Monday 3/1/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica is in major denial, burying herself in career goals, and drinks in front of Jack and Opal, assuring them that she's got everything under control. They don't believe her for a minute, however. Kendall wants to hook up with David but cannot fight still having Ryan on the brain.

Greenlee is becoming humble and courteous and tells Ryan she wants to repay him for saving her life by helping him get back with Kendall. He tells her he and Kendall are through, it's not her responsibility to attempt to change that, and there's nothing she could do to fix their relationship if she wanted. Joe Martin announces to everybody involved that the tests make JR the father of Babe's child. JR and Babe are happy with that. Adam makes an effort to reconcile with them. But Tad reveals what he's discovered from snooping in Krystal's room, about the scheme Babe and Krystal have to falsify paternity results.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara pecks her son on the cheek, telling him goodbye. Ben runs off to the prison to see what has gone wrong. Casey looks for advice about friends that are bent on destruction. Craig makes his story believable enough to have it checked out. Jennifer thanks her brother for making them all a family again. Jessica tries to find an explanation for letters showing up in her possessions. Katie tells a patient that whether he likes it or not, she will have to take his clothes off. Lisa runs off to do damage control before a decision is made on the letters. Lucy wishes that her father were someone else. Mike refuses to let his ex hold his hand after an injury. Paul is asked to come see his mother even though it is very late.

B&B by Lea

Ridge was shocked to see Taylor-ghost (I’m not sure why though – didn’t Caroline-ghost visit him too?). He asked if she was there to reassure him that things would work out or prepare him for the worst. Taylor-ghost said she was glad Brooke can be there for him since she cannot be. They went up to see the kids as they slept (Taylor-ghost commented on how fast Thomas has grown – comedy gold I tell ya). Taylor-ghost told Ridge to have faith about the baby Brooke is carrying – things would work out for the best.

Jackie looked at a photo album of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding. Massimo explained who Taylor was and her importance in Ridge’s life. Oz joined Jackie for a drink. Oz called Jackie Mrs. M (I didn’t realize Fonzie had come to B & B) and they discussed Nick’s impending fatherhood. To round out her evening Jackie was visited by Taylor-ghost.

Days by Rebecca

Hope is suspicious of Patrick staying with Jennifer and goes to her house to check things out. Bonnie learns that her Patrick, her SON, is back in town and seems very nervous. She interrupts Mimi and Rex's lovefest with a phone call and Mimi has to go and help the situation. Celeste and Doug read tarot cards and Celeste is fearful for Doug's life. Julie goes to Marlena for advice and tells her that Doug knows who the serial killer is! The show ends with Marlena and Doug looking eye in eye...

GH by Suzanne

Tracey lays a guilt trip on Dillon to urge him not to tell Georgie that Edward is faking his senility. A psychologist examines Edward to see if he's really senile. Tracey wants to put Edward in a mental home to keep his charade going, but he objects; however, Alan goes along with the idea. Edward sneaks out of his room in a body bag; Skye finds him. Justus tries to warn Faith to stay away from Sonny, but she's only interested in putting the moves on him. The judge tells Sonny and Carly that Michael doesn't want to live with either one of them and so he has to consider putting him in foster care. Sonny and Carly talk about their options and how they feel about Sam and Alcazar. Sage helps Travis try to win Georgie, but it doesn't work because he is too stupid or insensitive to phrase things correctly. Courtney finds her office trashed and a clue that her father might be in danger, but she calls and he is fine. She tells Justus that it's a message from Faith. Courtney tells Faith that she will work with her, so Courtney is suspicious. Jason tells Michael why he can't be his father. Tracy urges Sage to work her sexual wiles on Dillon. Maxie prays for Mac; Felicia shows up to comfort her.

GL by Megan

Billy, Buzz and Ed prepare to be called into the police station for questioning about Carrie's death. They agree to tell the police that Josh shot Carrie in self-defense. But when Frank and Jeffrey question them they use the same phrases, their story is too pat. Alan counters Gus's questions about his car being seen the night of the shooting by saying he was scouting the land for possible purchase. Gus finds it an odd explanation and decides to look into it. Alan is brought in for questioning but comes with his attorney and refuses to answer any questions. However, Gus later confronts Alan saying that it is curious Alan was looking to buy that land, considering he already owns it. Bill is dealing with the after-effects of Josh being taken into custody. He rants to Eden about the damage that keeping secrets can cause. This display of emotion causes her to admit the investigation she and Tony did to find out if the mob had infiltrated Lewis Construction or Danny's campaign. Billy comes to see Bill to say that he's going to suggest that Josh step aside for the time being if Bill feels up to the challenge of managing Lewis Construction. Marina and Michelle tend to Marah who is still suffering the after-effects of the drugged ring. Marah is troubled that her own recollections of the shooting do not match the story given to the police. But the girls remind her that they must stick to the story that they were not at the fairgrounds that night. Michelle realizes that the rings Carrie gave the girls to wear the night of the shooting might be important and decides to hang on to them. Marah promises to stay at home and sleep off the effects of the drug but, when they leave her, she sneaks out to the police station in search of her father. Upon arrival, she is surprised to see that her father is the only one who has not been released and heartbroken to find out that Jeffrey made the call to keep Josh in jail.

OLTL by Traci

Natalie got ready for Christian's memorial service. Antonio didn't understand why Jessica would back away from him and was not all that close to him. Jessica tried to get him to call John so she could find out where the safe house was that John was taking her and Natalie to. Kelly stood by as Kevin watched over Blair as she slept and then woke up. Todd woke up in the hospital after an overdose on drugs. Bo told Nora that he is a bit worried about John and how he might act if Stephan shows up at Christian's service.

Evangeline and R.J. spend some time together along with Jamie. Blair begins to doubt herself about if Todd really did rape her which Kevin tried to get her to think otherwise. Natalie spoke of her love for Christian at his service while Roxy managed to lighten the mood a bit. Paul told Kelly his theory about if Dorian or David might have killed Aunt Betsy just to get the money. Todd showed up in Blair's room.

Passions by Brenda

Pilar talks to Theresa about all the trouble their family is going through, and how the Cranes have caused misery for them. Ethan gives Woody a large sum of money to bribe the servants to talk about things they have seen Rebecca doing. Woody flashes the money in front of Theresa, and tells her that he will find out if Rebecca is abusing little Ethan.

Whitney calls her mother bad names, and Eve slaps her. Eve is very distraught over that, and Chad tells Whitney to go talk to her mother. Liz, in the meantime, sees Julian comforting Eve, and agrees with Chad. When Whitney goes to talk to her mother, she sees Eve in Julian's arms once again. Luis asks Sheridan for help in saving his family from losing their home. Sheridan agrees to help, and tells Luis she will go to the bank and get the money to prevent the Lopez-Fitzgeraldes from eviction by the Cranes.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Kevin is warned what will happen to him if it is proven that he did in fact wire a pole. Damon remembers getting the kiss of his life while advising that one should decide what one wants, then go out and get it. Diane is asked out on a date. Jack guesses right, that his wife wasn’t offered her job back. JT is reluctant to speak when asked about a recent conversation with a scarred friend. Kevin has his hand painfully squeezed when he takes out his pepper spray.

Michael knows that the questions about his brother as not posed because there is concern for the boy. Nick finds nothing strange when his mother asks his wife to go to the main house to work on photo albums. Nikki demands to know what the whole story is. Paul is told that he is pathetic for acting like a vigilante. Phyllis’s job status is found out, as she pushes for her husband to take an offer. Raul is alerted about how important it is that he keep his hands off a suspect.

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