Friday 2/13/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica still does not want to face Bianca's pregnancy. Kendall goes to see her and urges her to love Bianca's baby. She is civil to Kendall, acknowledging her for caring about Bianca. But she still does not want to face the fact that Bianca is choosing to have Michael Cambias' baby. She also demands that Kendall does not accept the plea that the prosecution offer her. Lena and Maggie visit Bianca in the hospital. Lena tells Bianca that she knows that there's something going on with Maggie. Maria has a Valentine's Day celebration for Edmund, but still cannot tell him that he may be paralyzed.

Greenlee is still stuck in the hole. By some strange coincidence, Ryan just happens to fall off his motorcycle and get stranded right near where she is and discovers the hole where she fell. Yet he has no clue that she's stuck down there. In an attempt to protect someone from falling into the hole, he pushes a big, heavy rock over it. Before doing this, however, he has tossed the ring he gave to Kendall into the hole. Greenlee wakes up, notices it, realizes he's been there and screams that he comes back. But he does not hear her and takes off.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison really believes that her relationship can change a lifelong feud. Carly lies when asked about a phone call. Chris heads over to his parents to tell them the good news. Clarke gets rough with his date. Craig is lied to when he asks where his wife is. Emily feels that if her sister wants to move in with the man that she loves, then she should do it. Hal knows that in a little while, the ‘family’ will be fighting as usual. Katie breaks down after carrying one straw too many.

Kim offers her home to a new couple wanting to start out living together. Lucy refuses to report a crime. Margo is horrified that an upstanding citizen finds lying is the answer. Mike bids adieu to his loved one. Nancy finds it bizarre that the Stewarts and the Hughes are going to be mixing it up. Paul rescues a traumatized young girl. Rosanna sees that her daughter has lost everyone in her family that day. Sarah feels that someone that she trusts is lying to her.

B&B by Lea

Thomas stopped Brooke as she was about to sign the annulment papers. She explained it was best for everyone. Thomas told Brooke he knew Nick was the father of her baby. Thomas visited his Uncle Nick to talk about Brooke.

Ridge told Stephanie and Eric about asking Brooke for the annulment. He wasn’t sure how to move forward without Brooke. They told Ridge about their reconciliation. He was very happy for both of them.  Jackie tried to get information about the paternity from the doctor. Jackie was upset by the realization that there could be a mistake with the tests. Jackie begged the Dr. Paxton to tell her the truth. At this point, there was no way to know if the test results are correct or not. Brooke finally returned the doctor’s call. Brooke signed the annulment papers.

Days by Danielle

Lexie, Jennifer and Hope decide to spend Valentine’s Day together. Lexie takes offense at Hope joining them at first, but then decides to work with Jennifer to make Hope happy this Valentine’s Day. Hope devises a list of all the women in Salem that both she and the victims’ knew and seeks John’s help. Shawn worries that Belle is going to be the next victim and insists on joining the case. Belle begs Marlena to tell her the truth. Marlena considers killing Belle.

Nicole worries that Victor will cut her out of his will before Jan can kill him. Nicole tries to take advantage of Brady as he dreams about Chloe. Brady grabs Nicole’s PDA and refuses to give it back until Nicole unlocks the handcuffs. Jan overhears Victor drawing up the papers to cut Nicole out of his will and that only Bo has the new combination to Victor’s safe where the will is being kept. Victor gives his lawyer plans for Nicole’s demise in case he dies.

GH by Nicole

Everyone in the Versailles room draw lotto numbers to figure out who will be on the helicopter. Brian and the teens are first, they make it down to safety. Brian is brought to GH and tells Bobbie he is worried about Courtney, Bobbie assures him that Courtney has made it down safely. Capelli and Ric tell Jason that he is a suspect in Brian's shooting and he will be last on the helicopter. Jason gives his number to Courtney. Capelli personally escorts Jason down the stairwell and leaves him handcuffed in the stairwell. Carly and Sonny fall through the floor, Alcazar goes after Carly and finds Sonny telling Carly how much he loves and hates her at the same time and tells her not to die on him. Emily makes it on the last helicopter. Capelli forces Nik to stay in the burning building stating he has authority to be on the helicopter. As the helicopter leaves, Emily sees the building go up in flames, she cries. Faith and Justus kiss before she leaves. Luke and Skye kiss and both make it down safely.

GL by Megan

Danny and Michelle's Valentine's Day fundraiser gets rolling at the Country Club. In the aftermath of their confrontation with Carrie, the girls are feeling positive for the first time in a long time. Josh and the other men believe that the mystery of the witness will be over soon, one way or another. Carrie appears alone in her room dressed up like the long-dead Maryanne Caruthers. Josh and Billy take a breather out on the patio, where a curious Frank joins them. Josh admits to Frank that he was receiving threats, but tells him it's been taken care of. Reva finds Josh outside and the two share a romantic moment. Michelle is thrilled when Ed shows up at the party and asks her to dance. Marah and Jeffrey realize that someone who wanted them to get together on Valentine's Day has set them up. The attraction between them is undeniable but when they begin to get close on the dance floor, Jeffrey pulls away. Across the room, Cassie voices her disgust about Jeffrey and Marah to Reva. Reva tells Cassie that she is not going to get in the way of Marah being with the man she chooses. Jeffrey, wanting space from Marah, finds himself asking Cassie to dance. Cassie takes the opportunity to talk to Jeffrey about the Delirium problem facing teens. Edmund enters to see Cassie and Jeffrey dancing and he and Marah quickly cut in. Danny gets word from Tony that Bruzi is waiting outside. Danny makes a gracious speech at the dance and then joins Bruzi in his limo. Blake feels guilty that a reporter overheard her and printed the story about Tony getting in the fight. But Ross assures her there's nothing to be ashamed about. He wants to win.

Marina and Shayne enter the museum to find that "Cupid" has set up a romantic evening for them, filled with food, ambiance and music. Marina and Shayne wrap up their perfect evening by making love. Lizzie slips out of the party to join another party thrown by Blade and his friends in a warehouse. She revels in her freedom but is quickly put in danger when Blade drops a "D" into her drink. As the couples dance the night away, a figure appears at the top of the stairs. It's Carrie, out of her room and watching them all.

OLTL by Traci

Michael/Al waits at Capricorn for Marcie to show up so he can surprise her with her favorite band Simply Red playing there. Al is also anxious because tonight is their deadline for Marcie to see his soul in Michael's body. Viki went to go see Ben in the hospital. Luna prayed for some help and got it in the form of Megan, Viki's daughter who passed on a while back. Kevin and Kelly spend time at home together. Marcie holds a radio show in honor of Al.

River and Adriana vow to always be together no matter what. Todd tries to get a police officer to let him out of jail so he can be with Blair. Blair has a dream and ends up saying that she does love Todd. Viki sits by Ben's side and talks about the time that they were together and the love they shared. Michael/Al goes looking for Marcie and asks Luna for help. Natalie and Jessica go to the place where Christian asked Natalie to marry him. Just as Viki leaves Ben's room he wakes up and says her name. Michael/Al finds Marcie and they dance to the music by Simply Red while he tells her to look deep in his eyes and she will see her future and love.

Passions by Brenda

Julian sends Eve a huge bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day, and T.C. walks into Eve's office and reads the card, but it is unsigned. Eve tells T.C. the roses were meant for Sheridan and delivered by mistake to her office. Fox and Chad arrange a special Valentine's Day surprise for Theresa and Whitney. Whitney is surprised that Chad remembered what she told him about an old movie she saw because a lot of the surprise is based on that movie, and she kisses Chad.

Beth has her mother and Precious dress as Ninja warriors and they go to see Dr. Culver. Beth threatens Dr. Culver and warns him not to reveal her "fake" pregnancy to Gwen. Edna and Precious have swords and swing them around - Dr. Culver grabs one and realizes the swords are plastic. He calls security and Beth, Edna, and Precious beat a hasty retreat. Gwen sees the three of them leaving Dr. Culver's office. Sheridan wakes up and sees Luis and Antonio standing at her bedside. She asks what they are both doing there and Pilar tells her the time has come to make a choice between the two brothers.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Ashley invites another couple to her table against her husband’s wishes. Colleen realizes that her surprise is going to be a total flop. Drucilla knows that her daughter is safe while at the party. JT leaves the club with guests clapping after him. Kevin apologizes to a victim, and wishes her the best in her future.

Lauren continues smiling, even though her date is creeping her out. Lily tells her friend how she got an apology for being wronged. Michael is asked to help get a sicko off the streets, before someone else gets hurt. Nikki is uncomfortable knowing that she will have to pass a rival’s table on her way out.

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