio or to pick Luis, the one she has been in love with for so long.

Eve is sympathetic with Sheridan's situation, as she is also torn between two good men. Julian is at the cottage begging Eve to go away with him, when T.C. knocks on the door. Antonio and Luis swap stories about their past love lives with Sheridan - both remember being on the Titanic with her. Antonio reminds Luis that he was married to Sheridan in a past life, and Luis tells Antonio it was only because he had drowned in the Titanic sinking.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley is accused of doing whatever she wants no matter what the consequences. Colleen hears the good news and hugs her boyfriend. Jack doesn’t care what the board says, he will see to it that his rival pay for his crimes. JT is suddenly sad when he hears how his life is going to change. Kevin is asked if he ever came on to Brittany.

Lauren learns that the police are conducting a search looking for evidence for a crime. Michael reports that his brother seems to be doing well on all fronts. Nikki is reminded that now that her husband’s troubles seem to be behind him, there are other things that have to be dealt with. Paul gives a subtle reminder why there has to be a conviction. Victor regrets the kind of parent that he has been.

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