Tuesday 2/10/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica goes to the jail to bail out only Tad, leaving Adam and David to stay there. She takes him to the boathouse where she found herself at, after blacking out the night Michael disappeared. She informs him that she believes she killed Michael and she's bailed him out so that he can help investigate for her what really happened, which she is not entirely certain of. JR goes to bail his father out and admits to Babe that he has difficulty trusting her. When he leaves. She goes into the same safe where he got the bail money, and takes out a "pre-payment" to give to Paul Kramer. Unknown to her, Mary sees her taking the money and later informs Adam and JR. Bianca corners Maggie about why she kissed her. But Maggie is in denial and informs Bianca she is seeing Jamie. Greenlee talks to David about her terrible deed. He tells her she needs to stop trusting Ryan. At the end of the discussion, Greenlee goes to see Bianca, with a plan in mind.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron insists that he knows what he saw in Chicago. Alison remembers everything. Cabot’s mother wants him back. Carly kisses her sister goodbye, promising to return. Chris explains again what really happened. Craig isn’t allowed to ride shotgun when it comes to picking up his wife. Jack is happy that his wife is so clever, when he should be the one with the expertise. Lucinda finds a young man all wrong for his date.

Lucy’s radar starts working when she is asked about her father. Madison regrets not turning in a bad boy when first learned about him. Molly is upset when she hears how a baby was the reason a family became stable. Paul decides to save a damsel in distress, and leave Oakdale forever. Rosanna will not discuss her baby being taken from her. Susan has a really good way to deal with a perpetrator.

B&B by Lea

Thorne and Stephanie talked about Eric. Steph doesn't believe Eric will ever get over his anger towards her. Later Thorne talked to Sally about his parents. Eric and Stephanie talked about their situation. Eric called her "infuriating", but he said at the end of the day he wanted to come home only to her (so his obsession with Jackie is over I guess).

Bridget visited her mom at Logan Designs. She told Brooke that Nick was in love with her. Brooke said her heart was with Ridge. Brooke said raising Nick's child with Ridge would be "immoral" (does Brooke even know what that word means?). Later Jack Wagner and his band ... oops I mean Nick and his bar buddies sang his new song "Going Back Again" (available at cbs.com).

Days by Rebecca

Nicole and Brady walk around hand-cuffed more and oops - she needs to take a shower! Will puts a snake in Sami and Lucas's tent to get them closer, and it works! John breaks into Victor's mansion to show him how easy it is. Jan stalks Shawn and Belle more, and Nicole messages her demanding she do what she promised! John walks in on hypno-Celeste and Marlena with a knife...

GH by Nicole

GL by Megan

The showdown continues at Carrie's house as the girls warn Carrie that if she comes near them or their fathers again, she will have to deal with the police or worse. Carrie tries to belittle their accusations, but the girls won't have any of it. Michelle goes to the Bauer kitchen where Josh, Billy and Buzz have ascertained earlier that Ed is stoned out of his mind. Billy is outraged and stages a blunt intervention, stating that they are all in pain and Ed can tough it out. As Michelle arrives, she quickly tells them that they were right and that there was a person who had power over the girls. Michelle apologizes for all the girls and makes an emotional plea to her father. Gus reports to Jeffrey about the proceedings at the board meeting and how Alan seemed to protect Brad when the subject of Antimonius came up. Jeffrey encourages Gus to dig deeper and Gus goes off to ask Alex to mentor him. Alex urged Harley not to hang around Brad so much, reminding her that Marie is a very jealous person. Harley probes Alex about her own past troubles with Brad and Marie but doesn't get far.

OLTL by Traci

The trial about if Todd raped Blair or not began. Dorian was called to the stand. Evangeline tried to turn it around and make it seem as if it was Dorian who was saying that Todd raped Blair just because she may have her own vendetta against Todd. Stephan found Rae in his office and asked what she was doing there. Jessica spent the night at Natalie's just to make sure she was okay. Rae managed to cover for her self by saying she was just looking for a paper she may have misplaced. Natalie is not ready to go through Christian's things when Carlotta shows up to see her.

Jessica spends some time looking around for here keys and Stephan ends up being the one who had then all along. Rae and Stephan talk a bit about his past. Natalie finally decides to give Christian's stuff away to charity. Just as Nora is questioning Kevin about what happened between him and Blair Todd gets up from his seat and tries to attack him. The judge revokes Todd's bail and says he is to spend the remainder of the trial in jail and to be handcuffed in court.

Passions by Brenda

Luis shoots the lock off the security gate in an effort to rescue Sheridan. Dr. Ackland calls the police and Sam shows up to arrest Luis. Antonio refuses to let anyone see Sheridan because he believes Dr. Ackland and Alistair are giving her treatments that will insure that she chooses him over Luis. Grace sees Sam and Ivy together in bed, and cries to herself first, then David, about the terrible mistake she made. Later, Grace confronts Ivy and tells her to stay away from Sam. Ivy tells Grace that Sam was not going to sit around pining for her, and they have rediscovered their love is still strong.

Beth has a vision of Gwen choking her, after she pulls the shelf down and the paint cans strike Gwen in the head. Beth believes Gwen is dead because she cannot find a pulse. When Ethan, Theresa, and Fox enter the garage, Theresa is the one who discovers Gwen lying lifeless. Ethan cannot find a pulse either! Theresa and Fox have a conversation in which they reveal their most wanted dream. Fox wants to be acknowledged as the Crane heir, and Theresa wants to regain custody of her son.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Cameron’s dead body falls on his screaming murderess. Colleen rallies her friends to help in bringing down a neighborhood problem. JT offers to meet his girlfriend later that day to discuss who has better plans for Valentine's Day. Lauren knows that she didn’t tell of her date for the Valentine's Day Dance. Katherine is upset that there is one more person that cares about her.

Kevin reveals who he is going to the dance with. Lily is tired of meeting losers. Nick will be thinking of his wife sitting in the bathtub, while he is at work that day. Paul can’t figure out why the neighborhood pervert knows about his date. Sharon leaves angry when she realizes that she isn’t going to get support, yet again.

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