Wednesday 2/25/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack and Kendall are both concerned about Erica's avoidance in dealing with Bianca still being pregnant, and finding out she killed Michael Cambias. Kendall finds out that having Erica sign Enchantment over to her, and owning Ryan's home after he leaves is empty when she has no love in her life.

Greenlee has a vision that she is in a meadow with Ryan, where he gives her a mysterious gift, that he says symbolizes love and happiness. But in her dream, he leaves without giving her the key to open the box. Ryan keeps having unwanted fantasies about Greenlee. And strangely, right when he's ready to split town, he stops right at the place where she is stuck in the mineshaft and hears her voice. Bianca finally goes to Michael's to confront the "demon" that has been haunting her. And she finally gets all thoughts of Michael Cambias out of her life.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron knows that his friend should be safe, as she never did have the drugged drink. Alison is pulled from the bar, when there is a distraction. Carly is warned that she will be living a nightmare if she gets involved with BRO. Chris arrives at Yo’s, but the damage has already been done. Clarke sees that he is being watched.

Craig warns that when you make a deal with the devil, the devil always wins. Curtis does surveillance to ensure the safety of a friend. Jack sends the police out to find a wayward teen. Kim is left with the message that her son’s girlfriend is out, but will be back soon. Lucy is warned to stay at the station, so that she doesn’t make a sting worse. Paul denies that he had anything to do with finking to the cops.

B&B by Lea

Nick brought Brooke home. Nick played airplane with Hope. Eric told Caitlin how happy he was to be reunited with Stephanie. Caitlin told him Ridge may have a reason to have hope. Caitlin asked Jackie why she hasn’t told anyone about the paternity test. She lied and told Caitlin the test was accurate.

Meanwhile Jackie was still talking to dead Dr. Paxton. Ridge pinned over a picture of Brooke. He told Samantha everything is okay with the baby. He whined yet again about how Nick is at fault for taking advantage of Brooke.

Days by Rebecca

John goes to the Kiriakis mansion to keep Brady company, and believes that the evidence in the safe will point to Nicole. Doug wakes up and knows who the killer is, but doesn't tell Julie to protect her but does go to an unnamed someone. Jan comes to Nicole all bloody since she'd be stabbed by the killer (the killer thought Jan was Shawn at the time) and Nicole sews her up. Hope, Shawn, and Belle are there are at his apartment and see all the blood. Hope also finds brown hair and make-up, and Belle believes that he cheated on her!

GH by Nicole

Alexis informs Carly that she needs to have Jason testify for her at the custody trial. Carly, asks Jason to testify and then tells him that if he doesn't, she will have to bring up Sonny's breakdowns in court. Nik and Emily talk about Zander's death. Tom asks Dillon how to get closer to Georgie, he tells her to make out with her in public, the plan backfires on Dillon. Sam approaches Courtney about renting dock space. Alcazar sells his territory to Faith hoping to make Sonny look like an unfit father by starting a war right before the custody trial. Faith warns Sonny that she has as much power as he does now. Dillon tells Sage he still loves Georgie but he likes her.

GL by Megan

Marah has shot Carrie and, in the horror of the moment, Marah has blocked it from her memory. Josh rushes to her as Carrie's body falls through the trap door in the floor and is washed away by the strong current underneath. Josh declares to all that he's the one who shot Carrie and, vowing at all costs to keep his daughter safe, offers the other men the opportunity to leave and protect themselves. Grateful for their help, they work out a story to tell the police - that Carrie was a dangerous woman who was stalking Josh and the men agreed to help. Josh and Alan, realizing that they are not the best of friends, agree that Alan should leave the fairgrounds and be excluded from the story. as Ed takes the girls home josh calls the police. Jeffrey visits Reva and questions her about any feelings she may have picked up from Carrie when they met at the dance. Reva has had plenty of feelings she tells him, but can't make sense of any of them. She tells Jeffrey she can't help him, unaware that all her strange feelings are closely related to what's happening at the fairgrounds. Danny puts pressure on Lizzie to come clean about the drugs that sent Nico to the hospital and he learns that it was Blade who spiked her drink. Nico comes to Lizzie's rescue and tells Danny to leave her out of it.

OLTL by Traci

Dorian comes home to find David over Aunt Betsy and discovers that she is dead. Paul is still all mopey over losing the money. Starr blames Blair for her father Todd being in jail. Michael asks Marcie if she can ever love anyone other than Al. Lindsay confronts Jen about her not talking to her and shutting her out. Jen tells Lindsay that she is failing out of school. Evangeline and Todd talk about getting him an appeal. Riley intervenes and saves Jen from having to continue talking to her mother. Starr steals Roxy's lipstick because she wants to get in trouble so she can go to where Todd is.

Asa is not happy to find out that Kevin wants Blair to be the editor of the Banner and tries to convince Kelly that Blair will only end up messing up her marriage. Jen and Marcie call a truce and are friends again. Marty goes to visit Todd and then goes to see Blair and tells her that Todd fired Evangeline so that she wouldn't bad mouth her in court. Rex breaks things off with Lindsay. Jen watches as Rex and Lindsay kiss. Dorian covered for David when they came to pick up Aunt Betsy's body. Blair fainted at the Palace.

Passions by Brenda

Sam tells Luis to turn in his badge and gun because he is now suspended from the police force without pay. The mayor requested Luis to be fired for shooting his gun in the hospital psych ward. Miguel and Theresa are complaining about the way things are going in their lives. Pilar tells them to be thankful for what they do have. Later, Luis comes home and starts to complain also, but puts on an old Beatles song and they all dance around to cheer themselves up.

Rebecca goes to the cannery and talks to the foreman. She plays around with him a little and then forces him to fire Pilar and Miguel, in order to keep his job also. Eve is alone in her car, crying because of Whitney's attitude toward her. Ethan talks to her and then Julian goes to see her, but not before Rebecca has him sign a paper. Julian is angry at Rebecca and tells her he wishes he had never married her.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Bobbie delivers a threat when he is insulted. Brittany orders everyone to stop trying to make her feel better. Daniel hasn’t been able to talk about his mother with his father. Danny has decisions to make regarding how to introduce his son to his mother. Diane isn’t too happy about promising her son that he can have a trip with his parents to a ball game.

Jack finds a very nice family scene playing out in his living room. Kyle asks his parents if they all can go to a ball game in the future. Phyllis peeks through a window, and sees a happy family scene that has no room for her. Raul promises that his girlfriend’s career at Marcino's is over. Sharon confesses that someone tried to rape her. Victor has to face the fact that he may get jail time.

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