Wednesday 2/4/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Everyone is horrified to see Lomax in the courtroom, afraid it could get Kendall charged with murder, and assume Greenlee is behind it. Singer puts him on the witness stand. He says that Kendall passed Boyd Larabee off as Michael Cambias and married him. But, luckily, Aiden is able to obtain, for Livia, a journal, in which Lomax states a space alien was Michael Cambias' best man. At that point, the judge dismisses Lomax as a credible witness, and disregards his testimony about Kendall marrying Boyd instead of Michael. Although Jack has instructed Erica to stay home, with Myrtle, while he goes to Kendall's trial, she goes there, knowing she needs to help her daughter. Everybody is furious at Greenlee and tells her she's a worthless, despicable human being for what she's done to Kendall. Greenlee goes berserk, runs into the courtroom and rips the pillow out of Kendall's dress to prove that she's lying about her pregnancy. Maggie is trying to "hide" her feelings about Bianca, by seducing Jamie. Simone is ready to "hook up" with Tad, until she finds out he's been also seeing Liza. She is devastated to learn that he cannot be monogamous with her.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara is tickled pink that her son wants to work with her. Carly is told what she should do if she wants to help her sister keep her baby. Craig enters his home finding chatty sisters discussing family. Dusty jumps to conclusions, thinking that he knows who planned to have the party at Metro. Holden admits to playing a trick. Katie gets her gun.

Lily asks for a sign and gets one. Lois sees the jig is up. Margo can’t do anything about her sister leaving town but issue a fine. Mike looks up into the muzzle of a gun. Molly figures out a head game. Paul asks questions about an adoption. Rosanna seems to be in total denial. Rose’s voice sings clearly at the salon. Simon orders his wife to return home.

B&B by Lea

Jackie watched the men in her life eat breakfast. She and Hudson talked about Massimo and his sons. Massimo told everyone he was through with revenge against Eric. Massimo encouraged his wife to let Nick figure out his own life. Sally visited Thorne and the baby. Thorne told Sally how he and Darla appreciated her coming through for them. They discussed Brooke and Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke found working together was very difficult. She told him she was leaving the company – the temptation is too great! He told her those feelings would not go away. Ridge offered to let Clark take over if it was too hard for Brooke. Jackie dropped in on Brooke. She offered Brooke help and friendship.

Days by Rebecca

John and Kate talk about Sami and how she's getting closer to Lucas. Lucas and Sami almost kiss again, but then argue over it. Julie still doesn't trust Bonnie, but Bonnie is determined to stay around with Mickey. Marlena and John are still on the rocks, and she sees him and Kate in an embrace! She later goes to him to "confess."

GH by Nicole

Georgie asks Tom to spend the night with her at the PC Hotel to make Dillon jealous, he agrees but wants to have sex, Georgie says no sex. Tom leaves and Dillon sits down with Georgie, she begins to try and tell him about Tom but Sage interrupts and Georgie gets mad and tells him that her and Tom will be spending the night together at the PC Hotel. Maxie gets a big bag of food for Zander at Kelly's and while bringing it to Zander at the hotel, Ric sees her and begins to question her. Cameron saves her and tells Ric the food is for him and some collegues. Sam tells Sonny that Jason offered her a million dollars to leave town. Sam makes plans to attend the auction, but only to steal the treasure. The chief engineer at the hotel tells Edward that one little burst of electricity can send the whole hotel up in flames, Edward too busy with the auction tells the electrician that the auction will go on as planned. Carly gets served the restraining order, while walking in the park, she sees Sonny and Morgan, she begins to hold Morgan and Sonny tells her she can't, Alcazar shows up, Sonny demands Morgan back, Carly will not give him the baby back so Sonny has Lucky arrest Carly while he turns his back. Jason tells Michael that he cannot talk or be friends with Brian because Brian tried to hurt his daddy. Brian tells Courtney at Kelly's that he knows she is the one that shot her and he is keeping her secret. Tracy wants Coleman to steal the treasure for her.

GL by Megan

Josh and Reva settle in for a romantic dinner; another step forward in their reconciliation. But when Reva tells Josh about Marah's accident with the razor blade, Josh has to cover his panic. Fearing someone has targeted Marah, he rounds up Billy, Buzz and Alan and they head over to Ed's house. The men make plans to head back into the tunnels to find the person who has been pulling the girls' strings behind the scenes. Alan wants Buzz to be his representative, to do what's necessary in those tunnels and to keep a close watch on the Lewis brothers. Frank pays Reva a visit and voices concerns about Josh. Due to meeting cancellation in Frank's experience, that means Josh has a problem he's decided to handle on his own. Michelle visits Ed and tries to pull him out of his funk. He asks to spend some time with Robbie but Michelle denies the request. Marah accuses Carrie of planting the razor blade in her doll. Carrie calls Marah paranoid and advises her to pull herself together. Marah receives another fright from the doll, but quickly realizes that Shayne was behind it all along. Shayne admits to playing the pranks but he doesn't know anything about the razor blade. Cassie calls Edmund on his secret investigation into the death of her baby. Michelle orientates Cassie at the teen hotline and tells her about a new designer drug that has been coming up a lot with the teenagers. Its called D, short for delirium.

OLTL by Traci

Daniel tells Jen to stay away from Riley. Kelly tells Paul that she and Kevin are going away on vacation. Todd asks Kelly why Blair is going to work at the Banner, Kelly says that she is completely fine with it. Dorian tries to convince Adriana and River that Adriana is her biological daughter as David also helps her. River doesn't believe that Dorian is telling the truth. Lindsay tries to get Rex to go away and that this relationship between them could never work.

Todd asks Kelly how she can be so sure about Kevin cause she is no Blair. Blair tries to get close to Starr only to have Starr tell her to just go away. Blair lets Kevin know that she wants to take the job at the Banner. Al finds out from Luna that all of his memories will be replaced by Michael's. Al gets some helpful advice from little Gabrielle in heaven. Marcie and Jen get into an argument about Jen's messed up life. Adriana is angry with Carlotta for lying to her about Dorian being her mother. Paul agrees to help River and Adriana. Marcie sees Jen and Michael kissing.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney and her mother continue to argue, and Whitney accuses Eve of trying to make her tell a lie of omission by not revealing everything to T.C. Liz drops hints and it seems for an instant that T.C. makes the connection that Eve and Liz are sisters! However, he thinks Liz is projecting her hatred of her sister onto Eve, because of her desire to seduce T.C. and he turned her down.

Luis and Julian spend time talking, and Luis tells Julian there may be hope for him to reunite with his lost love, if she were to divorce her husband. Luis's words cause Julian to worry that Whitney's determination to tell T.C. the truth may lead to the breakup of Eve's family. Miguel carries Charity out of the bar over his shoulder. Kay lashes out at Charity and admits that she has always loved Miguel and always will. Charity tells Kay that she won't ever talk to Miguel again. Charity goes back into the bar.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Anita shares a meaningful moment with her daughter. Ashley assures her husband that he is the most important thing in her life. Bobbie tries to explain to an angry parent. Brad will support his wife in her difficult decision. Brittany learns that she will have a scar.

Diane refuses to part with her orchid. Drucilla kisses butt after learning who has one of the orchids. Nikki confesses her fear of losing her husband. Phyllis saves her marriage by handing over the orchid. Sharon hears a police siren behind her. Victor refuses to show his punk of a son any remorse.

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