Tuesday 3/2/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica reveals to Kendall and to Bianca that she is not well. She also has a mysterious phone call which she tells nobody about, where she tells somebody she cannot forgive them after they betrayed her. Tad is ready to tell everybody that Babe is still legally married to Paul Kramer. But Krystal stalls him and urges him to see that that would just hurt his step-son and give Adam Chandler just what he wants. Maggie reveals that she is very depressed about Bianca's plans to move away and tries to distract herself with Jamie while he tries to distract himself from his obsession over Babe.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara demands to read the document that her son made her sign. Carly gives all the reasons why she has to stay in town. Holden is given a brochure for a hospital. Jack is told to forget it when he shows a letter of promotion. Jessica gets the truth as to why she really is in trouble with the law. Lily sees that she has been out of control. Paul quits his position at BRO. Sarah is faced with the possibility that she will be shunned by the only person that she cares for.

Barbara demands to read the document that he son made her sign. Carly gives all the reasons why she has to stay in town. Holden is given a brochure for a hospital. Jack is told to forget it when he shows a letter of promotion. Jessica gets the truth as to why she really is in trouble with the law. Lily sees that she has been out of control. Paul quits his position at BRO. Sarah is faced with the possibility that she will be shunned by the only person that she cares for.

B&B by Lea

Brooke arrived to visit Ridge as he stared at a photo of Taylor. Brooke told him she was visited by Taylor-ghost – Ridge said he saw her too. Ridge wondered how two people could love each other so much and be apart. Brooke is convinced she is on the right path – thinking before she acted (ok I am trying really hard not to laugh, but isn’t that the very reason she and Ridge are in this storyline? She acted before thinking???). They vowed they would always be a part of one another.

Jackie realized the woman in her living room was Ridge’s dead wife. Jackie ordered the ghost to leave – but of course she isn’t going anywhere until she has helped Jackie. Jackie told Taylor-ghost she didn’t need help – all is great in her world: she has a big house, a husband she loves and her son is nearby. Taylor-ghost warned Jackie about the path she is following – and told her it was time to stop running from what she was hiding. Taylor-ghost warned Jackie she would be sorry – her family deserved her honesty. Samantha and Nick talked about his impending fatherhood (why oh why is that such a fascinating topic of conversation?). Nick told Sam she would make a good mother and said that his child already had a great mom in Brooke (hmmm does he know about Deacon?).

Days by Rebecca

Bo unlocks the safe but Nicole was able to take out the evidence and stuff it in the sofa cushion. Brady sits down and sees it. Hope and Jennifer learn that Patrick is Bonnie's son, and he calls Bonnie with them watching and acts very nice. Bonnie tells Mimi that she owes Patrick a lot of money. Julie and Celeste search for Doug to no avail, but Julie finally gets in touch with Hope! Doug talks to Marlena accusing her of being the serial killer, but she denies it all with a hand in her purse clutching a knife.

GH by Nicole

Tracey hints to Sage that she get pregnant to keep Dillon away from Georgie; Sage tells her no way. Tracey suggests she fake pregnancy rather than actually getting pregnant. Alan tells Tracey that Edward escaped. The hospital staff search for him. Skye hides Edward; she phones Luke to bring a disguise, which he does: a nun's habit. After some grousing, Edward puts it on. While he's hiding in the chapel, Alan comes in but gets called away before he can see Edward's face. Tracey, suspicious of Skye and Luke, tells Dillon to follow Luke, but Luke heads him off right before finding Edward. Edward asks Luke what his intentions are towards Skye, so Luke tells him that he intends to ravish Skye every night and have her return the favor. Faith, suspicious of Courtney's willingness to work with her, tears up her office looking for a bug. Courtney takes the bug off some flowers, even though Lucky is listening in. Courtney tells Lucky that she has involved him instead of Sonny or Carly because they don't need to be involved in problems with Faith during their custody battle. Maxie and Georgie are pleased to see Felicia; she assures them that she's there to stay. Felicia meets Dillon and Sage; Sage drags Dillon away from Georgie's side.

Sonny and Carly try to work out their differences, but they end up fighting and making accusations as usual (And Lorenzo showing up doesn't help things). They tell the judge they couldn't reach an agreement about custody, so the judge says there has to be a hearing now. Alexis is at the courthouse, waiting for Carly. She runs into Ned, who asks her to help Edward's case, but she turns him town. He guesses from her helping Carly that Carly has learned about Sonny being Kristina's father. Jason explains to Michael why he and Courtney can't be his parents. When Carly worries about the custody battle to Lorenzo, he tells her that he's using Faith to setup Sonny, so she slaps him and yells at him for hurting Sonny. Stunned, he realizes that she still loves Sonny. Kristina wanders off for a second and Alexis finds her with Sonny. Sonny is quietly menacing when he talks about a father's love for his children and how hard he will fight for them, scaring Alexis, but she puts up a brave front and suggests that he work out a compromise. As usual, he refuses. Jason fills Courtney in on what Michael said; they worry about how this will all turn out. Sonny gives Courtney a hard time for siding with Carly and then orders Jason to choose a side. Jason tells him it's not about sides and yells at Sonny for tearing his kids' lives apart and not sharing them with Carly. Sonny confesses that he almost did but then Lorenzo showed up and he thinks they were playing him. Jason threatens to take the kids if Sonny doesn't get himself under control.

GL by Megan

Cassie gives Olivia an ultimatum. Ross comes to see Phillip regarding the will Olivia had drawn up but Phillip insists that he has to trust Olivia. Olivia goes to Philip and has a brief run-in with suspicious Ross. Olivia feeling the heat, informs Phillip that she'll be leaving town for a while. She returns to Phillip with baby Emma in her arms and introduces him to his daughter. Marah is devastated that Jeffrey is keeping her father locked up. Jeffrey, forced to do his job and hating that he can't comfort her, assures Marah that he wants to help her and Josh. But his questions only make Marah feel more betrayed. In her heartbreak, she lashes out at Jeffrey and wonders if the time they spent together was real to him at all. Jeffrey attempts to reach out to her but Marah takes off, leaving him to suffer in his conflict. Marah then runs into Cassie, who finds herself in the odd position of comforting her niece by defending Jeffrey. Alan denies any knowledge of owning the old fairgrounds but Gus doesn't buy it. When Gus turns the screws Alan erupts, accusing Gus of being disloyal and never fully trusting Alan. The tables turn as Buzz has to convince Alan to get back in line with the story. Later in church, a guilty, troubled Alan prays for forgiveness. Gus returns to a hurting Jeffrey at the police station and Jeffrey realizes it's time to let Gus into the loop. He tells him the entire story of Maryanne Caruthers.

OLTL by Traci

Security showed up just as Dorian, David, and Kevin were yelling for him to get out of Blair's hospital room. Natalie and Jessica are now at the safe house that John said he was going to take them to. Antonio tells Viki about how he feels as if Jessica is not the same since Stephan kidnapped her. Riley and Jen study together so they can pass school and not end up flunking out for good. Natalie isn't to happy about the hotel room that John has her and Jessica in. Riley tells Marcie that he is trying to stay close to Jen so that he can at least try and prevent anything from happening to he like with Flash.

Kelly and Paul both agree that they are happy to have each other as brother and sister. Kelly tries to get Paul to see that Dorian and David may be capable of a lot of stuff but not murdering an old woman as Paul suspect of them doing to Aunt Betsy. Stephan calls John and tells him that he wants to be called Poe. Eve brings John and Michael's cousin Shannon to go to L.U. University. David wants Dorian to marry him but she wants a big wedding and not just elope. Natalie starts to think that there is something different with Jessica.

Passions by Brenda

Eve loses control when she tries to talk to Whitney, and tears up the poster-board featuring Whitney as the lounge singer for the Blue Note. Liz is guiding Whitney along to encourage the rift between mother and daughter. Theresa witnesses Gwen, Ethan, and little Ethan playing in the park, building a snowman. She was going to go talk to Ethan and Gwen, but Fox reminded her that it's better to stay away from Gwen, unless she is planning to get into another fight. Sheridan goes to the bank to withdraw money to help the Lopez-Fitzgeraldes. The bank manager discovers that all of Sheridan's assets have been frozen, and Alistair appears at the bank to inform Sheridan that she will never be able to get any of her money to help Luis and his family.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley is in a tizzy when she hears that an offer was made. Brad is uncomfortable when his wife expresses disappointment in an olive branch not being extended. Christine adds another witness to the list. Colleen feels that her boyfriend should explore what his singing could do for him. Jack rushes out to the sentencing hearing. John worries that his client’s wife may say something that might hurt the client.

JT learns just how good he really is after talking to a professional. Michael reveals what he really wants to talk about to his associate. Neil reveals how he would like to see the perpetrator put away for life. Nikki tells how she refused to believe the rumors she heard. The judge is ready to hear witnesses that have an interest in the case.

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