Monday 2/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall somehow knows that Erica must be onto something, recalling their conversation the previous night, where Erica urges her not to take the plea. She boldly lets Livia know this although Livia tells her if she does not take the plea, she could get the death penalty. Although Ryan is consciously ready to forget about Greenlee, he keeps having unwanted visions of her. While she is stuck in the shaft, she somehow knows she must call out to him and he will rescue her. Tad meets a homeless woman who is able to give him and Erica information about what happened the night Michael disappeared.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron tries to be a white knight, but is told that he means nothing anymore. Alison comes up with a better idea than renting. Carly is stunned when told why she should take the gift. Chris finds it really hard to say no to a risky idea. Craig misses his last chance to save his marriage. Curtis sees a situation totally different than his co-worker does.

Dusty denies that he is trying to prove anything by creating the foundation. Kim promises to do her best to get along. Lily decides that creating a foundation is a waste of her time. Lucy stands firm when asked to go with her father. Paul hears an angry husband banging on the door. Rosanna wants her money to be used to make someone a huge success.

B&B by Lea

Thomas asked Nick to let Brooke and Ridge adopt the baby. Nick would not turn his back on his child. Brooke whined to Bridget about the annulment. Meanwhile, Ridge whined to Katherine about the annulment. Strangely enough, everyone seems to be bringing up Taylor. Thomas told Ridge he spoke to Nick about Brooke and the baby. Nick arrived at Logan Designs to talk to Brooke about the annulment.

Jackie told Caitlin that the paternity test results may not be correct and she may not be a grandmother (apparently Jackie has no friends as she is reduced to talking about personal issues with someone she barely knows). After Caitlin left, Jackie called Brooke. During their conversation, Dr Paxton called on another line. Brooke cannot believe what she hears.

Days by Rebecca

Marlena collapses, unable to hurt her daughter Belle and later she convinces her to go to Tuscany. Phillip brings Kate to Tuscany and she receives roses dripped in blood. Brady knows now the Nicole is willing to use her body for her own purposes. Jan throws a CD player in Victor's tub and electrocudes him! Lucas tells a delusional Sami that he does love her and they start to make love!

GH by Nicole

Nik finds a chained Jason in the stairwell, Jason insists he leave him, Nik leaves and returns with an ax, he cuts Jason out. Sonny, Carly and Alcazar manage to escape out of the burning building. Sonny and Carly speak briefly before Sam rushes into Sonny's arms. Courtney is hysterical about a missing Jason, at last, just when the rescue search is called off, Jason emerges. Emily is taken to GH to get checked out, she fools Monica and leaves to try and find Nik. When Jason appears, she expects Nik to also, but he doesn't. Edward is in GH after his heart attack, he must undergo surgery. Before surgery, Edward signs a statement with Justus overseeing him, that states the entire fire was his fault and not his family's. Georgie is in GH and visits Mac with Dillon. She tries to remain humorous and happy despite the situation. Jax walks away from Sam when he asks her if she loves Sonny. She cannot answer his question and tells him that she doesn't know and would like Sonny to live to find out how she feels. Skye walks in her home to find a Jax in nothing but a towel. Skye kicks both Jax and Luke out.

GL by Megan

The Valentine's Day party continues and an unseen guest hovers over the crowd. She first sets her sights on Billy and taunts him by sending an anonymous drink his way. She then makes eye contact with a nervous Ed. She then taps Alex on the shoulder and asks if she can have a dance with Buzz. As they dance, Carrie freezes Buzz when she mentions a secret she's kept for thirty years. Buzz rushes off to consult with the other men when Carrie moves in on Josh. When she cuts in on Reva and Josh's dance, Reva notices her ring and is struck when the scarab seems to swirl around. As Josh and Carrie dance, he slowly begins to realize that she is the witness, the one who has been manipulating Marah, Marina and Michelle. Marah and Jeffrey can't fight their mutual attraction. Marah suggests that Valentine's Day could be like New Year's Eve, another night out of time. Just then, Marah gets an urgent message from Marina. The moment between Jeffrey and Marah passes and Jeffrey is left alone. Michelle and Ed draw closer as she promises never to lose faith in him again. Marah and Michele try to reach her but to no avail. They rush off to the museum. Shayne answers and they rush in to make sure Marina is safe. Marina tells them that she did not send them any message. The girls deduce that Carrie set them up. Just as it appears that she's going to down a drink laced with "D", Nico shows up and swallows the drink himself. He becomes the life of the party and pulls Lizzie into a sexy dance. But soon the high turns ugly and Nico begins to panic. Lizzie considers saving herself and abandoning him. But in the end, she does the right thing by calling for her limo to take Nico to the hospital.

OLTL by Traci

Michael/Al wants Marcie to tell him what she saw in him when they were at the club. Blair goes to see Nora and tells her that she doesn't think that she will be able to testify in court, which does not make Nora happy. Viki is happy when Ben wakes up from his coma. Blair changes her mind after she and Nora talk. Jen asks Rex how she is supposed to believe that he is not sleeping with her mother. Marcie finally sees Al's soul in Michael's body. Mathew gives Bo and Nora both a valentine's present that he made.

Asa and Renee got married and are even more excited that their son Ben is awake. R.J. questions Blair if she is still in love with Todd. Marcie is not thrilled when Al tells her that they will not remember anything that has happened and all of his memories gone and it will just be Michael. Al's spirit leaves and Marcie is left with Michael. Ben tells Viki that he loves her and that she need to move on so she can be happy and then he goes back into his coma. Luna and Megan's spirits have accomplished what they set out to do.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen and Ethan go to see Dr. Culver. Alistair blackmails Dr. Culver by showing him some revealing photos and warns him to keep quiet about Beth's "fake" pregnancy. Dr. Culver informs Gwen that she can never have another child. Rebecca catches Fox, Theresa, Chad, and Whitney at the Crane indoor pool, where they had been skinny-dipping. Rebecca gives Theresa the message that little Ethan will end up being a servant to any children that Gwen and Ethan have. Theresa replies in anger that she hopes Gwen can never have another child!

Sheridan makes her choice between Luis and Antonio, and she picks Antonio. Luis is devastated and tries to get the truth from Dr. Ackland. Alistair goes to see Beth and tells her that Dr. Culver will never reveal the truth to Gwen or anyone, and that he made sure Sheridan chose Antonio. Beth is overjoyed now, because all her scheming to get Luis is paying off - she believes Luis will now be hers.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Brad leaves the table disgusted at the conversation. Colleen apologizes for embarrassing her boyfriend in front of all the guests. Damon points a redhead in the right direction. Diane holds back the tears as she realizes that she may have lost the man that she loves. Drucilla reveals who has the other orchid. Jack sees that he has to move on new information. JT gives careful instructions regarding skating on a frozen lake.

Kevin used to be an electrician. Lauren is persuaded to move the date to a more private setting. Michael explains how his leaving home was when his brother really got tortured. Nikki tells her husband that you can’t always protect the ones you love. Paul is sure that a suspect is going to strike again. Phyllis has figured a trickster out. Victor enjoys what may be his last dance.

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