Thursday 2/19/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall's trial takes a strange twist. Livia calls her to the witness stand. She admits that when she found Michael dead, she and Reggie carried his corpse to the meat packing plant, Boyd Larabee helped her strap him on the hook, Boyd took Michael's ID, disguised himself as Michael, they went to Vegas and Reverend Lomax married them. But she denies killing him. Livia also calls David, then Adam, then Erica.

Babe and Krystal drug Paul after he enters, tries to seduce Babe and indirectly threatens to expose her to JR. Greenlee is still stuck in the shaft, having fantasies about Ryan. Strangely, Ryan is in the courtroom for Kendall, yet lost in thought about Greenlee.

ATWT by Glynis

Annabelle confesses that she wasn’t the one that turned in a client. Barbara glows in the bask of her son. Ben finds the teens talking seriously and secretly. Bob offers to talk to his son about his behavior in the kitchen. Carly reads a contract, understanding a proposal that is on the table. Casey would like to close his ears to whatever is being planned as revenge on an officer to the court.

Chris is lured back upstairs before running to work. Craig can see that whoever finked on him, really hates him. Kim tells what she saw in the kitchen. Paul reveals his plan to ruin his mother. Sarah knows that she will not change her mind about her revenge. Susan hopes that a similar lecture is being handed to her daughter’s lover. Alison drags her mother to her room to avoid a clash.

B&B by Lea

Ridge told Nick to stay away from his children. Ridge whined and again blamed Nick for the whole baby situation. Meanwhile Caitlin was once again roped into a conversation with Jackie about her grandchild to be (or not to be that is the question). Caitlin told Jackie it was unfair to keep the paternity information a secret.

Brooke stared at the annulment papers. Stephanie dropped by to see how she was holding up. She showed Steph the annulment papers. Brooke was thrilled that Eric and Stephanie have reunited. Brooke walked in on Ridge and Nick fighting. She asked Nick to stop aggravating Ridge. She told Nick she still loved Ridge. As she was leaving the boat, she had an accident.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer is relieved to find that Patrick was not seriously injured. Belle threatens to end her relationship with Shawn if he pursues the theory that Marlena is the serial killer. Marlena takes offense at Shawn's theory and faints. Later, Marlena, John, and Belle confront Shawn about his theory. Hope defends herself against the man who grabbed her only to find that it is Bo. Brady wants to get the police involved in Victor's death.

GH by Nicole

Courtney finally accepts the 10 million dollar check from Louise. Jason sets up Capelli and calls Ric on his cell phone while Capelli is admitting to trying to kill Jason and killing Brian and setting up Jason to make it look like he is the one that shot Brian. They struggle and the gun goes off, Capelli is dead, Ric tells Jason he is free to go, he was defending himself. Carly takes Lucky to Sonny's to pick up the children, Sonny convinces Carly to let him pack the kids up and bring them to her. Leticia finds Michael is missing while they are getting ready to leave the country. Jason and Courtney find Michael by Kelly's. Sam goes to Carly's and tells her that Sonny has decided to keep the children. Tracy has Jen draft a document giving Tracy a power of attorney for Edward since he is senile. Ric doesn't buy Edward's senile act. Alexis and Emily talk about Nik. While going through a desk, Nik appears and Emily embraces him.

GL by Megan

While Buzz debates whether to bring a gun to the Carrie meeting, lies continue to keep Buzz and Marina apart. Shayne tries to keep the peace between them by showing up to work with them. Shayne manages to get them alone and locks them outside to talk. Buzz and Marina honestly talk about Carrie for the first time and Buzz explains he wasn't dodging Marina. Buzz assures her he'd do things differently with Maryanne now and is sorry for what transpired. Marina just wanted him to talk to her about this. After their talk, Buzz decides to load up his gun, prepared to do anything to protect his precious granddaughter. Jeffrey tracks down Carrie to warn her about causing trouble for the girls. The deal was for him to handle things. Carrie wonders if that is a possibility anymore, now that Jeffrey's lost objectivity. Gus and Harley set up a sting to get Brad closer to Harley. She meets Brad in the house when Gus 'unexpectantly' comes in. He picks a fight with Brad but Harley takes Brad's side calling Gus an arrogant Spaulding. Just when it seems they are pulling one over on Brad, Frank arrives and is furious at Gus for fighting with his sister. Rick, worried that Phillip's marriage might have been under duress, comes to visit. He and Olivia tangle but Phillip hopes his friend can accept Olivia. While sedated, Phillip mentions Antimonius to Rick and tells him to tell Gus to check it out. Gus is surprised and intrigued when Rick relays the message to him.

OLTL by Traci

Todd fires Evangeline as his lawyer and decides to represent himself. Jessica runs into Stephan and tells him that John suspects him to be the music box killer. David and Dorian are enjoying the fact the Todd has fired his lawyer while, Evangeline, Viki, and Jessica try to tell him that representing himself is not a good idea. Rae tries to find a way out through an air vent so she can get free. Asa offers Kevin the chance to take over being in charge of his business since he is planning on retiring.

Marcie and Michael spend some time together at Capricorn. Marcie tells Michael that he should talk to his brother John just to see how he is doing. John gets mad at Jessica after she tells him and Bo what she said to Stephan. Todd testifies that he has changed and is innocent since everything he does for Blair is out of love. Rae manages to get out of the room and makes it to a payphone but, Stephan gets to her before she can call anyone.

Passions by Brenda

Luis places baby Martin in Sheridan's arms, but she no longer believes that he is her child. Alistair was lying in wait at Beth's house with a gun, and as an extra precaution, had switched babies! Sheridan was not holding baby Martin - Beth did not know the difference between Martin and the other baby.

Theresa gets caught coming out of little Ethan's room by Gwen. Theresa tells Gwen she can look on the internet and help her find a doctor so that she can become pregnant. Theresa also tells Gwen that it was God's will that baby Sarah died, because Ethan only married her because she was pregnant. Gwen is upset and attacks Theresa, and Theresa falls out the window! Charity entertains a string of young men in her bedroom. Reese is on his way up to see Charity and Jessica gets her hopes up for an instant, until Charity drags Reese into her bedroom. Kay fixes dinner for Miguel, and he falls asleep on the couch, but he dreams of Charity.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur reveals that he is someone’s daughter. Detective Webber arrives with an airtight warrant. Jill hugs her father closely after he tells her how it would have been, had he known her as a child. Katherine is easily convinced to end boozing for the night. Kevin starts regretting wanting to end his life, but then he snaps out of it.

Paul listens to a hysterical woman relate what her night was like. Nick vows to get the person who may have put his associate in harm’s way. Sharon hits the living room to learn that she had just been the topic of discussion. Michael offers to go through ‘whatever’ with his brother. Grace provides relief when she admits that she hadn’t told her boyfriend about her previous affair in Genoa City.

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