Thursday 2/5/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee physically attacks Kendall in the courtroom, rips out her "pregnancy pillow", and reveals to everybody that Kendall is lying about her pregnancy. Livia advises Kendall that her only options, now, are to plead guilty to first degree man slaughter, or go to trial and let the jury determine her fate with the charges of murder one. Bianca is ready to help Kendall and plans to have Kendall go away with her, where she will be safe and not falsely acused of a crime she did not commit. Ryan is also ready to back her in order to fight the charges. But Kendall reveals that she believes that Ryan has worked with Greenlee in order to ruin her and she no longer trusts him.

Aiden confronts Ryan with the same suspicion and tells him if he really has worked with Greenlee in order to hurt Kendall, Ryan will be sorry. Aiden reveals to Mia that he cares about Kendall and will not let her get in trouble. Mia tells Aiden that when Kendall dumps him again, for Ryan, he need not come crying to her because she will not be there. Jack confronts Greenlee and reveals to her that the person whom her behavior has hurt the most is Bianca. He reveals to Greenlee that Bianca is the one who is pregnant, and who has switched results with Kendall. Erica is finally able to put two and two together, and discovers that Kendall's false pregnancy had to have been switched with Bianca's real pregnancy. Bianca finally confesses to her mother that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias. Tad Martin reveals to Palmer that he believes he and Adam are the real killers. And Tad informs Livia that he has evidence that can help Kendall's case, by implicating them. Adam Chandler catches Jamie and Maggie using his limosine to have sex. He calls the police and reveals this is part of his spiteful attitude toward Jamie for sleeping with his son's wife. David calls Adam to his house with information of the real killer of Michael Cambias.

ATWT by Glynis

Annabelle will give a confession to the cops, if they tell her who finked on her. Carly begs her husband to lie to the Mounties. Craig is asked to go to the station for questioning. Dusty refuses to put himself between a married couple. Jack is angry when he learns that the truth has been held from him again. Katie learns that her papers are no good.

Lily orders a do-gooder out of her house. Lucinda comes up with someone else that may be able to help a mourner. Mike stops a goodbye speech, as it isn’t really necessary. Molly regrets her actions. Paul gives instructions on how not to be found out. Rosanna overhears how her husband got their little boy for them. Simon pretends to leave the room to let his wife say her good-byes.

B&B by Lea

Bridget visited Brooke and they talked about the impeding dinner party. Brooke said everything happened for a reason bigger than her, Ridge or the baby. Ridge complained to Eric about Jackie’s interference. Jackie waxed on and on about how Nick looked like a father, a parent. She presented him with a surprise: a Martin Owen 45 guitar. He is thrilled. Jackie cajoled Jack Wagner … ummm, I mean Nick into singing some of the song he wrote for Brooke. Massimo visited Ridge and invited him to dinner at their home tonight. Ridge is not very excited by the idea of a dinner welcoming Brooke and the baby to the family.

Days by Danielle

Will’s nightmare brings Lucas and Sami together. Victor plans to build a case against Nicole. Brady confronts Nicole about her lying. Marlena reconsiders confessing to John and plots to keep Kate from getting John. Jan continues her plot to break up Belle and Shawn. Nicole advises Jan on how to get Shawn back. Shawn gives Belle Caroline’s cross pendant.

GH by Nicole

GL by Megan

Lizzie argues with Christopher about her father's competency as well as his impromptu wedding with Olivia. The psychiatrist allows her to visit with Phillip but she can't convince him of the terrible mistake he made marrying Olivia. Concerned about Phillip's phony memo Alan's bringing to the board meeting, Alexandra worries to her brother about today's board meeting but he assures her that Gus is up to the task. Beth finally arrives, toting India, Mindy, Blake and Harley's proxies. Alan starts the meeting and has Brad talk about the pharmaceutical division's latest success with Antimonious. Alexandra interrupts to plead for an increase in the "Bad Girl" cosmetics budget which leads to an argument between Gus and Brad. Alan prepares to have Gus installed in Phillip's seat but Olivia arrives, representing her husband's interest. Danny confronts Tony about his actions against Bruzi on his behalf and questions him about the "Shadow" person. Guessing who in law enforcement might want to help Danny's campaign, the two confront Jeffrey who advises them that the mob is interested in a new street drug called "D." Sandy stops Lizzie from trying to talk her way into a drink at Olivia's.

OLTL by Traci

Viki tells Roxy about Natalie being attacked by the killer. John goes over to Antonio's to look over some more information about another killing that happened awhile back. Starr tells Natalie and Jessica her plan to catch the killer so they will let her dad go. Blair eavesdrops as Todd makes her mother Addie feel better after Addie has a bit of a relapse when hearing about Blair's rape. Natalie gives Starr some advice about her family based on her own experiences with her own. Dorian tells David that she is just using him and that them being together was a mistake.

Marcie starts to cry after seeing Michael and Jen kissing. Al can stand to just watch her so sad and not be able to do anything. Blair asks Todd to just take Nora's deal and make all of this go away. Roxy gets Natalie a gun. Marcie and Jen have an argument over Michael. Evangeline isn't pleased when she finds out from Todd that he wants to take the plea bargain. Blair tells Dorian that she is considering dropping the charges against Todd. Luna puts Al back into Michael's body. Michael/Al leaves Jen and goes after Marcie only to have her slap him. Starr is not happy when Todd tells her that he is going to go away .

Passions by Brenda

Before Whitney can reveal to T.C. that she has seen Julian and Eve embracing, Luis and Julian show up to ask Eve to come along with them to the hospital to check on Sheridan. T.C. tells Eve to go (actually Eve asked his permission).  Dr. Ackland is forced by Alistair to lie to Sheridan and tell her that Luis is waiting for her. Sheridan is led down to the electric shock therapy room again. Dr. Ackland has to physically restrain Sheridan to the table and inject her with a drug in order to give her more shock therapy.

Eve, Julian, and Luis arrive at the psych ward just in time to hear Sheridan screaming in agony. Charity refuses to leave with Miguel and continues to dance with the group of young men. Miguel tries to force her to leave, and takes a beating for that. Kay watches as Charity climbs onto a table top and takes her shirt off, throwing it at the group of guys.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Angelo gets irritated when he tries to explains how things are working at the club. Ashley is alerted to what has been going on while she has been ill. Bobbie is asked to stay while a doctor is questioned. Brad is still grim in spite of the good health of his wife. Brittany’s scar is unbearable to look at. Christine is told that there is something important that she needs to know.

Danny warns a friend that there are things that they have to find oiut about each other. Nikki learns that the true paternity is going to be revealed. Raul is warned that he could lose his girlfriend. Sharon hallucinates. Victor can’t understand a cryptic conversation, so he heads home.

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