Wednesday 2/18/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall is having visions that the judge and jury will send her to the gas chamber. However, before her trial, Simone and Mia come to offer her support. Livia asks about Kendall's alleged marriage to Michael. Kendall admits she intended to kill Michael, but before she could, somebody else beat her to it. She admits she carried his dead body to the meat packing plant. Singer asks how she could have carried his dead body all by herself? Who helped her. Reggie enters and says he did. Erica is at Chris's gravesite and runs into Ryan. She apologizes to Chris for betraying him. And it sounds like she has some big secrets.

Aidan stalls his jeep and runs into a strange woman who jump-starts him. Little does he know that this is Maria's sister. Edmund wants Brooke to secretly help him without Maria knowing. Maria tells the doctor assigned to Edmund to stay away from her husband. Babe believes that Paul will help her with the paternity test. But he wants to get her in bed.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison reveals that she hasn’t told her mother about her move yet. Barbara knows that no one can get between she and her son. Bob wonders why a concerned parent hasn’t called yet about her daughter moving in. Cabot really has two families now. Carly is told that accepting a generous offer is a bad idea.

Craig makes the mistake of acting too friendly with the baby. Jessica dances as fast as she can to stop a teen from leaving. Paul presses a fantastic designer with his offer. Susan understands now that she knows whose idea it was for her daughter to move out. Sarah believes the explanation for her letters being in a briefcase.

B&B by Lea

Jackie visited Nick and told him about Dr. Paxton’s death. She told him the doctor was on her way to see Brooke. Brooke dropped by with the news of the doctor. Brooke wondered why the doctor was trying to see her. Nick showed Brooke the baby stuff he had set up. Jackie decided to keep her mouth shut about Dr. Paxton’s news.

Thomas visited the coffee shop and talked with Caitlin about Dr. Paxton. She remembered meeting the doctor at Jackie’s. Caitlin talked about the great romance between Ridge and Brooke. Caitlin’s dad arrived. He believed his daughter was a waitress at the coffee place.

Days by Rebecca

Jennifer backs into Patrick with her car and they are both sent to the hospital and are okay. She apologizes, and he seems to be up to something and then there's an emergency! Mickey and Kate dance with their dead spouses, and Maggie tells Mickey to be happy and later he dances with Bonnie. Belle is mad at Shawn-D for insinuating that her mother is the serial killer. John and Marlena talk and he seems to be thinking about what Shawn said. When Marlena asks why Shawn and Belle are arguing, John lets her know that he believes the serial killer is her...

GH by Nicole

Alexis and Luke have a memorial for Cameron in the GH chapel, Skye shows up and is impressed with Luke's speach. Courtney makes arrangements for the Brian's grave. A man approaches Courtney and gives her a check for 10 million dollars. Emily is questioned by reporters about Edward's involvement in the fire. Emily visits Edward in the hospital and gets him so worked up that he starts to have another heart attack. Capelli has Jason at gunpoint. Edward tells Skye that he made her the sole Quartermaine heir. Courtney tells Jason that Brian got killed being in the middle of them, she can't have anyone else die. Emily visits the ruins of the Hotel and searches for Nik again but has no luck. Helena tells Emily to leave Wyndemere, she refuses. Helena meets Coleman who states he has the treasure and will sell it to Helena, she agrees to double her price if Coleman kills Edward.

GL by Megan

Reva comes to the hospital looking for Sandy. When she learns that he was only there to assist one of his student actors, they share a mother/son moment. Reva confides in Sandy about the strange feelings she's been having ever since the Valentine's dance. Josh and the other men have gathered at the old fairgrounds to inspect the location of their meeting with Carrie. While Ed and Josh want to believe that Carrie really does want to say goodbye and leave town, Alan and the others don't trust her. Marah tells Michelle and Marina that she doesn't trust Carrie's promise to leave their fathers in peace and leave town. However, the three of them go to Carrie's room to find her packing. Carrie expresses the tenderness she's come to feel for the girls. Carrie invites the three young women to join her tomorrow night at the fairgrounds to say farewell to Maryanne. Harley confronts Jeffrey about working with Gus. Jeffrey surprises her and Gus by informing them that both are working undercover for him. Harley and Gus can't believe that they were keeping secrets from each other.

OLTL by Traci

Natalie asks Kevin not to tell their mother Viki anything about the MBK killer calling her. Jessica still can't understand why John would be suspecting Dr. Haver about the killings. Stephan Haver told Rae that if she tells him who his next victim will be then she can live another day. Blair took the stand to testify against Todd. Todd refused to let Evangeline make use anything that could make Blair look bad. John and Bo look over files about Stephan's past while, Rae and Stephan talk about his past.

Evangeline called Marty Saybrooke to the stand. Since Marty is now a psychiatrist, she does belive in her professional opinion that Todd could never rape anyone again and that he has changed. John and Bo talk to Stephan's brother to see if they can find out anything that can link Stephan to the music box killings. Marty admits that she hasn't yet been able to forgive Todd for raping her but, that doesn't change anything that she has said so far. John calls Stephan and gets him to come to the police station for another reason but doesn't say anything about him being a suspect.

Passions by Brenda

Sheridan talks to Luis outside the restaurant while the assassin hired by Alistair takes aim. The assassination is called off when Sheridan tells Luis that she intends to stay with Antonio.  Dr. Ackland tells Alistair there is no guarantee that Sheridan will continue to forget about her love for Luis, and that if she comes in contact with "Beth's baby" she may regain her memory.

Rebecca tries to convince Gwen to adopt little Ethan, but Gwen replies that she will not do that to Theresa. However, later, Gwen admits that her anger is so deep that she may end up killing Theresa. Theresa sneaks back into the mansion to put her picture next to little Ethan's bed. When she comes out of the nursery, she runs right into Gwen!

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Arthur returns to the mansion unexpectedly. Bobbie knows what to do with his ex-employee when he finds him. Gina gets an urgent call regarding a guest. Jill is told that she has to be a part of a private conversation. JT remembers that there was a toolbox in an ex-electrician’s apartment.

Katherine panics when she hears the doorbell. Kevin is going to use his gun, he just has no idea whom to use it on. Michael interrupts a suicide. Nick demands to know what is wrong when he sees his wife’s face. Paul rushes off to find the evidence that he needs to solve his investigation. Sharon screams when she sees her victim in the window staring back at her.

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