Wednesday 2/11/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee attempts to make peace with Bianca by apologizing. Bianca does not want to hear it and tells her she cannot be forgiven for what she's done to Kendall and to Erica. But Greenlee informs Bianca that she has a secret "plan" to fix things and assures Bianca she will support the plan when she knows about it. Greenlee later goes to talk to Leo. But when she gets up to leave, she suddenly falls into a shaft.

Ryan urges Kendall to know that he loves her. But she still has a problem trusting him. Bianca talks to David, then suddenly feels something strange and is afraid something has happened to the baby. David takes her to the hospital. Simone is awoken, to the reality that Tad cannot commit to one woman. So she turns the tables on him and tries to "use" him. JR confronts Babe about the money she's taken out of the safe. But she concocts a story about her using it to buy Jamie off. JR still does not trust her.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is glad that he thought that he was going to be a father. Alison worries that her family has been interfering again. Cabot is carried out of the station. Carly offers her sister a place to stay. Chris loves now more than he ever has. Clarke leaves when his date decides that she wants to be alone. Craig hears his wife’s bawling from the interrogation room. Emily has reservations about her sister getting involved again.

Jack buys time for a tearful goodbye. Lily will work on the foundation idea, but not for herself. Lucinda loves the idea of creating a foundation. Lucy refuses help from an old beau, and orders him out of her way. Molly rips up the check to buy her share in the business. Paul feels that he owes a friend his help. Rosanna slams her wedding ring on the table. Susan warns that her daughter can’t be hurt again.

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

Sami fantasizes about Lucas making love to her, and later when she goes to get wood for a fire she's trapped in a cave by the tiger! Julie and Doug talk about Bonnie and Tuscany, and Shawn gets permission to use Tuscany to give Belle and night she'll never forget. John tells Celeste and Marlena about the button Shawn and Belle found, and Celeste tells him which store the jacket came from. They all go to the store, and at the end the clerk tells John that Marlena bought that jacket!

GH by Nicole

GL by Megan

Michelle interrupts Danny as he finalizes the arrangements for the special Valentine's benefit dance for the hotline. She hints that she's upset by her father but then begs off without leaving any details. Though he claims to be a fan of the idea of Valentine's Day, Shayne admits to Nico that he's going to the dance reluctantly because he knows Marina loves to dance. Marina opens up to Marah that she'd actually prefer to stay at home with Shayne. Hearing this, Marah enlists Sandy's help to give them a romantic date at home and asks for his help baking a cake. With Led Zeppelin playing in the background and a wig near her makeup mirror, Carrie gets ready for tonight's adventure and rehearses her words she intends to say to the men who killed Maryanne. Tony lets Danny know that he's still not sure Bruzi was behind the gas leak that almost killed Michelle. Tony warns that he's playing with fire but Danny insists he do what he tells him to do. Christopher asks Jeffrey to remove Reva from their "project" because she has too much going on in her personal life but Jeffrey won't hear it and guesses that he's becoming too close to Reva. Admitting she's taking her daughter, Beth urges Jeffrey to go to the benefit dance tonight because he might have a good time. Lizzie takes an interest in "Blade" who invites her to a rave at the warehouse on 5th Street tonight.

OLTL by Traci

The Manning rape trial continued. Bo and John go over some videotapes to see if there are any clues. Michael tells Luna that he has been thinking about Marcie's happiness so much that he has almost forgotten that he is going to lose Al's memories if he succeeds in getting Marcie to fall in love with him. David tells Dorian that he is there for her. Kelly goes to court to support Kevin as he goes on the stand yet again. Nigel and Roxy decide to take a stand against Asa after he gets a letter saying it will be torn down. As the deadline nears, Michael/Al goes around town trying to say the good bye's that he didn't get to say the first time around.

Marcie tries to cancel her date for valentine's with Michael/Al but he stops her from doing that. Viki shows her support for Todd by showing up just for him along with Jessica. Michael/Al is not successful in convincing the manager of Marcie's favorite band Simply Red to perform on valentine's day but is happy when R.J. intervenes and convinces the manager to let the perform at his club. John is watching a tape and ends up seeing footage of the night his fiancée was killed and he was shot and comes to the conclusion that the killer he is after now is the same person who killed Caitlin.

Passions by Brenda

An unconscious Gwen is rushed to the hospital. When she comes to, she tells Ethan that it was not an accident, and accuses Theresa of trying to kill her. Fox tells Gwen that Theresa had been with him in the cottage. Ethan is stunned to learn that someone had been in the garage and pushed the shelf over on Gwen.

Eve checks on Gwen, and when she is satisfied that Gwen will recover, she talks to Theresa and tells her that Antonio and Luis are fighting over Sheridan. Theresa agrees to go talk to both of them. Theresa reminds Antonio of his advice to her before he left Harmony, and he finally agrees to let Eve check on Sheridan. Eve's expression immediately changes to grave concern when she sees the condition Sheridan is in.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Arthur’s anger gets the best of him when he learns the truth. Brad will have to wait to see what a new plan has in store. Christine suggests that Jabot might not be as much of a problem if they had some money. Colleen and her friend wait for the worst. Drucilla drops great news on her associates. Jack gets an idea, and springs into action. Jill engages in wishful thinking.

Katherine can see that her old friend really doesn’t have the whole story about her daughter. Kevin barges into his apartment, after storming past obstacles. Lauren opens her door to leave for the dance and jumps back in horror when she finds her date waiting at the door. Lily finds something that can be used against her perpetrator. Michael is questioned about representing a psycho. Paul plays his trump card, shocking a tricky lawyer.

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