Friday 3/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee and Ryan are caught red-handed by the guy Ryan is trying to impersonate in order to get the free hotel room. But they somehow manage to persuade him not to press charges against them. Erica gets a press conference about her new company. Although buried in business, when she sees a newspaper headline that Jack will be disbarred, she goes to try to help him. She appears at his hearing although he intended to be alone. She tells everybody that Jack did what he did only to save her daughter. They decide to have him disbarred and on probation for one year, which is apparently a lighter sentence than he could have gotten had things gone worse.

Maria and Edmund are having real problems until Aiden pep-talks Edmund not to be discouraged about not walking and Anita persuades Maria to stop trying to be all things to Edmund and instead just be his wife.

ATWT by Glynis

Casey fakes concern for his grandmother to put a plan into action. Craig tries to hear more of a private conversation, but doesn’t learn all that he would like to know. Dusty is willing to put off starting the foundation until his partner is better. Jack promises to work with the authorities in the Caribbean to find a missing woman.

Jessica worries about a missing teen and who might have picked her up. Lily shows discomfort when she is reminded that the doctor is coming to see her. Lucy basks in the glow of her rescuer. Margo has a feeling that her son knows more than he is letting on. Phyllis lies bound and gagged on the floor.

B&B by Lea

Brooke and Nick talked about taking a trip on his boat. Nick gave Brooke a pep talk about the good things in her life. He made her smile which seemed to be a major accomplishment. Jackie told Massimo how thrilled she was that Nick was taking things into his own hands. Massimo continued to be worried about Ridge and his inability to get along with his brother. Deacon dropped by to torture Jackie.

Amber looked at a photo album of her life with Rick. Rick stopped by her place to see how she was doing (apparently they are divorced – I think I missed something). Amber fell asleep and dropped the photo album – it hit a lit candle and started a fire in the apartment.

Days by Danielle

Bo is determined to pin the serial killer murders on Nicole. Nicole confronts Jan about the evidence; threatening to kill Jan. Alice and Celeste each receive messages from Tom telling them to go his gravesite.

Julie, Mickey, and Alice visit Jennifer to work on planning Doug’s funeral and are surprised to find Patrick there. Julie shares her concerns about Patrick with Jennifer while Bonnie overemphasizes grief to show off for Mickey. Bonnie tries to convince Patrick to sue Jennifer. Mickey announces to Julie that since at the time Doug was still alive and they had a healthy income, he already made plans to sign over Tuscany to Bonnie. Patrick tries to leave Jennifer’s house but Bonnie pretends that he needs to stay. Patrick figures out that Bonnie stole his money and confronts her.

GH by Jennifer

While stranded in the limo Sonny and Carly discuss Alexis’s grudge against Sonny. They also talk about how they won’t ever regret the time they spent together, just how it ended. Just as it looked like they might reconcile, Max knocked on the window to tell them that the new car was there, and that the judge wanted them at the court house. Alexis and Alcazar think that Sonny set up the stranded limo in order to bully Carly into giving over the boys. Jason tells them to leave Sonny and Carly alone. Jason and Alcazar think Carly is holding something over Alexis’s head. Zander eavesdrops on Nikolas and Emily at the church.

The judge sees Carly and Sonny each one on one. He tells them that he doesn’t believe either one of them should have custody, but he’ll give them each one chance to change his mind. They both beg the judge not to put the boys in foster care, and they both say they’d rather have joint custody. Luke gets Edward out of Shadybrook. Tracy calls an ELQ board meeting to vote for CEO. They are to vote between either Tracy or Edward. It comes out in a tie. AJ’s vote has been transferred over to Dillon, who now is the tie breaker. Lucky helps a woman who fears her brother died in the hotel fire. Dillon tells Sage that he can’t see her anymore. The judge is ready to make his decision.

GL by Megan

OLTL by Kathy

It's David and Dorian's wedding day, and for the occasion, David gives Dorian a gorgeous wedding dress to wear. Dorian agonizes over whether or not to married David, and Blair advises her not to. Since one of Dorian's pre-nup conditions is that David has a job, David convinces Blair to hire him to work on her new magazine, "Craze." Blair grudgingly agrees to allow David to work on a trial basis. Both Blair and River refuse to stand up for the couple, so Adrianna agrees to be the Maid of Honor, and Roxy agrees to be the "Best Woman" for David. David is at the church, but where is Dorian? (Beautiful flashbacks of Dorian and David from the past!)

Lindsay meets Daniel at Capricorn, but Daniel gets called back to the police station. Lindsay agrees to wait for him, but after he leaves, Rex joins Lindsay. Rex and Lindsay end up in a lip lock, with Nora catching them. When Daniel returns, Nora covers for Lindsay, but Lindsay accuses Nora of being jealous. Bo is furious with Asa for bringing a pistol into the police station. Daniel agrees not to press charges, but Bo, Daniel and John warn Asa against any further antics. Rae and John Sykes inform Nora that they are taking a trip around the world, so we say goodbye to Rae. An unknown person points a gun at Haver as he's being led away to his cell.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan collapsed and Luis carried her back to the cottage, although Antonio continued to protest. Pilar discovers Sheridan has a high fever, and Eve was called to treat her. Chad talks to Whitney and tells her that she cannot control her mother's life, and she should stop trying to carry the burden of what she has seen between Eve and Julian.

Theresa tries to make amends with Gwen. Ethan suggests that Theresa give them a letter of endorsement to help in their attempts to adopt. George, the man who knew about Eve and Julian's past, is knocked unconscious by Rebecca to prevent him from providing proof that Eve and Julian had been involved. Liz checks the pockets of George for the proof but only finds car keys.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Angelo confirms a sighting when he hears questions about a bookkeeper. Brittany warns that she is going to make the guilty pay for her wounds. Colleen talks a really good game regarding taking opportunities. Detective Webber learns that the back entrance has to stay unlocked to be in line of the fire code laws. Jack if furious after seeing the entire board vote to accept a lucrative offer.

John has made an important company decision, and all wait to hear it. JT is asked again if he has reconsidered being a star. Kevin’s denials to a woman scarred are ignored. Lauren will ask her detective boyfriend to lay off, but she can’t promise anything. Michael warns that his brother may snap and do something, if people in the town don’t lay off.

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