Monday 2/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica and Kendall are stunned at Bianca's confession that she killed Michael and don't want her to admit it. Kendall, however, admits that she saw Bianca do, as did Reggie and they have been covering for her all along. Reggie admits to Jack that he knows Bianca did it and vows to protect her. And since only the 5 of them know, Kendall gets a mistrial and the judge has no clue what to do at this point. But Bianca comes forward and admits to the judge that she did it.

Edmund privately tells Brooke that he wants the surgery that could enable him to walk although she advises against it. Maria privately tells her sister that she does not want him to go through with it. Greenlee is having visions of being visited by her mother, her father, her buddies and Ryan.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron cautions a girl who is in the right position to be roofied. Alison knows that she has made a friend forever, even though her marriage is over. Carly is angered when she is accused of being reckless when designing. Chris lays out the rules for his mother. Clarke warns that things better stay cool, or the princess won’t have anyone to watch her. Craig can’t see the forest for the trees. Henry buys ice cream for a very, very long night.

Jack is accused of stopping his wife, every time that she has a chance at success. Katie offers to take care of her ex once more time before they part. Lucy gets a reassuring hug when she misses her stepmother. Mike finds a way to quickly exit and he is gone. Molly confesses to her part in revealing a bad adoption. Paul is asked to stay a while, and have an unwanted chat.

B&B by Lea

Jackie continued to be torn about telling Brooke and Nick about the test results. The baby is fine from the fall. In the meantime at the hospital Jackie, Massimo, Nick and Brooke stared insipidly at the ultra sound picture of the baby. Jackie went to the chapel to pray that the baby is Nick’s because her little boy has changed and grown up so much! Caitlin was at the hospital too and Jackie was concerned she may have told someone about the test.

Ridge got a call from Massimo concerning Brooke’s fall. Massimo tried to tell Ridge not to come, but of course he didn’t hear. Ridge and the kids arrived to see Brooke. The kids left and then came back with balloons and flowers. They want Brooke to move back in – to be a part of their family (have I missed something? When did Brooke become such a desirable mother? Hey, twins keep your boyfriends away from Brooke – just ask Bridget).

Days by Rebecca

Nicole is set free after Brady tells everyone that he is her alibi. Phillip thinks he had an affair with his step-mom and attacks him! Vic's lawyer comes and announces that the safe, with the will inside, will be opened tomorrow, and Nicole becomes nervous. Shawn-D belief that Marlena was the killer is lessened because of Victor's time of death but his relationship with Belle may be over! Doug has a dream about the serial killer and wakes up, knowing it's Marlena...

GH by Nicole

Carly retains Alexis as her lawyer. She threatens her and tells her to get her full custody of her kids or she will tell Sonny that he is Kristina's father. Nik is arrested for Zander's death when forensics come back and Ric tells Nik that it shows he hit him with a blunt object and that caused his death. Luke finds a tape of Scott admitting that he had the treasure but it was stolen from him. Sonny and Sam discuss their "un-relationship" and Sonny wants her to stay away from the Penthouse for his kids. Alexis tells Carly she needs to stop seeing Alcazar. Maxie is set out on finding Zander and begins to ask Georgie for help to get to Canada but then sees the news and Zander is announced dead.

GL by Megan

The men arrive at the Fairgrounds, as per Carrie's orders, and at first she is nowhere to be found. Odd music beings to play from the adjacent funhouse and they go inside to investigate. There, they come face to face with a veritable maze of mirrors and they immediately lose their sense of space. Finally, Carrie's voice is heard and a dozen images of her appear all at once, but it is still unclear which is really Carrie and which are reflections. Carrie tells them that tonight is the night of reckoning and that to repay for what happened to Maryanne, one of the girls must lose their life. The men go ballistic but Carrie insists that if they don't pick one, she'll do the picking herself. Marah is having second thoughts about accepting Carrie's invitation to go to the fairgrounds. But Michelle and Marina, already under the influence from the drug Carrie applied to their rings, convince her to go. The girls arrive and go inside the funhouse where they hear music playing. Josh sees Marah first and tries to yell for her to leave but she's in a daze and doesn't hear him. Carrie sees Marah too and starts to pull out her gun. Cassie confronts Olivia about the secret she's keeping from Phillip and insists that part of the reason he's in Ravenwood is because he blames himself for what happened. Olivia stands her ground and says that she's scared of what will happen if Lizzie learns of the baby's existence. Cassie insists that both she and Phillip will protect the secret but if Olivia doesn't tell him, Cassie will. Realizing that she has no choice, Olivia promises to tell Phillip the truth after she takes care of one last thing. Olivia then meets with a well-dressed man to discuss papers of an unknown agenda.

OLTL by Traci

Adrianna disagrees with Blair when she sassy that she doesn't know what true love is. Viki goes to spend time with Todd as he waits for the jury to come back with a verdict. Evangeline can't seem to keep her mind off of Todd's case when she and R.J. are on a date. Nora is also awaiting the jury's verdict. Jessica finds Stephan at her and Antonio's apartment and invites him in. While visiting Todd, Viki tells Todd that it may be a good idea that he hire Evangeline back as his lawyer to get an appeal. Babe comes in from Pine Valley and wants Paul to go to Canada to check on her baby's paternity results.

Aunt Betsy meets Adriana and Paul tries to stop her from making Adriana her heir. Michael and Marcie look through there planners to find a day when they can go out and spend some time together. Jessica is still convinced that Stephan is innocent. Todd calls Evangeline and she agrees to be his lawyer again. Natalie goes to tell John that she has a feeling that Jessica is in danger. At Jessica's apartment John finds Caitlin's old drivers license and thinks that Stephan left it on purpose.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney gives her mother a chance to explain why she keeps seeing her and Julian together. Eve cannot bring herself to reveal the truth to Whitney, and continues to let her believe that she is having an affair with Julian. Gwen gets more bad news - the little bit of hope that she had to conceive another child is destroyed after Fox reveals that he spoke to the Crane Medical Foundation and the directors confirmed there is no possibility of Gwen getting ever pregnant again.

Rebecca pushes Gwen into agreeing to adopt little Ethan, and later, Gwen talks to Ethan and agrees to his idea to adopt. But she twists the words around and gets Ethan to agree that no matter which child she wants, he will agree to the adoption. Theresa is still asleep in Ivy's old bedroom, next to the nursery. Rebecca sends the nanny and little Ethan out to play. Then Rebecca puts her plan into motion - she stands outside the nursery and pretends to spank little Ethan. Theresa jumps up and heads for the nursery.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley cleverly ducks out of the room when a conversation gets heated. Damon is angry that he is going to have to fight to show that the chemical is worthy. Danny smiles when he sees that he can make lemonade out of lemons. Detective Webber makes a surprise visit.

Jack laughs when offered $50 million dollars. Phyllis overhears her son’s name, and demands to know what is going on. Sharon proves to be very difficult to question. Victor makes a final offer of 75 million dollars. Daniel is coming to town after Spring Term.

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