Tuesday 2/3/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall demands that Livia lets her testify. When she does, surprisingly, she is able to establish herself to the court as a person who loves and wants to protect her sister. And she says the reason she's having the baby is because she wants a child of a rapist to live with the love she never had in her life. Greenlee is still obsessed about getting Kendall in trouble.

Bianca is rushing to get out of town as soon as she can because she believes it will destroy Erica to know that she is still pregnant. But Maggie reveals that she might have feelings for Bianca that are more than just "platonic friendship". Simone reveals to Tad and to Juan Pablo that they are wrong to assume Carlos is guilty of murder. He protected her. She admits that she pulled the trigger and she did it.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison needs to get out of the house or she will go crazy. Barbara is convinced that having her party at Metro is a great way to show people that she isn’t afraid of staying in town. Carly holds a man by the neck and makes him promise to never put her in a precarious position again. Craig tries to stop the booking of a party. Jessica lays the ground rules. Katie is not going to let her miracle escape from her. Margo will not publicize where her sister is, in case the killer is looking for her.

Mike learns that the hit man was hired to shoot and miss. Paul is ready to forgive and forget. Rosanna is shocked when she sees an unfamiliar pair at Metro. Simon is fingered. Susan makes her daughter promise that she will not do anything before they can talk. Chris cares nothing about a restraining order. Molly agrees to book a party, knowing that a partner will be very unhappy.

B&B by Lea

Brooke told Ridge she didn’t want to do what they always do – give into the passion! Brooke asked Ridge to give her up. Ridge insisted they could get through this challenge together. Brooke wanted him to face the truth: their marriage was over. Nick asked Samantha to help him decorate. They discussed his impending fatherhood.

Massimo and Jackie discussed their marriage and issues. He gave Eric the credit for helping him see the how his jealousy was harming his marriage.

Days by Rebecca

Kate questions Lucas and Sami about the kiss, but Will is very excited! And even Lucas and Sami are questioning their feelings for each other! Celeste tells John and Marlena that she feels death around Marlena, and Belle screams at her saying that she will NOT die! Lexie wants Celeste to go under hypnosis to find the killer's identity. Jennifer, Julie, Mickey and Bonnie have dinner but it ends in chaos! Bonnie tells them her idea for Tuscany, and Julie wants to run it herself. She tells Bonnie to stay away from Mickey, and when he walks in she starts to cry.

GH by Nicole

Luke gives Helena a hamburger in return for info on where the treasure is, he goes and finds nothing and then tells Helena there was poison in the burger and he will only give her the antidote if she leads him to the treasure. She agrees, but finds no treasure in the hidden room on Spoon Island. Nik and Emily find more of the diary and figure out that the treasure is on Spoon Island, they find the treasure and take it before Helena and Luke get there. Nik tells Luke he plans on auctioning it off at the PC Hotel. Carly shows up at the Penthouse and talks to Sonny, he tells her he cannot let her take the kids to the zoo, Michael overhears. Michael decides to take Morgan to see Carly. Carly finds them in the lobby of the hotel and is shocked when she learns they came by themselves. Sonny tells Justus he wants a restraining order against Carly, a divorce and full custody of the kids. Edward changes his will so that the person that can save ELQ gets all the money. Edward makes offers to Justus, Tracy, Skye and Jason. The lights at the PC Hotel flicker and an electrician tells Edward that his electrical wiring is a disaster waiting to happen. Edward puts it off and tells him when he has money he will redo all the electrical wiring. Skye is drinking again and ends up pouring her drink on Tracy's head. Maxie and Cameron help Zander and his wound. Leticia tells Sonny the kids are not there, she thought they were with him. Sonny tracks the kids down and Carly accuses him of child abuse, because he didn't know where the kids were. Emily goes to find Edward and only tells Tracy that she found something that could save the Quartermaines.

GL by Megan

Marah and Marina face the possibility that Carrie planted the razor in Marah's doll. As they deal with the repercussions, Shayne arrives with Sandy to recruit Marah for a bonding day with Reva. When Reva notices Marah's injury, Marah downplays the incident. Later, Sandy is moved to find that Reva had prepared a bedroom for him, complete with radio collectables and his old baby shoes. Alone, Sandy takes the shoes from the house fearing that Reva might get a psychic read off of them. Marah returns to the museum where Carrie surprises her. Olivia reveals to Cassie that Edmund has started an investigation into the death of Cassie's baby. Meanwhile, Edmund meets with the nurse who was on staff when Cassie's baby was pronounced dead. She admits that she saw the baby alive, but was kept out of the room for the exam. But her bizarre conspiracy theories make Edmund question her credibility. When Cassie arrives she confronts Edmund about his secret quest. Danny watches Tony and Eden but doesn't tell Bill that he suspects that something is going on between them. Eden gets a message to meet Tony, but when she gets into the Towers elevator, she finds herself alone with a very intense Danny. He presses her until she spills the entire story of "The Shadow" and how she and Tony protected Danny and Bill.

OLTL by Traci

Stephan tells Rae that he thinks that the police will never catch the music box killer. Daniel and Lindsay go out to lunch together. Dorian calls David and tells him that he couldn't find Adrianna anywhere. River takes Adrianna home with him after almost getting caught at the other place he was hiding her. Starr goes in front of the court again after vandalizing hospital grounds and other stuff. The judge orders Starr to be taken out of custody from Blair and gives temporary custody to Viki. Antonio starts to think that John may know the killer while John just thinks that maybe true or the killer just knows him.

Jen and Riley get ready to get on the plane to go to London and Riley ends up getting arrested after security finds drugs on him. Paul tries to help River and Adrianna by letting her stay in his hotel but, David catches them before they can leave. Kevin and Kelly decide to take a trip together. John goes over some information that Jessica has for her research for Stephan Haver book. Daniel gets to charges against Riley dropped. Jen accuses Lindsay of dating Daniel and sleeping with Rex all at the same time while Lindsay tries to deny it. Dorian gets home and sees Adrianna and tells her that she is her biological mother.

Passions by Brenda

Kay and Miguel are on their way back to Harmony, but are stopped by an officer, because the roads are closed. They go back to the ski lodge, and Kay tries to convince Miguel to get one room for them to share. Charity begins dirty-dancing on a table top in the ski-lodge club, while Kay, Simone, and Miguel watch. Whitney lashes out at her mother, calls her bad names, and is determined to tell T.C. that her mother is having an affair with Julian. Eve says she is too tired to fight to keep T.C. and her daughters from being hurt, so Whitney can do what she thinks is best.

Luis grabs Julian and demands to know what he and Alistair are doing to Sheridan. Julian does not know what Luis is talking about, and says that if Alistair is involved, then Sheridan is in danger. Julian advises Luis to fight Alistair with everything he has, and to get Sheridan out of the psych ward as soon as possible to save her. Julian also tells Luis that Alistair took away the great love of his life, and he was too weak to stand up to Alistair then.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Abby’s father has to be revealed. Anita bumps into the one person that she can’t deal with looking at. Ashley begs a dear friend to come back and see her sometime. Bobbie gives details about a wise guy. Brad will go along with whatever his wife wants. Brittany has to stay calm.

Diane seems to be holding that cards. Phyllis tries to figure out what will happen to the other orchid if she gives the only one that she has up. Raul learns just how deep Marcino's associates run. Sharon ignores the shouting voice and slowly gets in the driver’s seat.

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