Wednesday 3/3/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica reveals to her daughters that her father has been in contact with her and that she will never forgive him for betraying her in her younger days. They both promise that they will be there for her and urge her not to shut them out. Adam is playing nice to JR and Babe, and reveals to Mary that he has a plan to do that until the baby is born, and then he plans to send Babe away.

Tad almost reveals to JR that Babe is still married to Paul Kramer. But he is afraid it would hurt his stepson too much so he chickens out. Krystal urges him not to go through will telling JR about Paul Kramer if he really cares about his family. Edmund and Maria are still at odds about his determination to have the surgery and her refusal to support his decision.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is accused of wanting to look like a hero. Alison drops the name of a girl that the police might want to talk to. Barbara wants to know what a stranger knows about her family troubles. Bob suggests a young couple moving out to make things better for the family. Chris promises his parents that from now on, there will be no more excitement for he and his gal.

Clarke will be prosecuted depending on what his latest victim does now. Jennifer goes to work, and finds a strange man answering the phones. Jordan is hired on the spot. Kim shows up at the hospital with balloons and a stuffed bear. Lily lies to her husband, telling him that she will be home soon. Lucy tries to make it clear that she will be looking after herself from now on. Tom needs more than one witness to convict.

B&B by Lea

Jackie arrived for breakfast – very hung over. She mumbled something about having a dream. Jackie showed up at work and heard Thomas talking about his dad and Brooke with Caitlin. Caitlin again tried to get Jackie to tell the truth. Deacon overhears them talking and finds out about the paternity test.

Deacon, Amber and Sally talked about their new line. Eric, Stephanie and Thorne arrived to see their designs. The Forrester’s rejected the designs – they are just too darn radical for Forrester Creations.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Nicole

Jax visits Carly to tell her he plans to testify against Sonny as an abuser of women, but she refuses to let him. They argue about the past and he leaves, insulted. Alexis argues with Carly, who threatens again to tell Sonny the truth about Kristina's paternity. Alexis points out that Carly is still in love with Sonny. Jason drops by and discusses the custody case with Carly. He urges her to work out joint custody with Sonny, but she instead asks him to tell the court that she should get sole custody. He refuses to betray Sonny. Jason meets with Justus to talk about the case. Justus says the court could put the kids in a foster home, or choose Jason to be their father. Jason thinks the court should force them to have joint custody, but Justus says the chances are slim that the judge will know that Carly and Sonny will be good parents if faced with that situation. When Alan and Monica drop by to talk to Justus about Edward, Jason asks Monica her opinion about the custody case and his possibly getting custody. Jax guesses that Carly is blackmailing Alexis and warns her to be careful.

Lucky tells Ric that Scott didn't murder Zander. Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily maneuver things so that Elizabeth and Ric meet up with them to discuss who murdered Zander. Elizabeth sticks up for Ric and frets when everyone argues. Ric denies killing Zander but says that Emily or Nikolas could have done it. Lucky, Emily and Nikolas think Ric is guilty of the murder and plan to prove it. Elizabeth tells Ric that she believes he didn't do it. Ric gets a note from Zander saying that Elizabeth killed him. Dillon fills Sage in on what's been happening with his family, to explain why he can't take a trip to New York for a film festival. Later, Dillon runs into Georgie and they chat about things, including his family's escapades, which make her laugh. He goes out of his way to walk her home. Tracey pressures Dillon not to tell anyone that Edward is faking his senility. Luke and Skye argue a lot with Edward as they hide him at Skye's place. Tracey shows up so they hide him and convince her that he's not there. Tracey meets with Justus to talk about Edward's case.

GL by Megan

Jeffrey has been wrestling with his conscience ever since the night of the shooting. As the DA, he must prosecute Josh, the self-confessed killer of Carrie Caruthers. Suspicions that lead him to wonder if the woman he's falling in love with may be the guilty party. It doesn't help when Cassie urges him to keep the investigation going and not stop until he finds the truth. Olivia has taken the baby to Phillip. At first, the sight of his child is almost more than he can bear, but all his doubts and disbelief give way when he holds the child in his arms. On the surface, Phillip is overwhelmed with gratitude. But when he's alone, a powerful rage wells up inside of him. He begins to show signs of the Phillip of old and he vows to himself to take the baby from Olivia, as she tried to take her from him. Harley goes to Frank to try and learn why the cops are leaning on their dad. She wonders why the shooting at the fairgrounds isn't an open and shut case. When Frank stonewalls, Harley decides to go to Buzz and get some answers. But when she is with her dad, Harley realizes that what almost drove him out of town must be the same thing that led him to the fairgrounds that fateful night. Daughter and father unite, determined to face whatever comes, together.

OLTL by Traci

Adriana tells Carlotta that she misses her and wants to be with River still. Stephan still has mind control over Jessica. Blair starts to think that she was wrong about Todd raping her because of the brian tumor in which Kevin tries to change her mind about. Michael wants his mother Eve to come and move here to be close to him, John, and Shannon. John brings in a therapist to help and see what Stephan did to her. David and Dorian both give each other pre-nuptial agreements. Marcie is a bit annoyed by Shannon and the things she says without even thinking.
R.J. wants Eve to come and sing at Capricorn. Evangeline is looking into Blair's illness to see if it could have caused her to believe Todd raped her when he didn't. Kevin gives Todd the custody papers from Blair saying he will never see Starr or Jack ever again. The shrink uses the music that Stephan used to have mind control over Jessica to reverse the effect it has on her. Adriana tells River that she is planning on giving most of the 30 million to help in her home land. Jessica is now ready to help John and Antonio. Dorian wants David to get a job.

Passions by Brenda

T.C. gets angry at Liz when he learns that she hired Whitney to sing at the Blue Note for the hospital benefit. Eve refuses to go, despite T.C.'s pleading. Rebecca threatens to call T.C. when Julian hesitates to attend the benefit, so he finally agrees to accompany Rebecca. Pilar starts packing up the house.

Antonio and Luis end up in a brawl, but Sheridan finally gets Antonio to listen. She explains that his family is going to be homeless, but Antonio's main concern is that Luis still loves Sheridan. Antonio throws Luis out and tells Sheridan that "they" have done all they can to help Pilar to keep her home. Luis cries out to God asking why Sheridan was taken away from him.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley goes running out of the courtroom when her brother refuses to keep her tragedy secret. Damon is stopped when he leans in for another kiss. Lily’s tests are over, and she is free and clear from disease. Jack demands that punishment be doled out to the limits of the law. JT reads the card from the record executive after refusing her offer.

Kevin continues to deny that he hurt people. Neil warns that he will do anything to get the culprit that hurt his daughter. Olivia urges her niece to put the past behind her. Phyllis suddenly decides to address the court with a perspective that differs greatly from her husband’s. Victor gets a surprise when his rival’s wife decides that she needs to address the court.

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