Wednesday 3/10/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica goes off with Bobbie, with the intent to ignore Jack and her friends and her life. They go to a poker game where she disguises herself and introduces herself as Desiree. She seems very happy with her new friends, until she unexpectedly runs into Ryan and Greenlee.

Anita runs into Aiden again. Reggie meets an attractive young girl who tells him she has no family or friends or anywhere to go. Adam tries to find out what Tad's and Krystal's secret is about Babe. Tad is happy to call a truce with Krystal but is disappointed that she no longer wants to sleep with him. Liza visits him only for sex and leaves.

ATWT by Glynis

Dusty figures out where the children are. Katie pretends to be mildly interested in order to get the full story. Margo has more questions for a stab victim, but the patient has to rest. Mike comes to the rescue of a dark haired beauty who is covered with blood.

Molly gets concerned wondering just how long she will have to take care of a friend’s children. Pilar sees that her friend is running from something. Sarah decides that she has to get to Atlanta to get her trust fund. Tom insists that teens that are out of line have to be shown that there are consequences.

B&B by Lea

Priscilla and Samantha had an intense conversation. They joined the Forrester’s for dinner. Everyone discussed a mutual friend having a baby – which Priscilla found scandalous. Samantha said no one should do anything to shame their family – all the while flashing a mean look at her mother. There is a “dirty family secret” to be revealed – Samantha gave up her own baby girl. Stephanie comforted Samantha.

Thomas visited Caitlin’s dad at the firehouse. Thomas tried to convince him to let Caitlin work at Forrester. Rick dropped in on Nick at work – they discussed Brooke and the baby. Rick told him he supported Nick’s relationship with his mother one hundred percent. Rick told Nick he had brought a new thing to his mother’s life – balance. He advised Nick to make his move – the sooner, the better.

Days by Danielle

Philip drowns his sorrows alone at the Cheatin’ Hart where an admirer pays his tab, leaving him w/ advice about going after Belle. Hope worries that Bo will take the law into his own hands. Belle lies to Shawn about being with Marlena for hours. Marlena catches John going through her coat closet. Tek finds fresh dirt under Doug’s fingernails. Doug’s spirit tries to get Bo to realize that the dirt is a clue to the killer. A flashback of Doug’s past scenes is shown along with Doug singing, “Always.” Nicole and Jan continue to work on their plan to burn the evidence. Julie and Hope say their final goodbyes to Doug.

GH by Jennifer

Jason reluctantly signs a statement pinning Zander's murder on Cappelli. Both Alcazar and Sam take the stand in custody hearing. It is discovered that Sam is a former prostitute in Texas and ran around with a grand theft auto ring. Courtney tells Jason that Faith is sending shipments through her piers. She warns him not to retaliate against her. If violence breaks out, whether or not Sonny is involved, he and Carly could both lose the boys and they'd be put into foster care.

Mac takes a turn for the good. Maxie confesses that she was harboring Zander while the cops were looking for him. When Mac is alone in his room he takes off the bandages, but it is Zander. When Sonny is on the stand at the custody hearing, Alexis bombards him with questions concerning his claustrophobia, his abusive child hood, and his break downs. Just as it looks like Sonny is about to lose it, Carly intervenes, telling Alexis to back off. Sam has plans to leave Port Charles and never return.

GL by Megan

Marah has spent the night at Reva's house but wants to get on with her life despite the charges she could be facing. Reva and Josh reach a compromise with her; she'll live in the pool house. Shayne remains quiet, upset about what's going on. Marah heads to the Museum to pack her things and runs into Marina. Marah confesses that she was the shooter and urges Marina to tell Shayne. Jeffrey is accosted by a reporter who wants to know about the mysterious new suspect. Jeffrey, going even farther out on the limb to protect Marah, threatens the reporter. He then meets with Billy, Ed and Buzz and informs them that Marah has come forward. He needs them to change their stories and tell the truth. Cassie and Edmund show up to support Reva. When Reva tells Cassie how hard Jeffrey is working to help Marah, Cassie starts to feel guilty. She wants to call Jeffrey and apologize but Edmund stops her, warning her that it will only result in a fight. But later, Edmund sees Cassie leaving a message for Jeffrey. Shayne finally admits to Josh he's angry that no one told him what was going on. Josh says Shayne helped enormously just by inspiring the whole family to fight on. Marina arrives and Shayne confronts her about lying to him. Marina says she kept quiet because she wanted her wish that she made on Carrie's ring to come true. Alex, conflicted over Alan's offer, pays Buzz a visit. He admits that he almost left town when things got bad. But he's glad he stuck it out and promises to spend more time with Alex.

OLTL by Steph

John finds out that Stephen has Natalie in his room with a bomb attached to her and Stephen has the remote to set it off. John brings in Rae to try to shake Stephen up and John manages to get the remote and arrest Stephen. He gets the bomb off Natalie and they go to the station where they see Stephen being taken off into custody.

Blair takes to David about her fears of Todd, David goes to see Todd in prison and tells him to keep his distance from Blair. Blair visits Todd and he tells her that it was her tumor that was causing her to remember New Years Eve wrong. She tells him she still remembers it the same way and she will not change her testimony. Vicki sees Kevin and Blair in the Palace Bar and is worried about their relationship. She talks to Kevin about it and he assures her that it is only business. Kelley makes Paul lie to Kevin saying that she in in TX. Paul goes to Dorian's to tell her that Kelley is leaving town for a bit, David is there and is suspicious as to why Kelley didn’t call for herself.

Passions by Brenda

Tempers flare up between Luis and Antonio, and Sheridan runs out of the Blue Note. Luis tries to find her, while Sam prevents Antonio from going after Sheridan. Sam believes that Antonio will really hunt for Luis and try to kill him.

A stranger enters the Blue Note, and reminisces to Liz about a club in Boston with the same name. He tells T.C. that the young singer on stage (Whitney) bears a striking resemblance to a young singer from the Boston club, both in looks and vocals. T.C. of course has his own explanation of the stranger's comparisons. Theresa, Fox, and Ethan have their names drawn to sing a song with Whitney on stage. This creates jealousy for Chad and Gwen, as Ethan and Theresa sing to each other, as do Fox and Whitney.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Brittany agrees to go to the bank, even though she hates it there. Daniel learns that his mother would like to see him. Danny agrees not to force his son to see his mother if that isn’t what he wants. Josh is successful at hiding his surprise at the sight of an unsightly scar. Nick has questions about where his wife was the night he was out of town.

Nikki shows up to talk to her daughter-in-law, finding a strange bedfellow already there. Phyllis learns that her son will be coming to town the following week. Sharon may have put her own head in a noose by telling her secrets.

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