Monday 2/9/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Adam, David and Tad are taken to jail, and discover Jamie in an adjoining cell. Tad demands that Adam drops the charges against his son, or else he will tell the police that Adam shot Michael Cambias. Adam complies and Jamie and Maggie are free. Tad contacts Livia and informs her that Adam planted the gun that says "MC" on David, which would cast a reasonable doubt upon Kendall. Livia is ready to get a statement from him, but Singer will not cooperate and fakes a heart attack.

Bianca goes to talk to Ryan and urges him to get back with Kendall. He tells her it's not that simple. Greenlee and Kendall have it out. Greenlee protests she did not intend to get Kendall framed with murder, but Kendall does not believe her. Erica demands to know why Jack saw the signs that Bianca was pregnant, yet kept it from her. He tells her he just wanted to respect Bianca's wishes. When he goes to bed without her, she takes a drink.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron is thanked for being a good friend. Alison is told about a support group for people like her. Carly learns that she is going to be an accessory to an escape plan. Chris is overheard testifying at a support group. Craig comes up with an idea for finding his family.

Henry makes his friend face reality. Jack tries to stall when the inspector shows up. Katie doesn’t like her options for love anymore. Margo decides that her sister should be tailed. Mike is finished running after love. Rosanna agrees that Jack should get a call.

B&B by Lea

Jackie told Brooke she doesn't want her to feel pressured about joining the family (I cannot decide if that makes the Marones sound like the mob or a cult). Brooke understood Jackie's happiness about the grandchild, but she was not ready for a commitment to anyone. Nick told Massimo he planned to give up sailing around the world to raise his child. Brooke and Massimo shared a bonding moment.

Ridge was once again obsessing over the baby that should have been his -- this time with Stephanie. Eric was still experiencing designer block, unable to find his muse (or something like that). Thorne offered support and words of wisdom to his father, but Eric didn't appreciate the effort. Finally after remembering some good times with Stephanie (set to music of course), Eric began to draw again. This time the model looked like Stephanie not Jackie.

Days by Rebecca

Nicole forces Jan to help her in her quest against Victor. She also hand-cuffs herself to Brady giving her an alibi for the next murder. Shawn and Belle return to the scene of the crime and find a button ripped of off the killer's jacket. Celeste is with Marlena trying to find out the killer's identity, and Celeste sees the killer in her mind and begs Marlena to erase it! Marlena also sees her jacket (that Celeste saw in her vision) with one button ripped off...

GH by Suzanne

Explosions go off in the construction area of the Port Charles hotel, and the fire grows.  Skye and Faith help Luke up and they all go to a room that appears to be safe.  Skye won't leave the room when the other two want to head to the roof.  Luke finally convinces her when he won't leave without her and threatens to knock her out.  Dillon and Tom comfort Sage and Georgie.  Tom and Georgie have a nice chat.  Georgie, fearing that they may die, confesses to Dillon that she still loves and has been lying to him.  Maxie is upset to learn that Zander might be dead.  Elizabeth is relieved to find that Ric has escaped the fire.  Courtney helps an old lady and her dog down the stairs but they are stopped by flames.  Alcazar and Sonny's fight is stopped by the fire and each passes out at different times...they have to work together, even though Lorenzo still wants to kill Sonny.  Jason and Brian work together to help two kids out of danger; they get the kids to a room with water, and Jason breaks a window to get them some air.  They are about to head out when they find that the little boy has wandered off..  Monica, Tracy and Helena bicker about the fire and the treasure.  Helena urges Nikolas to save himself because he's the last true Cassadine.  Justus is surprised that Edward is taking responsibility for the fire and the danger (rather than passing the buck).  Carly finds out that the elevator she and Alexis are stuck in has cables that are breaking.  She and Alexis talk about their children.  Alexis says that Ned is not Kristina's father.  The helicopters can't land on the roof because of the winds, so the remaining auction people are stranded for now.

GL by Megan

Marina's been trapped by a cave-in and her calls for help which goes unheard by the men who are traveling in another part of the tunnel. They decide to leave the tunnels because of the impending danger. Marina's fate seems bleak as she struggles to breathe under the weight of the beam that pins her chest, but just as she blacks out, Michelle and Marah save her. Marina insists there's been one too many accidents and asks Carrie to come forward and show herself at last. Meanwhile the men emerge from the tunnels and argue about what to do next. Josh proposes that instead of looking for this mystery person, the men should lure the person to them. Cassie finishes a call when a strung out young man visits her. Cassie quickly deduces that he is looking for drugs as the man goes crazy and attacks her. She holds her own until Edmund arrives in time to provide some much needed backup. Harley's on her way to meet Brad but winds up face to face with Brad's wife (Marie) instead who demands to know why Harley's been calling her husband. While Harley quickly explains that she's trying to smooth the waters between Brad and Gus, Gus arrives. Gus backs up Harley's story in front of Marie but once alone, argues with her over her interference. She's unable to tell him what she was really doing and because of that her own anger and frustration boils over. Finally they realize that they don't have the energy to fight all the time and Gus proposes a solution: they should dance instead.

OLTL by Traci

Jen tries to get Rex to tell him that it was her mother's voice she heard on his answering machine. Rex tells her that it wasn't her mother. John explains to Rae that he already feels that he caused Christian's death so he can't stand to think that maybe Natalie could be hurt by being around him. Starr doesn't want to accept that Todd is going to take the plea bargain and go to jail. Todd tells Starr that she has to be there for her mother while Starr refuses. Kevin and Kelly spend some time together at home.

Evangeline goes to see Nora and informs her that Todd is going to take the deal. John tells Natalie a little bit about what he told Rae and Natalie understands, she tells him she just wanted to be friends. Rae questions Troy at Statesville prison to see if she can get any more information out of him. Troy tells Rae that the doctor he keeps talking about is named Stephan Haver. Kevin doesn't tell Todd where Blair is when he goes looking for he and Kevin gives him annulment papers from Blair. Todd decides to take his chances in court and calls off the deal. The killer sends John a videotape of him from a press conference about another killer.

Passions by Brenda

Alistair reveals to Julian and Eve that he knows where their son is, but that he will never tell them. Eve and Julian realize that Alistair is completely without a heart, and Eve gets the revelation that Alistair is hurting Sheridan, so she attacks him. Ivy cooks dinner for Sam, but the casserole she put in was one that Grace had made. Sam has memories of the time he and Grace shared a meal. Later, Sam goes up to the garage apartment and starts to make love to Ivy. Grace, in the meantime, is having second thoughts and goes to talk to Sam. She sees Sam and Ivy together.

John tells his dad, David, about Charity's new lifestyle. Grace overhears and blames herself for the change in Charity. Antonio accuses Pilar of loving Luis more because she agreed that Sheridan and Luis belong together. Antonio tells Pilar and Luis that he has no family and that he is turning his back on them, that the only family he has now is Sheridan.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley goes out to dinner with her new husband, feeling like she has a new lease on life. Bobbie promises to call if he sees a certain pervert. Brad tries to get used to the news that his daughter will be driving from now on. Colleen and her friends are left alone to finish off the night at the Athletic Club. Gina explains what will be happening at the Athletic Club on Valentine's Day.

Grace makes the mistake of wondering out loud how a husband would take a mother and housewife being so far out of town. Kevin announces that he will have a date on Valentine's Day with a real woman, and not a little girl. Lauren gets the nickname ‘Valentine’ when she accepts a date. Nikki demands answers, but gets none. Paul remembers the one person that he told about his plans for Valentine's Day. Sharon learns that her leverage on her mother-in-law is over and done with.

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