Thursday 2/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall follows Ryan out of town and meets up with him at the spot where Greenlee is stuck down the mineshaft. She makes a desperate attempt to get him back. But her suspicion and jealousy over his still caring for Greenlee makes them both too angry to want to try again. Ryan departs and tells her it's over. She later goes to visit David Hayward, with the belief that he might be the right man for her. Greenlee is unconscious in the mineshaft, until Ryan telepathically figures out that she's there and rescues her.

Paul Kramer gets a better bribe from Adam Chandler than what he's gotten from Babe. And both Babe and Krystal no longer trust him. JR reveals that he still loves Babe but is not ready to trust her. Jamie reveals that he is still in love with Babe. But Tad tells his son he needs to find out what she and her mother are up to, whether Jamie likes it or not. Everybody is awaiting the paternity test results.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison panics when she sees the light on her cell phone go out. Barbara is full of ideas, and planning to take the company where it hasn’t been before. Carly lies when confronted with questions about liquor on her breath. Chris begs for 2 minutes with the man that is hurting his girlfriend. Clarke makes a move by putting his hand on a supple thigh, but gets it pushed away.

Craig gets a warning that he shouldn’t do anything asinine. Jack takes the surveillance recording as evidence for his case. Lucinda fights the devil to give a girl some room to breathe. Lucy is encouraged to make some noise, and show the world who she really is. Paul is told that he is going to make a great dad someday.

B&B by Lea

Ridge dropped in on Massimo. Massimo said he respected Brooke for her decision about the baby and Nick. Ridge found it amusing that everyone suddenly had respect for Brooke. Ridge again blamed Nick for what happened. Nick arrived at Massimo’s to show off the ultrasound picture of the baby.

Caitlin’s dad found a prep school jacket she had – he wondered where she got it. He was sure a boy who attended that type of school would not appreciate where her family is from. Rick (yes he’s still around!) comforted his mom about the baby and Ridge. Brooke wanted to live her life with morals (I’m trying not to laugh too hard) and values (ok I’m laughing). Rick encouraged her to get closer to Nick – but she only wanted Ridge. Rick told her not to dismiss the possibility Nick might be the one. Brooke woke from a dream and then was visited by Taylor-ghost (who of course looked saintly).

Days by Danielle

Shawn neglects to tell Hope and Tek his suspicions about Marlena. Tek finds evidence of a girl having been in Shawn’s bed, which leads to Belle thinking that Shawn cheated on her. Doug declares to Julie that he knows the identity of the killer but refuses to give her the name. Julie tries to talk him out of investigating and going to the police. Maggie’s spirit visits Julie to warn her about Doug.

John and Brady argue about the possibility of Nicole being the Salem Stalker. The locksmith arrives to check out Victor’s safe. Jan is unable to name who stabbed her. Nicole refuses to take Jan to a hospital and breaks out her own travel sewing kit to stitch Jan up herself.

GH by Nicole

Sonny tells Justus he wants him to do everything he can to make Carly look like an unfit mother. Sam and Emily are stuck in an elevator and Sam begins to tell Emily how she feels about Sonny. Liz and Ric go for an ultrasound, she asks Ric to try and do everything he can to get Nik acquitted of murder. Alexis almost slips up and tells Nik why she is representing Carly, Nik is suspicious. Liz receives a letter from Zander in the mail, it says that Ric is the one that killed him. Both Courtney and Jason try to speak to Carly and Sonny and ask them to try and work things out. Both Sonny and Carly say they still love each other but they cannot be together anymore. Michael will be asked at the custody hearing who he wants to live with. Jax questions Courtney on her business, she reassures him that she will do the best she can with Pride Phillips.

GL by Megan

In the aftermath of the shooting, Frank arrives at the Fairgrounds. He insists that Buzz be taken to the hospital so that his wound can be treated. Billy and Josh relay their version of the shooting to Frank and Jeffrey. Frank then leads Josh away to the police station. Ed tends to Michelle, Marah and Marina who are all still under the influence of the drugged rings. He takes charge and feeds them the story they'll be selling to the cops; the girls were never at the fairgrounds. When the girls take their rings off, they begin to get more lucid but Marah still doesn't remember what happened in the funhouse. Ed breaks the news that Josh shot Carrie. Marah is stunned and Ed pulls Michelle aside, worried that they can't count on Marah to stick with the story. Later on, Marah answers the door to Jeffrey O'Neill. Alan returns home to find Harley and Gus waiting to ask him questions about Antimonius. Harley gets a call from Frank, informing her about the shooting. When Alan, sticking to the story that he was not there, asks about the shooting, Gus gets the feeling that Alan is hiding something. Gus's suspicions are further fueled when Frank informs him that Alan's car was seen driving away from the fairgrounds tonight. Harley tracks down Buzz who has refused hospital treatment. They share an emotional moment and for the first time in a while, Buzz believes he might be able to give up his past.

OLTL by Traci

Jessica now believes that John was right all along about Stephan being the killer. Eve comes to see John but Marcie tells her he isn't there and she ends up talking to Bo. Everyone is still looking for Jessica. Antonio comes back from Chicago and asks John how Jessica could have gotten taken. Eve tells Bo that she thinks that he should talk to John and get him to back down from this case because of what happened to Caitlin. John maintains that nothing will stop him from getting Stephan in jail. Stephan sets up a hidden camera in Natalie and Roxy's place. Jessica finds a phone and manages to get the cords right and calls Antonio.

Jessica tells Antonio that Stephan locked her in this place and he says he will find her. Marcie and Eve go out to lunch at the diner and end up talking to Carlotta about Eve's singing. Natalie yells at Stephan to get out of the bar. The killer calls John and still hides his voice to which John say there is no need for since he knows its him Stephan. Antonio gets to Jessica and asks her where Dr. Stephan Haver is, but she says she doesn't know since she also doesn't know who it is that locked her in the room. John goes to Natalie and says that he is going to stay there after getting more information out of Stephan.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa is watching little Ethan on the video camera and sees Rebecca abusing her son again. It is not little Ethan, but a circus midget that Rebecca hired to play the part. Theresa calls Child Protective Services, but there is nothing wrong with little Ethan. When she calls back to check on him, they hang up on her. Whitney agrees to perform at the Blue Note as a singer. Liz has it all set up to further her plans to destroy Eve and break up her marriage.

Ethan gets blackmailed by Rebecca to evict the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family from their home. Rebecca threatens to fire Ethan and tell Gwen that he is still protecting Theresa and is choosing her over Gwen. Miguel goes to see Kay after he loses his job, and she is very supportive and comforting. She even offers to get a job to help him!

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Brad learns that his wife has gone back to work, and is loaded with attitude. Brittany gets a reality check, seeing that she could end up alone if she doesn’t smarten up. Damon incites passion, and gets an unexpected, but inviting lip lock. Grace comes to a conclusion as to who is responsible for the missing businessman. Jack glows as he reports how his son has a really great mother.

JT is warned to be careful how he talks when around a roommate. Nick learns some shocking details about his wife’s movements over the past few weeks. Nikki learns that her name has already been dropped as an alibi. Phyllis looks over her life lately, and sees that she has nothing. Raul refuses to give up on his scarred beauty. Sharon ponders if her mother-in-law would hurt her with what she now knows.

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