Monday 3/8/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica reveals to everybody at the baby shower that she is not o.k. about Bianca's baby. And she reveals to Babe that she believes Bianca will be traumatized for life if she goes through with having the baby. Erica winds up at David Hayward's doctor's office.

Maria and Edmund have decided to stop fighting over whether he should have surgery. And he decides to put it off for a while. Anita reveals that she is having problems with her husband. Ryan has a plan to take Greenlee with him on a motorcycle trip, where they go where the road takes them. She agrees to his plan.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison’s bad decisions are made to be the cause of her baby dying. Holden gets support from a very unlikely source. Kim is determined to support a young woman in her testimony as much as possible. Lily books an appointment with her husband, telling him that he will be really surprised at what she has to say to him.

Lucinda refuses to help her daughter find her children. Lucy learns more about the real reason why she doesn’t want to testify. Paul explains why a missing wife only called him and no one else. Rosanna is missing.

B&B by Space Bug

Right as Deacon was about to spill the beans to Ridge and Brooke about the possible error in the paternity test results, Jackie barges into the office to stop him. After Brooke and Ridge are called out to a plumbing emergency in the building, Jackie again tries to persuade Deacon to keep his mouth shut. Jackie tells Deacon that if he does what she asks, she'll put in a good word for him with Mass. Right then, Brooke and Ridge come back into the office demanding to hear what Deacon wanted to tell them.

Thomas talks to Thorne about Hector dragging Caitlin out of Forrester and freaking out about her working there. Caitlin and Hector discuss her working at Forrester Creations. Hector reveals that he played soccer against Ridge in high school, but won't say what his official problem is with the Forrester family. He demands that Caitlin leave her position as intern. Over at the Forrester Mansion, Imposter Bridget finds Sammy's dog Pucci dead. Upon breaking the news to her, Sammy goes into hysterics. Stephanie is worried about Sammy's over the top reaction and calls her mother Priscilla. Priscilla reluctantly agrees to stay in LA to check on Sam.

Days by Danielle

Doug’s spirit visits Celeste in the confessional where Doug warns that the next victim will be the most beloved person in Salem and that one family will be forever torn apart. Doug’s spirit tries to tell Celeste the identity of the killer but the spirit world pulls him back before he can. John considers whether Marlena could be the killer. Belle goes to see Marlena and comes close to catching Marlena with evidence. Lexie arrives at the cemetery to check out Doug’s body. Hope decides to bury herself in work. Julie declares to Bo, John, Hope, and Celeste that she told Alice and Marlena that Doug knew the identity of the killer.

GH by Suzanne

Ric spars with Lucky about the letter Emily received from Zander. Nikolas' lawyer tells him that she got his trial date moved back, but he wants it as soon as possible. Emily and Nikolas tell each other about the letters they got. Elizabeth confesses to them about killing Zander. Ric doesn't want her to make it official before he has time to investigate. Elizabeth is on her way to confess when she gets into a car accident. Faith shoots at Courtney as a warning, missing her. Michael tells Alcazar that he wants hi mommy to come home. Alcazar tells Michael that he is a good friend of hers and he won't hurt her (but implies that Sonny might and that she's not happy). Courtney talks to Michael about it. Lorenzo shows up to court with a new haircut and suit, and argues with Courtney. Jason tesifies how great both Sonny and Carly are, and that they should share custody. Neither Sonny or Carly are happy about it. Carly prepares to tell the court about Sonny's mental breakdowns. Felicia visits with a bandaged Mac; she assures him and the girls that she is there to take care of things. Audrey asks her about Mac's insurance. Tracy tries to bribe Felicia with $10,000 but she refuses her "blood money". Dillon tells Sage that he is going to ask Georgie to see the opera La Boheme with him and that he plans to get her back as his girlfriend. Georgie and Dillon have a nice chat. He is about to ask her to go to La Boheme when Travis arrives and does the same thing. Georgie is thrilled to go. Dillon blasts Sage for it but she denies having anything to do with telling Travis.

GL by Megan

Reva rushes into the Museum looking for Marah. She is concerned that her visions of Marah's involvement in Carrie's shooting are accurate. Michelle tells her that Marah is asleep and offers to check on her. When she returns and tells Reva that Marah is not there. Reva heads to the police station where she thinks Marah has gone after Josh.

At the police station, Marah tries to confess to Jeffrey that she was the one who shot Carrie and that she won't let her father take the blame. But both Josh and Jeffrey try to dissuade her and do everything they can to prevent her from confessing. When she realizes how hard her father is trying to stop her, she becomes more convinced that her memory is correct and she is the one who shot Carrie. At Cutter's Bridge, Gus tries to get Alan to agree to make a deal with Jeffrey. He thinks he can get Jeffrey to accept a plea of Diminished Capacity to the accidental drowning of Maryanne Caruthers in exchange for Alan giving them access to Spaulding Enterprises' records on the distribution of Antimonius. Alan is adamant that he has a responsibility to his family and his stockholders and he can never allow that to happen to his company. Danny surprises Michelle with a romantic evening away from her worries. Danny tries to take her mind off what's been going on in her life and wants to pamper her. Then he remembers a letter that came for her and takes it out. When she sees the pink stationary, she recognizes it as Carrie's and shudders to think that Carrie is still alive.

OLTL by Boo

While Nora informs Blair that the Judge has granted Todd a new trial, Evangeline is at the hospital telling Todd the same thing. Blair holds strong to her belief that she was raped. Evangeline tells Todd she is sure they will win this time. Viki and Todd have a heated argument about Blair and Kevin. Todd thinks Viki told him to give up on Blair so that Kevin could have her. Kevin looks for Kelly at Dorian's and ends up comforting Blair again. Evangeline and Nora meet later at the police station and discuss the new trial. Nora agrees to ask Daniel if the state can just admit they made a mistake on this one. Kelly loses the baby at the hospital, still without Kevin even knowing anything is wrong. Kevin enlists Rene's help in getting Asa to just let him run Buchanan Enterprises. Asa is having a hard time letting go.

Bo and John question Stephen's mother. She gives them some insight into Stephen's troubled past. John tells her that they need her to help them stop her son. She wants nothing more to do with any of this. Stephen is pleased that Natalie is playing into his hands. He tells Eve that Natalie will die just like Caitlin did. He leaves Eve tied up, with high tide coming in a few hours. Stephen then goes to the airport to take a shaken Natalie hostage at gunpoint.

Passions by Brenda

Julian almost convinces Eve to leave Harmony and go with him to another city (Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo). Eve says yes and then changes her mind. Julian threatens to kidnap Eve. Liz, of course, tells T.C. that she heard Eve outside. T.C. comes outside and catches Julian trying to drag Eve away, and then punches Julian.

Gwen and Sheridan have a talk in the ladies room of the Blue Note, and Sheridan learns that Gwen cannot bear any more children. Sheridan is dealing with her feelings of remembering her love for Luis. Theresa stares at Ethan, and it makes Fox ask if they are a couple. Ethan tells Sam that he still has feelings for Theresa. Luis and Antonio quarrel over Sheridan again, and Antonio picks up a knife. He tells Luis that he will stop him from bothering Sheridan one way or another.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Arthur feels that it would be good to have him live at the mansion to develop the feelings of a mother and daughter. Brittany explains how performing gets easier the more that you do it. Colleen gushes as she introduces her boyfriend to a great legend. Jill reluctantly agrees to go out of town to take care of a meeting for Jabot. JT arrives backstage to find his girlfriend and her friends performing for his idol. Katherine sees that someone is counting on her recovery to make a happy little family.

Kevin is thankful that he has finally felt what it is like to love someone properly. Lauren apologizes for playing with emotions. Paul plans on being present when there is a meltdown. Shiloh arranges for backstage passes for 3 teens and a boyfriend. Sierra sings lead for the song, “I Second That Emotion.” Smokey confirms that he gets nervous before each and every performance.

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