Thursday 2/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica is burying herself in her work and denying what is going on in her life, with both her daughters. Jack urges her to talk to him. They get a call from David, informing them that Bianca has been rushed to the hospital. Erica goes there to make sure Bianca's o.k. But once it's confirmed, she leaves and tells everybody she cannot see her daughter after finding out she's carrying Michael Cambias' baby.

Kendall is distraught about her fate in court and rejects Ryan's proposal again. When he leaves, she gets a visit from Aiden. She later gets a call from the hospital and rushes to see Bianca. But she's shocked, when she gets there, to learn that Erica wants everybody to know that she wishes Bianca had miscarried. Babe, Krystal and JR are also at the OB-GYN clinic and are all shocked to discover that Bianca is pregnant. Babe makes an attempt to bond with her husband, after learning Bianca's shocking news. But he still does not trust her. Greenlee suddenly falls into a shaft. She is all alone and has nobody to help her.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron’s episode is over now, but at least he knows that he will have a friend for life. Alison wonders if she should have come home again. Barbara rushes to her son when she sees him arrive at the party. Carly decides to attend a party when she realizes that she can steal the limelight. Chris suggests moving in together. Clarke interrupts when his date is approached. Craig promises to change. Hal is going to be a hard sell on the fantasy of family forgiveness.

Holden has a way that they can keep a twin with them for life. Jennifer confirms that her family seems to be back together. Kim loses it telling an old rival to “Go to hell!” Lily fears that she can’t get her old self back. Lucy is angry when invited again to sneak off and get a room. Molly shares news of with her co-conspirator regarding her feelings about the adoption. Paul gives the announcement of the century while the cameras snap away. Rosanna decides that she has to leave town.

B&B by Lea

Eric and Stephanie told Ridge’s kids about their reconciliation. Thomas asked Eric how they could get Brooke back. Eric and Stephanie understood his feelings, but warned him it might be too late. Eric told Stephanie about the annulment papers and Thomas overheard. Meanwhile a file arrived at Brooke’s doctor’s office from the paternity lab. Apparently there was a software glitch during the testing.

Caitlin dropped by Eric’s new designs to Jackie. Jackie took the opportunity to blather on and on about the baby to Caitlin. As Caitlin finally attempted to make her escape from the mad grandmother to be, Dr. Paxton arrived looking for Nick and Brooke. Jackie cleverly guessed the doctor was there about the paternity of the baby. Ridge presented Brooke with annulment papers. Now that he was offering the clean break she claimed to want – Brooke seemed stunned. Brooke wanted to take a little more time. He begged her to sign them for the sake of him and his kids. Ridge said he couldn’t share Brooke with another man.

Days by Danielle

Nicole fantasizes about finding Jan standing over an unconscious Victor where Jan immediately rats out Nicole to Brady. Later, Nicole drags Brady upstairs so Jan can hit Victor with the vase but Jan is still hesitant. John confronts Marlena about not telling him that she also bought a blue suit and insists that they check it for a missing button. Marlena lies to John about the suit not missing any buttons. Belle catches Marlena destroying the suit, which leads Marlena to consider killing Belle.

Belle, Julie, Doug, Philip and Tek plan a surprise Valentine’s party for Shawn and Mickey at Tuscany, only to narrowly miss Shawn and Bonnie preparing Tuscany for a surprise Valentine’s party for Belle and Mickey. Julie and Bonnie run into each other and fight. Lucas rescues Sami from Horton but because of hitting her head, Sami thinks that she and Lucas are married.

GH by Nicole

Carly and Jason kiss. They leave the room and Jason lets the firefighter take Carly to the roof. Jason finds a shot Brian, and hides when Luke and Skye come in and find Brian. Brian awakens and points to Jason and says he is the one that shot him. Carly worries about Sonny's safety. Courtney and Sonny manage to find their way to the rooftop with the help of a splint made by Courtney and Jason finding them on the stairwell. The firefighter who has the treasure turns out to be Scotty Baldwin. Meanwhile, on the news Ric confirms that Scotty was found dead. Dillon talks to Tom about Georgie and Tom uses one of Dillon's lines to woo over Georgie. The wind dies down and the helicopter reaches the roof. Sam and Jax share some intimate moments. Alexis tells a dead Cameron she is sorry. Emily continues to survive.

GL by Megan

Dimitri brings Gus an enormous number of files from the pharmaceutical division of Spaulding. Jeffrey insists that Gus spend the night going through each file but Gus reminds him that he doesn't speak Russian and won't be able to translate anything he finds. Gus enlists the Russian-speaking Dimitri to handle a phone call to the Russian shipper. Gus lets Jeffrey know that the drugs are disappearing once they reach the trucking portion of the shipping plan. Danny approaches Ed for help surprising Michelle this Valentine's night and insists that he attend tonight's hotline fundraiser. Tony and Marah have a tender conversation for the first time in months with Tony eventually asking her to consider them being friends again. Sandy confronts Jeffrey in his room and surprises the D.A. with the news that he's changed his attitude towards him and wants him to make Marah happy. Jeffrey calls Marah but hangs up when she answers. Showing her a box of roses that arrived for her accompanied by an anonymous invitation to the country club Valentine's Day dance, Sandy urges Marah to go after a relationship with Jeffrey if that's what will make her happy. Tony meets secretly with Bruzi and orders him to apologize to Danny later. Bruzi offers to confront Danny tonight at the fundraiser but Tony has another idea for the meeting.

OLTL by Traci

Bo and Nora talk about what might have happened to Rae since she never showed up for court. Marcie calls Michael/Al and tries to cancel their date for valentine's day. Paul stands by as River and Adriana attempt to get married. Rae wakes up in a dark room and the killer talks to her through an intercom. Daniel thinks that Riley is on drugs again. Stephan tells Jessica that she should keep some distance from John. Dorian and David stop River and Adriana from getting married.

John and Nora go to see Troy to try and get him to tell them what he and Rae talked about. The killer makes Rae call Bo and Nora and tell them she is okay. Daniel leaves Lindsay because he doesn't want to have to share her with another guy. Asa asks Bo to be has best-man since he and Renee are going to get married again. John pushes Natalie away after she goes to see him when Jessica tells him about the tape of his fiancée. Jessica starts to think that Stephan was right and John is obsessed with this case.

Passions by Brenda

Eve is finally able to find the words to make Antonio see the true condition Sheridan is in, and he agrees to release Sheridan and replace Eve as her doctor. Dr. Ackland informs Alistair that Sheridan has been released, but Alistair is already working on another plan involving Whitney and Chad, and it has something to do with Eve and Julian.

Dr. Culver begins to question Beth about her "pregnancy" and the bag of sugar she wore. A nurse talks to Dr. Culver about Beth's baby, and he is starting to have serious questions about how Beth had a baby so soon after her office visit to him. Gwen runs into Beth at the hospital, and tells her that she will have a long talk with Dr. Culver tomorrow at her appointment. Gwen boasts to Beth that she will find out the truth! Alistair gives Chad an envelope of money and tells him to take Whitney someplace nice and give her a nice Valentine's Day. Chad takes the money, but knows nothing about the ulterior motive Alistair has in mind.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Ashley points out why it is okay to go to the dance. Brad remembers his wife explaining how she loves him, and that he isn’t to worry. Christine is warned to think twice as to whether she really has it in her to be a prosecuting attorney or not. Colleen alerts her friends that her parents are fully aware of what is going to happen at the dance that night. Drucilla’s been giving the silent treatment. Jack would like to sue, but first things first. JT hurries to get himself in place for the setup. Kevin gives a big bear hug, surprising the recipient.

Michael is cornered and reveals that horrible truth. Neil is fine with going to the dance with a pervert. Nick knows that his father doesn’t want him running the company, but the interesting thing is that Nick doesn’t want his father running the company. Paul is accused of being judge, jury and prosecutor. Raul won’t go to the dance without his girl. Victor sees that his son only cares for power, and has been that way all along.

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