Thursday 3/11/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica and Bobbie unexpectedly run into Greenlee and Ryan. Erica confronts Ryan about being with Greenlee when he should be in love with Kendall and urges him to get back with her daughter. Greenlee confronts Bobbie but does not get through to him or to Ryan about her supposed "concern" for Erica being with a strange man, in the state she's in.

Bianca urges Kendall to get back with Ryan. Kendall argues but cannot dispute what her sister tells her about how she's repeating their mother's pattern with trust issues. Maria tries and fails to cheer up Edmund, when they come home but he still cannot walk.

ATWT by Glynis

Casey gives in, but only tells part of what he knows. Craig is questioned about his wife’s disappearance. Katie admits that she knows a local contractor better than she had been letting on. Lucy is not happy when she learns that she will not have her pilot all to herself.

Margo orders her son to the diner for an inquisitive little chat. Paul sees nothing different in the way that a girl acts around him. Rosanna wasn’t the one that sent the note. Sarah was spotted running out of Al’s with a friend. Carly spots a teen crush. Pilar brushes off a nosey, pushy nurse.

B&B by Lea

Eric and Stephanie discussed Priscilla and Samantha. Priscilla woke Samantha from a bad dream to tell her she was leaving. Priscilla was very upset Samantha told the Forrester’s about the family secret. Samantha and her mother talked about their issues (and I hate to say this, but I couldn’t care less about this story: I don’t know these people).

Nick got his boat ready for a trip. Jackie dropped in during his cleaning. He asked his mother to help him with a plot. Nick wanted to take Brooke away to have fun for the night. Brooke agreed to go on a ‘Three hour tour.’ Sally and Amber informed Stephanie, Eric and Rick they were quitting. Stephanie tried to talk Sally into staying. Steph told Sally she was family – and so is Amber.

Days by Danielle

Lucas confronts Sami about having feelings for him. Lucas proposes that he and Sami apply for the job in London together. Hope and Julie deliver the news about Doug to Alice. Hope dismisses the notion that Marlena could be the killer. John seeks Marlena’s forgiveness but Marlena still refuses to let him move back in. Sami bursts in to tell Marlena that she should kill John to keep him from killing her.

Belle is uneasy, as Shawn believes that she could never lie to him. Nicole tries to toast to being a wealthy widow but Brady still accuses her of being a murderer. Jan contemplates what to do with the evidence against. Victor’s ghost haunts Nicole. Mimi and Rex discuss Bonnie’s schemes and their future together.

GH by Jennifer

Carly accuses Alexis of having her own agenda and reasons for badgering Sonny on the stand. Carly is called back to the witness stand by the judge. She tells him about the affair between Sonny and Alexis and nearly tells Alexis's secret. Sonny invites Carly to go home with him and see the boys. The steering on the limo Sonny and Carly are driving in goes out. Max goes to get another car. Sonny and Carly wait in the limo. Sonny asks Carly why she saved him while he was on the stand and why she hired Alexis. The case on Zander is officially closed with Cappelli as the killer, but Zander is alive. He sneaks out of the hospital.

Mac is transferred to Mercy Hospital with no paper work or ID. He is listed as a John Doe. Meanwhile, Felicia and the girls realize that Mac is missing and frantically search for him. Helena tells Nikolas and Emily that she auctioned off the treasure and put 25 million dollars into their main Swiss account. Nikolas says half of it is going the hotel victims and their families. The other half of the money will be split with the Quartermaines. While at a small church, Emily and Nikolas decide they don't need a big traditional wedding. They exchange vows at the church.

GL by Megan

Reva recognizes Jeffrey's concern for her daughter and directs him to the pool house. There, Marina has returned to comfort Marah and tell her that she's denying herself the human contact (Jeffrey) she needs. Marah can't help blaming herself for being used by Carrie, for naively doing exactly what Carrie wanted her to do. When Jeffrey appears, Marah's first impulse is to send him away. But he fights through her defenses, urging her to see herself as he sees her; brave, not weak, strong, not gullible. His words and his love are able to soothe her and Marah falls asleep in his arms. Josh begins the day handing the reins of power at Lewis Construction over to Bill on a permanent basis. Bill is ready for the challenge. For his part, Josh is ready to devote himself fully to his family, now more than ever. But when he shows up at Reva's house with his toothbrush, she isn't sure if this is a visit or a more lasting arrangement. She is overjoyed when Josh brings in the rest of his baggage and says that he's here to stay. Harley tries to get Buzz to talk about the events at the fairgrounds. Carrie may be dead, but Harley believes the evil lives after her. Buzz doesn't want to talk about it and wishes that the whole thing could just be over. But when Marina provides some missing details of Carrie's dirty tricks, the cave in, the razor blade and the gas leak, Harley becomes more convinced that her family needs the kind of protection Harley's Angels was meant to provide. Now, if only she could work a miracle for Gus and have Alan call to accept the deal that Gus offered him.

OLTL by Kathy

Nora and Evangeline reach an agreement on Todd's release. Even though Viki pleads with Todd not to seek revenge against Kevin, Todd has other plans. Evangeline warns Blair that Todd was acting strangely upon his release. Kelly begs Paul not to tell Kevin she lost the baby, and asks for his help in finding a baby. She tells him that in exchange for the help, she will help him find out if David and Dorian killed Aunt Betsy, and help him get the 30 million.

Roxy invites Eve to move in with her and Natalie, and suggests River be Eve's piano player at Capricorn. Haver's attorney informs Bo and John that he will be using an insanity plea, and Haver will spend no time in jail. Asa arrives at the police station with a concealed pistol, and tells John that Haver needs to be dealt with!

Passions by Brenda

Luis and Antonio search for Sheridan. Sam intervenes in another brawl, and tells them that he will be the one to ask Sheridan which brother she chooses. Sheridan calls Luis on his cell phone from the gazebo on the Crane estate. Gwen gets on stage and takes Theresa's place, singing "Sugga Sugga Sugga" to Ethan. Theresa knows that she upset Fox - she started having feelings again for Ethan while they were singing, and it showed.

The man named George, who used to visit the Blue Note in Boston, starts to harass Eve after he recognized her as the singer who was involved with Julian so many years ago. T.C. is stunned when George tells him that Eve was the singer who turned to drugs, alcohol, and sex. Liz is waiting to pounce and hoping that the truth comes out. Chad questions Whitney and asks if Fox was the guy she started to get interested in.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Anita explains how her daughter can still have a great life. Ashley plans a surprise meeting that will be held at her father’s house, and her brother isn’t to know about it until he comes down for breakfast. Brittany refuses to work at the bank. Damon pushes his boss to stand up to his sister. Drucilla demands that the flower project not be stopped.

Jack doesn’t want to talk about the orchid until after his wins his lawsuit. Larry doesn’t give full details, but tells that there is no way that a dead body is going to be found now. Nick asks his mother to help his wife if she can. Raul learns why the job at the bank was refused. Sharon gets melancholy when she hears about the night that her husband has planned for the both of them.

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