Friday 3/5/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica is very uneasy about going to Bianca's and Babe's baby shower. She drinks champagne while there and isolates herself. Kendall goes out, secretly to find Ryan but gives up. Greenlee gets a "visit" from her "body double" who tells her that she cannot count on Ryan. So she tells him he is no longer obligated to take care of her.

Edmund still cannot accept being paralyzed. The kids come to visit him and can tell he needs a wheelchair. Maria asks David Hayward to talk Edmund out of having the surgery. David tells her it's Edmund's decision and there's nothing he can do about it. JR offers Jamie a job at Chandler Enterprises. But Jamie still does not trust him.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara forces her daughter to work with the new hire, in hopes that the both of them will learn something. Carly is warned that she is going to have trouble if she keeps working with BRO. Chris reassures her girlfriend that whatever happens, they will work things out together. Clarke grins from ear to ear, knowing that he has probably won.

Craig questions what exactly Carly was offered at her new job. Holden will continue to let the kids think that their mother is at the hospital, so she had better go there. Lily decides that it is time that she goes back home. Lucy refuses to attend court. Molly plays her cousin, who is trying to fool her to get information.

B&B by Lea

Deacon told Jackie that Brooke needed to know the truth about the paternity test. Jackie said she was not going to tell anyone the truth. Jackie told Deacon that Bridget would never forgive him if he put her mother through something like this again. Deacon set out to tell Brooke the truth. Nick tried to find out what Deacon said to Jackie.  Ridge found Rick in Brooke’s office. Eric encouraged Ridge to let Brooke go – and let Nick raise his own child. He claimed he wasn’t taking Nick’s side – he was taking his mother’s side.

Brooke stopped by to visit Stephanie – they talk about Nick and Ridge (again – seemingly without end). They also talked about how Brooke has made changes in her life (haven’t we been down this road before?). Ridge and Brooke talked about the baby and giving up their life together (again – seemingly without end). Ridge cannot pretend he’s not in love with Brooke. Deacon arrived.

Days by Danielle

Sami listens as Kate and Lucas argue and hears that Lucas has feelings for her as well. Kate tries to convince Sami that Lucas simply wants to make a family for Will. Lucas overhears them and confronts Kate who turns on Sami. This leads to Lucas and Sami being true to each other about their feelings. Shawn comforts Belle on the loft’s fire escape. Belle thinks of a way to prove that Marlena is not the Salem Stalker.

Hope and Bo’s efforts to keep Doug alive fail as John chases after Marlena. Doug’s spirit visits Julie to say goodbye. Celeste attempts to get into Marlena’s mind. Marlena traps John in an old crypt and makes the walls close in on him. John makes it out and narrowly misses catching Marlena. John and Tek lift a footprint from the scene. John lies to Bo about recognizing the killer.

GH by Suzanne

Nikolas and Emily make love. She gets a letter from Zander saying that Nikolas killed him. Emily meets with Lucky; they discuss the letter and whether Nikolas could have killed Zander. Ric finds Elizabeth about to burn the letter she got that said Ric killed him. She knows he didn't because she confesses that she killed him. He wanted her to get Emily to meet him so he could run away with her, so Elizabeth hit him over the head. Ric theorizes that someone else could have come in after that, so he wants Elizabeth not to confess yet officially, to protect her and the baby. He shows her the letter he got but tells her that she's not a murderer. Ric finds out that Lucky asked a nurse at the hospital for one of Zander's hospital records so he can compare his handwriting. Ric finds Lucky and Emily meeting up outside Kelly's. Lucky tells Emily that he had the handwriting on the letter checked, and it may be that Zander was under duress when he wrote it, or someone forged it.

Jason and Carly argue about the hearing. When Courtney doesn't show, Justus tells Sonny about Faith's pressuring Courtney, so Sonny loses it in court and yells at Faith, asking her what she did to his sister. Carly is concerned about Courtney but Alexis warns her to stay out of it. We see Courtney bound and blindfolded, but someone cuts her loose and she arrives at the courthouse late, saying her car broke down. Everyone knows she is protecting Faith so that Sonny won't go after her and lose custody. Lorenzo meets with Faith and tells her not to mess with Sonny's family, only his business. She is put out by his attitude. Courtney testifies that both Sonny and Carly should share custody; Carly thinks Courtney has betrayed her. Sonny wants Justus to ask Courtney about Lorenzo kidnapping her, but Justus refuses because he says that Courtney just made Sonny look like a good father. Carly yells at Courtney, but Courtney is not sorry for what she said. Carly also yells at Jason because she thinks he made Courtney say that on the stand. She tells him that if he doesn't say that Carly should have sole custody, she will be forced to testify about Sonny's mental problems. Jason gets called up to testify. Leticia and Michael are at Kelly's having lunch. Sam is there and chats with Mike about Sonny and his case. Michael knows who she is and is not happy to see her. Mike is very friendly to her and can tell she cares about Sonny. They see the case on the news coverage. Lorenzo goes to see Sam on her boat to ask her to work with him so she can keep Sonny and he can keep Carly. Michael follows and listens in. Sam refuses, knowing that Lorenzo just wants her to hang all over Sonny so he will lose custody. She picks up a shotgun and orders him off the boat. Michael follows Lorenzo onto the docks and tells him that they need to talk. Faith goes to Courtney's office and thanks her for not telling anyone about the kidnapping. Courtney knocks Faith down when Faith insults Sonny's kids, so Faith draws her gun and shoots at Courtney.

GL by Megan

Reva comes to visit Marah but when Marah gets a look at the drawing of Carrie's ring in Reva's purse, it sparks disturbing memory fragments for her and she's at a loss to make sense of them. Reva's alerted by Marah's behavior and when Marah, lost in thoughts of the night of the shooting, calls out a warning to Josh, Reva becomes suspicious that Marah wasn't home the night Carrie was killed – despite what she and the other girls claim. Marah is more confused than ever about what went on in the funhouse and as Reva goes to the fairgrounds to investigate, Marah slips out of the house. Just as Reva gets a vision confirming her worst fear – that Marah was there that night and pulled the trigger, Marah arrives at the police station, and tells Josh and Jeffrey she refuses to have Josh take the rap for what she did. Before her arrival, Jeffrey uses information that Frank's forensics team has culled to try to get Josh to admit that Marah was in the funhouse that night, but Josh stands his ground. He tells Jeffrey that he should drop his investigation before he discovers something he doesn't want to learn. At Harley's, Gus is torn about what to do with the bombshell Alan's dropped in his lap and Harley offers an idea. At first she had trouble getting through to him but after Frank drops by, Gus realizes he can't turn Alan in. Harley assures him that he doesn't have to and pitches an idea for Alan to cut a deal and help with the investigation, as a way of atoning for what he did 30 years ago. Later, Gus approaches Alan with that plan.

OLTL by Traci

Passions by Brenda

Everyone in Harmony gathers at the Blue Note for the hospital benefit. As Whitney sings, memories of "lost love" stir feelings among the residents of Harmony. Julian and Eve have a rendezvous outside the Blue Note, where they share a dance. Sheridan is slowly beginning to remember her love for Luis. Eve suggest that Grace talk to Sam and tell him that she still loves him. Theresa stares at Ethan while Whitney sings, remembering their passion. Ivy fears that Sam is beginning to realize that she manipulated Grace. Charity tells Jessica that she should get over love, and go for "lust", as it is more fun and there's not as much pain.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur pitches the idea of his moving in at the mansion. Colleen comforts her traumatized friend, then tells of a record deal. Drucilla is advised to use her energy to heal her daughter. Jill considers having her son meet his grandfather. John has to wonder if bringing Billie home when alcoholism is in the picture is a good idea. JT gets irritated when the idea of a record contract is pushed on him.

Katherine makes her daughter cry by shouting at her saying that she will drink if she wants to. Lauren hears the door of the boutique open, and turns around to look into the eyes of someone who might have hurt her once. Lily tries to explain to her friend why a record deal might not be a great idea for everyone. Michael ends up being thanked for nothing. Paul sees more than ever that there needs to be a conviction.

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