Tuesday 2/24/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca confesses to murdering Michael. She addresses the entire courtroom and tells them that she is so grateful for all they've done for her, reveals her pregnancy for the first time, and tells them she believes that love will conquer all. She talks to the judge with both the defense and prosecution and her family present. And the judge believes that she acted in self-defense and refuses to pursue charges against her. Maria still refuses to support Edmund in his decision to go through with the surgery, although Brooke, Dr. Joe Martin, and Maria's sister want to support Edmund's decision.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron gets warned that if he doesn’t shut up, he may get sued. Barbara puts her hand over the camera lens, but the live filming continues. Carly envisions herself being the perfect mother and designer all in due time. Craig finds an ally. Holden’s worse nightmare gets played out on television. Jack puts the ball in someone else’s court, as he can’t risk angering his wife.

Lily can’t hold it in any longer, and she grabs her coat, taking her baby to the station. Lucinda learns what caused two teen boys to almost come to blows. Lucy tells how she tried to press charges, but nothing could be done. Molly agrees to let the cat out of the bag when her partner is ready to attack. Paul gets a reality check when he promises to be the lookout for a new designer.

B&B by Lea

Jackie spied on Ridge and the kids visiting Brooke. Caitlin wanted Jackie to tell Brooke about the test. Nick told Ridge to stay away from Brooke. Nick doesn’t want to argue with Ridge anymore. Jackie attended Dr. Paxton’s memorial service. Since Jackie has now become insane and completely obsessed with Nick having a child – she talked to the dead body about her inability to tell anyone the truth.

Stephanie visited Brooke. Brooke is worried about Ridge being angry and worried about the kids. Brooke told Steph about seeing the baby and about sharing the experience with Nick. Steph pledged her support to Brooke. Stephanie tried to talk some sense into Ridge: she agreed with Nick – a truce would help Brooke.

Days by Rebecca

Shawn believes that he made a terrible mistake and believes he must do everything he can to hold onto Belle. Marlena breaks into Shawn's apartment and stabs a sleeping body in the bed. Bo and Hope discuss the night's events and Hope assures Bo that after the will is read in the morning, the nightmare will be over. Nicole gets Jan out of the house, but still fears about the contents of the safe. Jennifer feels the baby kick and lets Patrick feel him/her.

GH by Nicole

Jason goes to the Phillips building to meet with the owner and surprisingly finds Courtney. She explains to him what she was given and then tells him that there are new terms to the business agreement they have. Jason reluctantly agrees to her terms. Sonny and Sam make love. Alcazar sells his business to Faith so that Carly will have a better chance of getting her kids back. Skye falls off the wagon and starts drinking again and is upset after having words with Tracy. Alexis tells Sonny he has his last chance for joint custody with Carly. Carly tells Alexis about Sonny's past breakdowns, but tells her that she can never use that against him in court.

GL by Megan

Marah, Michelle and Marina have walked into the trap Carrie has so carefully laid in the funhouse. Carrie has a gun aimed at Marah but Josh saves her. Buzz and Alan think they spot Carrie, rather than just a reflection of her, and dive for her. Michelle, under the influence of the drugs, winds up in Carrie's sight but Ed saves her at the last moment. They find a trap door that leads down to a dangerous torrent of running water. Ed then finds an opening in the wall that leads outside to the fairgrounds where he strands Michelle and Marina for their own safety. Carrie turns on a flickering light that makes it impossible to see. Marah gets separated from Josh and, while searching for her frantically, gets a hold of Carrie's location. Buzz, carrying his gun, also spots Carrie, but she gets off the first shot and wounds him. Josh dives for her and they struggle for the gun. A shot is fired and Carrie slumps, mortally wounded. Reva, is fighting a series of odd sensations she's been having since the night began and she's unable to put together the pieces and understand what they add up to. It all makes her uneasy and finally she tries to call Marah, only to get her machine at home. Gus visits Phillip and tries to question him about the missing shipments of Antimonies. But Phillip's too fatigued to be of much help. Olivia arrives and tries to kick Gus out but he warns her that he's not going to let her push him around. Olivia is angry but can do little about it. She presents Phillip with some papers to sign and he's surprised to see they're an addendum to his will. Olivia downplays the significance of the timing, and asserts that it's important for any children they may have. Phillip agrees and signs the papers.

OLTL by Traci

John and Natalie spend some time calling people trying to find Jessica. Paul and David wait as Aunt Betsy gets ready to read her will to them. Todd is found guilty of raping Blair by the jury. Jessica tries to get Stephan to call her uncle Bo because she knows that he will believe Stephan. Marcie and Michael go to the Palace together to have lunch with Michael and John's mother Eve. Paul yells at Aunt Betsy after she reads her will and he only gets one hundred dollars. Jessica calls Bo and he gets her to talk Stephan into coming into the station.

Paul goes to the Palace and starts to drink his sorrows away from not getting the money from Aunt Betsy. Dorian is extremely happy now that Todd is getting what she thinks he deserves. John and Bo are angry when they can't hold Stephan in jail because all of his alibis checked out. John refuses to give up on the fact that Stephan is guilty of the murders. Bo asks Stephan where Jessica is which he says he doesn't know where she is meanwhile, Jessica wakes up after passing out. Aunt Betsy offers David one million dollars to make her feel pleasure before she dies.

Passions by Brenda

T.C. tells Whitney to apologize to Eve, but she refuses. Simone and Liz are standing around waiting for Whitney to explain. T.C. believes Whitney is taking drugs, and Chad introduced her to them in L.A. Whitney begins to tell T.C. the reason she is so angry with her mother, but Eve gets an emergency call from the hospital and has to leave.

Rebecca gaslights Theresa by pretending to strike little Ethan. When Theresa rushes to the nursery and accuses Rebecca of hitting her son, Rebecca declares she doesn't know what Theresa is talking about - little Ethan is outside playing. Rebecca tells Theresa it's time that she left the mansion, so Fox drives her home. Antonio tells Sheridan that he wants nothing to do with his mother or his family because they were on Luis's side when Sheridan had to make her choice. Sheridan goes to see Pilar but Luis is the only one home. He tells Sheridan he will uncover the truth about what treatment she received in the psych ward.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley is sorry that she has to take the line that she did, but she has to do it. Bobbie brings a song to a friend to lighten her day. Brittany tries to put others in her shoes, to see how she feels. Damon feels betrayed and ripped off. Drucilla is ordered never to say that a higher-up has her screw loose again. Jack feels that he can handle his sister’s perspective.

Michael has to wonder what a man who turns down 75 million dollars must be up to. Phyllis gets the benefit of the doubt after her display of honesty. Raul’s sweetness isn’t enough to bring his girlfriend out of her funk. Sharon is questioned about her alibis for the night of a disappearance. Victor isn’t looking forward to being embarrassed by his rival in court.

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