Friday 2/20/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica shocks everybody by confessing in court that she murdered Michael Cambias. Kendall, Bianca, Jack and Reggie urge her not to go through with this. But she insists that she did it. Adam Chandler tells her he knows she didn't do it. He says he knows she pointed the gun at him, thinking he was Michael and shot him in the shoulder but never shot Michael. Hearing this, Kendall insists that she killed him and is not afraid of the consequences because she believes Livia can get her a mistrial. But Bianca keeps having flashbacks of seeing a woman in the dark ready to kill him but she cannot remember who it was. While her mother and sister, argue each wanting to take the rap for it, she finally remembers that she, herself walked into his home and blew him away.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is angry that his ex almost got raped. Alison chooses the wrong time to hug a friend. Barbara is told that all that she has to worry about is making designs. Carly has a question before accepting a proposal. Chris starts listening as his mother makes more and more sense. Craig remembers his deal with the devil, and figures out how information was leaked.

Henry fakes an emergency in order to play Cupid. Katie is sure that there is no going back to an old relationship that was very, very good. Kim gets her nose out of joint when she sees inappropriate hugging. Paul isn’t thought to be the fink, as he didn’t know about the adoption anyway.

B&B by Lea

Nick brought Brooke to the hospital after her fall. Caitlin wasn’t sure if she should tell Thomas about the paternity test. She wanted to wait until she knew for sure. Thomas talked to Caitlin about her mother and how the twins were more like Brooke than their own mother (Taylor is rolling over in her grave). Brooke asked Massimo to call Ridge.

Jackie went to Nick’s office and stared at a picture of Nick and Brooke (when did they have this taken???). She doesn’t want to tell him about the paternity test. Massimo walked into the office. Before Jackie can tell Massimo about the paternity test, Nick called from the hospital.

Days by Danielle

Patrick snoops in Jennifer’s purse while she gets him some tea. Jennifer offers Patrick a room over the garage. Patrick claims to have met Jack before and acts shocked at the news of Jack’s death but is later shown with his own newspaper article about Jack’s death. Lexie shares her suspicions about Patrick with Jennifer.

Jan wants to come clean to Shawn and the police about killing Victor but Nicole threatens her. Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Marlena, John and Lexie arrive at the Kiriakis mansion after hearing the news about Victor’s death. Belle wants to prove to Shawn that if Victor’s death was by the serial killer than that would mean that the killer can’t be Marlena and accuses him of wanting her to break up with him. Brady defends Marlena against Shawn’s accusations. Jan manages to evade the police search of the grounds. Bo, Brady, and Shawn each take a moment to say goodbye to Victor. Henderson gives Bo and Hope information proving that Victor’s death couldn’t have been an accident. John tells Bo and Hope about his earlier conversation with Victor, which leads to Bo arresting Nicole.

GH by Nicole

Courtney calls Carly and tells her that Sonny is planning to move the kids out of the country. Courtney runs into Jax at Kelly's, they talk, he tells her he hopes she isn't leaving town and going home. She reassures him she is not leaving and she buys the loft. Carly, Lucky and Alcazar show up at the airport, Carly lashes out at Sonny in front on Michael. Alcazar restrains her, he tells Carly that Sonny is trying to make Carly prove her instability. Jason meets with Carly's attorney and threatens her, she then quits from Carly's case. Carly then tells Alexis that she is going to be her new attorney and she will tells Sonny about Kristina if she doesn't get her sole custody. Nik and Emily talk about how he got out of the hotel. Luke and Skye get into an argument about Faith's continuing business with him.

GL by Megan

It's the night of Carrie's revenge. Each man gets ready in his own way. Josh turns to Reva and his family for a sense of strength and purpose. Billy toys with alcohol but Father Ray talks him out of it. Ed reveals to Holly his hope for a better future which will include more time with her. At the Lewis home, Marah enjoys spending time with her father, while Josh is reminded of all he has to fight for. Meanwhile, Carrie prepares by voicing her resentment towards each of the men. She is the first to arrive at the fairgrounds and she swears revenge as Buzz, Josh and Billy arrive, tense and alert.

Cassie arrives to visit Philip but is discovered by the anxious Olivia. Cassie reveals that keeping the secret of Emma is growing increasingly difficult for her. Phillip's condition only reinforces Cassie's feelings and she insists that Olivia tell Phillip the baby is alive.

OLTL by Traci

Jessica goes to Viki and tells her about John thinking Stephan is the music box killer. Stephan wants Rae to tell him about John and his character as a person. R.J. tries to get Evangeline to forget about Todd and the case but will listen to her anyway since it is important to her. Evangeline believes that Todd is innocent and that she could have won the case. Daniel gives Nora a vote of confidence about the case when she has a tiny bit of doubt as to weather or not the jury will convict Todd. Bo and John look over more clues to try and find anything that will link Stephan to the killings.

Viki tells Jessica like other have before that it would be best if she stayed away from Stephan. Viki also states that there most be a reason why John would be suspecting Stephan. Lindsay tells Rex that whatever they had is now over which, Rex doesn't really want it to be. Riley and Jen get called into see Viki at her office to talk about how they are not doing that well in school. Natalie is ready to have Christian's memorial service and also has a small fantasy about John. Bo and John go to talk to Troy to see if he can tell them anything about Stephan. Bo is now convinced that Stephan killed Gabrielle and wants to catch him.

Passions by Brenda

Ethan, Fox, and Julian rush outside to see Theresa lying unconscious in the snow after her fall from the 2nd story window. Dr. Russell is called and decides Theresa has to stay overnight in the Crane mansion. Gwen says the fall was an accident, and Theresa confirms that Gwen is telling the truth. Rebecca is worried that Theresa could accuse Gwen of deliberately pushing her out the window.

Jessica interrupts Charity and Reese, who are in Charity's bedroom. Jessica begins screaming at Reese, and the whole Bennett clan gathers in the living room. Jessica begins to blast each and every one of them and then decides she would rather go to boarding school than to be around any of them. As Eve is preparing to leave the Crane mansion, Julian pulls her into another room and they share a passionate kiss. Whitney sees them together again.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur gets the info behind an alcoholic’s drinking. Cassie feels as if her mother doesn’t trust her anymore. Detective Webber has concluded that there isn’t any evidence that connects to a recent electrocution. Jack hits the phone trying to find money for his company. Jill has the renovations put back the way it used to be. John thinks that a sizable donation to Jabot might keep his client out of jail. Katherine reveals that her daughter was conceived in the living room of the mansion.

Kevin finally realizes that he has the brother that he has always wanted. Lauren is upset at how she has affected her admirer. Michael gets to work, knowing that his brother is happy to be alive. Nikki comes to her daughter-in-law with a request. Noah is glad that his mother remembered his special snack for school that day. Paul isn’t happy that a suicide didn’t take place. Victor orders a meeting with a rival ASAP.

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