Friday 2/27/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Everybody is awaiting the results of Babe's paternity test. Krystal tells Tad she does not appreciate being used for sex, with his ultimate goal being ruining her daughter. She tells him she wants no more of him. Simone also comes to confront him and tells him she's tired of his playing the field. JR is having visions about being close to his wife and child. Jamie also wants to commit to them.

Ryan is helping Greenlee get better after rescuing her from the mineshaft and is very surprised by her sudden unselfish attitude. Kendall wakes up at David's and tells him that since she has a problem with trusting anybody she's with, she needs to hook up with somebody who doesn't trust not care about trusting.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is stopped when he lunges for a cuffed kid facing serious charges. Alison has a flashback, and wakes up screaming. Bob fills his wife in on what has gone on with the kids that day. Carly can barely wait to tell who BRO’s new competition is. Casey tries to show his friend why she shouldn’t be a conniver. Chris revives just in time.

Clarke denies drugging girls. Craig sneaks off to do more damage after seeing his last plan has work. Holden finally gives his son the praise that he so richly deserves. Jessica is shocked when the scrapbook is suddenly requested. Sarah decides to leave the letter where it is when she is lied to yet again. Susan overhears her daughter getting trashed.

B&B by Lea

It's a Taylor-iffic Day on B & B!!!

Brooke was stunned to see Taylor-ghost at her door. Taylor-ghost sensed Brooke needed help. Brooke said she was trying to be more like Taylor. Taylor-ghost understood. According to Taylor-ghost, Brooke has done the best she could and has a good heart (according to your friendly re-capper, she just doesn’t know how to mourn a dead husband properly). Brooke said she is trying to live her life as a reflection of Taylor’s (which means Taylor’s body is actually turning over in her grave). Brooke can do no wrong by putting her child first, said Taylor-ghost. She also tells Brooke to trust her instincts (yes because she’s done so well so far doing just that).

Thomas talked to Caitlin some more about his dead mother and Brooke. They compared family notes – both their mom’s died young. Ridge and Phoebe talked about Taylor. Ridge would give anything to see Taylor again (I think he’ll be in luck). Thomas arrived home to talk about Taylor too. After her talk with Brooke – Taylor-ghost dropped in on Ridge.

Days by Danielle

Hope and Bo suspect Nicole of going after Shawn on top of being the serial killer. They have Nicole recreate the scene at Shawn’s apartment. Lucas and Kate help Will complete a school project. A lack of glue sends Lucas into Sami’s arms but Sami’s stubbornness stands in the way. Kate questions Will about a photo from their family camping trip. Doug seeks the help of Celeste and the spirit world to determine whether his theory is correct and to find out what kind of grave danger he is in. Julie seeks solace from Alice and seeks advice from Marlena, telling her that Doug thinks he knows the identity of the serial killer.

GH by Nicole

Michael goes to speak to the judge and tell him who he wants to live with. Jason tells him to tell him that he wants to live with his mom and his dad. Carly tries to get him to tell him he wants to live with his mom, and Sonny tells him to say he wants to live with his dad. Sam and Carly have words about Sonny. Faith threatens Courtney. Mac is ill at the hospital and Georgie and Maxie sit with him. Sage is given pancakes for her birthday from Dillon. Tom tells Sage about the fake boyfriend situation with Georgie. Liz reads her letter from Zander, but doesn't tell Ric about it. Tracy overhears Dillon telling Georgie about Edwards fake mental condition.

GL by Megan

Billy breaks the news to Reva that Josh has been arrested. She rushes to the police station to be by his side. Josh continues to stick to his story, determined to protect Marah at all costs. Even when Reva senses there's something he's not telling her, Josh won't betray his daughter. Marah is still feeling the effects of the drug that Carrie gave her. Michelle and Marina are coming out of it but the added shock of learning of Josh's arrest has sent Marah into a tailspin. Jeffrey arrives and does his best to comfort Marah. But he is also the DA and has to question her about the night of the shooting. Alone with Marah, Jeffrey is both loving and persistent and she almost recalls the moment when she pulled the trigger. But the moment passes and Ed and Jeffrey agree to take Marah to Cedars. Jeffrey cannot bail on his pursuit of justice and places a phone call to Frank, ensuring that Josh will remain behind bars overnight. Marina returns to Company, where Alex is doing her best to comfort Buzz. It's an emotional reunion for Marina as she is able to tell her grandpa how much she regrets putting her faith in Carrie. Shayne arrives, confused and upset that he's not allowed to visit Josh at the police station. Marina fears Shayne is going to start digging into what happened at the fairgrounds and tries to dissuade him. When Michelle returns home and tells Danny what happened to Josh, Danny recalls seeing Josh, Billy, Buzz, Ed and Alan together at the Valentine's dance. Danny's instincts kick in and he smells some kind of conspiracy, which Michelle instantly squashes. All she wants is to be with her family and she ends the evening with Robbie in her arms.

OLTL by Traci

John spends the night at Natalie's just to make sure she is safe. Antonio tries to get Jessica to remember how she got to the cabin and how it was who took her there. Kevin tells Dorian and David that Blair has been admitted to the hospital. Todd reads up on some stuff that he thinks will help him with his appeal. John tells Natalie that she is in danger again and that's why he is with her. Natalie gets a bit upset at John and the fact that she might be the next victim of the killer. Jen asks Lindsay if she has slept with Rex. Lindsay accuses Jen of still having feelings for Rex.

Starr is scared that something will happen to her mother. Stephan uses mind control over Jessica to make her believe that she can't trust Antonio or the police and that he is the only one she can trust. John and Antonio can't seem to understand how Jessica can't remember how she got to the cabin. Blair finds out that she has a brain tumor and now has to have surgery. Starr convinces Kelly to help her so she can call Todd and tell him about Blair. Todd's prison roommate finds him laying on the ground and thinks that Todd took all of his pills.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa, Miguel, Luis, and Pilar have all lost their jobs, thanks to Rebecca's plan of revenge. Ethan delivered an eviction notice and they will soon lose their home, unless they can come up with the money to pay off the lien. Dr. Ackland visited Sheridan in order to make sure she has completely forgotten her love for Luis. Alistair intends to have Sheridan killed if her memories of Luis come back.

Whitney has been hired by Liz to sing at the Blue Note on a permanent basis. Liz called Eve to make sure she came by the club to see Whitney rehearse. Liz intends to see that Whitney follows in Eve's footsteps - she is using Whitney to cause Eve more heartbreak.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Bobbie dismisses his associates after a serious talk. Brittany agrees to therapy again, but without the kiss. Damon seems to have found a solution to saving a marriage. Detective Webber wonders out loud why he has some much trouble getting an answer to a simple question. Jack is suspicious about his wife’s recent visit to her boss. JT planted a wet one to prove that it needed to be done.

Kevin is warned that he better leave town before an unsavory character gets his hands on him. Nick goes to his wife for an explanation about what has been going on the last few days. Nikki is questioned regarding her movements after the party. Phyllis finds it hard to pick between her marriage and her job. Sal warns that certain matters should be left to the cops. Sharon is furious when she figures out who has planted a seed of discord in her husband’s mind. Vanessa puts out the bait, but the fish aren’t biting.

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