Thursday 3/4/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee leaves the cabin and goes back to the mineshaft in search of the box which she dreamed was Ryan's secret of love for her. He finds her and brings her back and reveals to her that he rescued the box out of the mineshaft when he rescued her. He doesn't know why it's so important to her. But she does. she says she knows it's a gift he's given to her. Maria keeps telling Edmund she doesn't want him risking his life with surgery and believes he can have a quality life even if he cannot walk. But he does not want to be paralyzed for life

DAs Singer and McCoy attempt to get Jack, Kendall and Reggie to plea and accept a prison sentence for obstructing justice and covering for Bianca killing Michael Cambias. But a new DA enters, calls Singer's bluff and tells him he will never go along with this. The three of them are happy to have Singer off their back, but Jack is disbarred from practicing law.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison wonders if her boyfriend is ashamed of her. Bob advises to let go of the past. Chris is short when told that he isn’t being supportive. Clarke announces that he is going to get another shot, and this time he will be on top. Dusty doesn’t care if he is the only one that works on the foundation. Emily is proud when she hears what her sister is going to do for justice.

Jennifer goes running out of the office, upset at the newly hired. Jordan will only stay if the son doesn’t act like the daughter. Lily now wishes that she had helped her sister choose a better man. Molly is asked when she got so bitter. Paul offers to share everything that he knows with the new guy.

B&B by Lea

Caitlin pushed Jackie to tell the truth. Deacon listened at the door. Jackie lied and said the test turned out to be correct and Nick was the father. However, Deacon isn’t buying her lies. He talked to her about the paternity test and how results can be wrong. He told her fooling him was much different than fooling a little girl. He gave her a choice: tell Brooke or he would. Nick visited Brooke and Hope at the pool. She told him about her Taylor-ghost dream. Nick and Brooke spent a wonderful day at the pool. He kissed her.

Caitlin’s dad stopped by the coffee shop looking for her. Thorne overheard and told him the Caitlin he knows works as an intern at Forrester Creations. Caitlin’s dad arrived at Forrester – just in time to break up Thomas and Caitlin’s kiss.

Days by Danielle

Lucas and Kate argue about Lucas’ job situation and his intentions with Sami. Kate offers Sami a job promotion at Basic Black’s London office to get her away from Lucas. Will tries to convince Lucas that Sami loves him. Hope consults Celeste as Bo and John race to the cemetery where they narrowly miss Marlena and Doug hiding in an open grave. After a struggle, Marlena stabs Doug outside the church entrance. Bo, Hope, and John head to the cemetery after another of Celeste’s visions and find Doug clinging to life. John spots Marlena running away from the cemetery.

GH by Suzanne

Ric hides the note that he got about Elizabeth killing Zander. They each say they love each other and trust each other. She asks him to look elsewhere besides her friends for Zander's murderer. Justus and Alexis meet; he tries to convince her to stop Carly from using some of the most damaging evidence she has against Sonny, and he will do the same. She says Carly is determined to win at any cost. Michael is down in the dumps; Sonny assures him that he and Carly will always love him no matter what. Michael and Jason have another heart-to-heart talk about the divorce and custody hearing. Georgie tells Dillon she is happy to have her mother back but she's sorry that he is suffering because of Edward missing. Tracy tries to express sympathy but once again gets shot down by Georgie. Tracy plans to visit Skye again to see if she can find Edward, but Dillon volunteers to go instead. Ned tells Tracy that the wiring in the hotel was found to be old, but not faulty, so ELQ is in the clear. She thinks that's bad news because Edward will return and get ELQ back, leaving it to Skye. She convinces Ned to bury the report and promises they will go 50-50 on the company, so he agrees. Luke finds Skye sleeping on the couch and watches her sleep with love in his eyes. They chat and almost kiss but are interrupted by Edward. Luke offers Edward a plane ticket to Brazil, but Skye would rather he stay in town. Dillon comes in; they all decide to get a copy of the arson report first before deciding what to do. They pressure Dillon to keep an eye on Tracy for them. Carly is very nervous before the court hearing. She snaps at Lorenzo but then apologizes. She tells him not to go to the hearing. At court, Sam wishes Sonny good luck and he gently asks her not to stick around. Ric testifies on the stand that the kids should go to both parents, but he talks about what a good father Sonny is. Carly gets upset and yells at him in open court, so Alexis takes her aside and chews her out. Lorenzo meets with Faith, and she assures him that she has taken something away from Sonny that he values. The court calls Courtney but she is not there (but Faith is). Lorenzo shows up because he's been subpeonaed by Sonny. Jax finds Sam sitting on the docks, looking sad. He guesses that Sonny is to blame. Emily and Elizabeth have a tense discussion about whether Ric is Zander's killer.

GL by Megan

Alan's emotional universe begins to implode as his past and present mistakes catch up with him. Gus returns home to Harley and tells her what happened at the fairgrounds all those years ago. As he confides in Harley, Gus recalls an intense confrontation he had with Alan in the church regarding the drowning of Maryanne Caruthers. Harley and Gus realize the difficulties of being loving parents as Gus wrestles with the fact that if he does not turn Alan in, he himself becomes an accessory. Alan visits Phillip at Ravenwood to apologize for his many parenting mistakes. However, Phillip is bitter off his encounter with Olivia and portrays a "stick it to them, before they stick it to us" attitude. Reva comes to see Josh at the police station and is happy to have a turn playing anchor for him. Reva's trust twists like a knife in Josh's heart. He urges her to focus on Marah instead. She questions him about his anxiety for her, and he covers. However, when Reva seemingly sees the ghost of Maryanne beckoning to her with urgency, she catches Josh's sense of worry for their child and rushes off.

OLTL by Traci

Passions by Brenda

Luis comes face to face with Alistair on the wharf, and confronts him about his actions. Luis has a revelation that there must be some reason Alistair is afraid of him, and he tells him so. Rebecca's plan for Ethan and Gwen to adopt little Ethan takes another step forward when she threatens to fire the nanny. She believes Ethan will become concerned enough to welcome the thought of adopting little Ethan, rather than let Rebecca and Julian become parents to Theresa's son.

Sheridan tells Alistair she will never forgive him for freezing her assets and preventing her from helping the Lopez-Fitzgeralds from losing their home. Luis has bad news for Pilar when he returns home. He tells Pilar and Theresa that Alistair froze Sheridan's assets, but not to give up hope. Fox realizes that his grandfather and Rebecca will stop at nothing to carry out their plans.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur gives up a tour of Jabot so that he can learn more about his precious daughter. Drucilla gets the news about a perpetrator having a brother that they all know. Elizabeth can’t help feeling left out, as she watches the only daughter that she has ever known go on about her new family. Jack assures his wife that after what happened at court, there is no chance for them whatsoever.

Jill feels that she could have a family if her mother could leave the booze alone. Katherine is not around when her good friend leaves the house. Michael tosses his brother out when the kid refers to people that are hurting as ‘loopy’. Neil reveals that a few weeks ago, he hired a Private Investigator, but nothing came of that. Phyllis tearfully proclaims that her attorney will call her husband’s. Victor promises that he will never put his wife through this again.

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