Monday 2/2/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica goes to Kendall and has a "nightmare" that Kendall is Michael Cambias. She grabs a scissors and almost stabs Kendall, until Aiden stops her. She passes out and when she awakens, she has no memory of "seeing Michael", but she believes Kendall drugged her and took her against her will, to her condo. Kendall calls Bianca. David comes with her and Jack also comes. Bianca privately tells Jack that she believes that her mother killed Michael Cambias. But Jack does not believe that.

Greenlee is with Ryan and makes it clear that she still wants him. But he resists her advances and tells her he will not cheat on Kendall. Kendall is, however, able to hide and eavesdrop upon a conversation Ryan and Greenlee are having that sounds like they might be sleeping together and keeping the secret from her. Mia finds Fred Lomax. He tells her that he married Kendall and Michael Cambias. She returns to Aiden, afraid he will never forgive her for going behind his back. Lomax enters the Pine Valley Courthouse, sits at the judges throne and pretends he's the judge.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron finally reveals all. Alison wishes that she could change things but she can’t. Chris is kicked out when he tries to explain himself. Emily pulls rank on her brother-in-law. Holden orders the nonsense stops. Katie is sure now that leaving with her husband will not be hindered. Kim wishes that her son didn’t have the feelings that he has.

Lily finds a figure dressed in red strolling in the dark. Lois gets a vision when roughly handled. Lucy can see that her ex was more caught up in his fling’s life than he knows. Mike can tell that his love was rushed into leaving. Margo is angry when she learns of her sister’s plan.

B&B by Lea

Jackie continued her role as gatekeeper. She refused to let Ridge see Brooke. Ridge proposed that Brooke wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see her. Ridge backed off and asked Jackie to tell Brooke of his visit. The look on her face indicated she had to intention of passing on that news. After Nick and Jackie left – Ridge revealed he had cleverly hidden behind some bushes waiting for his chance to see Brooke. He and Brooke talked about how much they missed each other. He hoped she had changed her mind about ending the marriage. She hasn’t changed her mind. Ridge tried to convince her not to throw everything away.

Jackie went on and on about Nick, Brooke and the baby – Massimo finally began to pay attention when she mentioned Ridge. He has come to a decision about his marriage. He knew if he continued down this path of jealousy her feelings for him would change. He presented her with a key to “the cage she has been in.”

Days by Rebecca

Tony's autopsy shows that he was administered a fatal dose of a drug in the ER that caused his death. Everyone finds out that Marlena was in Tony's cubicle, but she says it was completely innocent, and trys to point the figure at someone else. Belle and Mimi talk frankly about their sex lives. Rex is devastated to learn of Tony's death and with Lexie goes to see his body for the last time. Sami kisses Lucas at the spur of the moment!

GH by Nicole

Jax finds Sam and Sonny together in the hotel room, she tries to explain, he doesn't want to hear it and tells her that Sonny destroys anyone he is with. Sam tells him she knows what she is doing. Alcazar shows up at the Penthouse and Courtney is mad, not knowing what to do, she takes the kids with Alcazar to go see Carly. In the hotel lobby, Sonny sees his kids, he is furious, Carly and Sonny have words, she tells him he will not keep her away from her children. Alcazar and Carly leave, Alcazar reassures her that she will get her kids back. As Emily is telling Skye about Zander, Nik overhears and they argue about Emily's safety and why she would want to help him. Edwards is impressed with Skye and tells her that he might have to think about some things. Zander has a knife at Brian's throat, as Ric questions Maxie more. Maxie is stuck in the elevator with Zander, the cops overrun the elevator and get it to go to a floor. In the elevator, only Maxie is there. Sonny and Jason talk about Carly's actions and the kids. Jason wants to help them both.

GL by Megan

Marah's been cut, by the doll placed in her desk drawer, but further examination reveals it was a razor blade she stored there with other sewing equipment. Still, she's spooked, suspecting Carrie, and she calls Jeffrey in a panic. She regrets it almost immediately and tells him not to come over. Jeffrey arrives, Marah is backtracking like crazy but Jeffrey sees that she's scared. She talks around the subject of Carrie, knowing she can't be completely truthful – but Jeffrey, who's already met with Carrie, thinks he knows what's going on. Jeffrey calls Carrie and puts her on notice to leave Marah and the other girls alone. Olivia has papers that she wants Phillip to sign. Olivia gets a call from Cassie, warning her to watch out for Lizzie. On the heels of the call, Olivia gets a visit from Alex and Beth who want to see Phillip. Olivia lies, telling them Phillip doesn't want to see them. Ed gets a shock when Mel complains she's not feeling well and asks him to treat her. Ed, trying to draw blood, finds himself too shaky to handle the syringe when it's his grandchild's health on the line. He quits the hospital on the spot. Meanwhile, Rick and Mel are relieved that their plan worked. Tammy is determined to change her look to attract more "mysterious and romantic" men – like Edmund. Cassie believes she's talked her out of it but when she returns home, Tammy has been transformed and not for the better.

OLTL by Traci

Evangeline tells Todd that she wants him to talk to Marty Saybrooke. John finds Natalie with a unconscious in his hotel room with a red leotard around her neck. Todd doesn't want to talk to Marty. Jen confronts Lindsay about the kiss with Rex. Michael/Al and Marcie go to Ultra Violet together and Michael/Al tells her that getting her mom here was a good thing that she did. Natalie survives her attack while John asks her why she was there. The killer leaves a note for John. Asa gets mad at Roxy after she tells him that there are probably better things Flash can do with her life besides singing.

Nora offers Todd another plea and tells him to take it, if not for himself then do it for his family. Marcie gets mad at Jen for flirting with Michael/Al. Asa tells Nigel that he is planning on having his hotel torn down. Starr handcuffs her n\mother Blair to the staircase at Todd's place, then Todd handcuffs himself to the other end just so they can talk. R.J. and Lindsay sign papers to seal the deal on their new partnership. Nora takes the handcuffs off Blair and Todd. Riley asks Jen if she wants to go to London with him. John tells Natalie that he thinks it would be best that they stay away from each other for a while.

Passions by Brenda

Gwen and Ethan try to conceive another child. While they are in the bedroom, Theresa sneaks in to see her son. Ethan thinks he hears a noise coming from little Ethan's room and gets up to check, finding Theresa. He promises Theresa he won't tell anyone she was in the mansion, and he leaves. Rebecca has just come out of Gwen's room, where she went to advise Gwen to make sure she gets pregnant again. After one of the Crane maids whispers to Rebecca, she opens the door to little Ethan's room and finds Theresa. Gwen comes out of her room - Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca, and Theresa are in the hallway. Theresa accuses Ethan of telling Rebecca and she punches him in the face. Fox races up the stairs just in time to comfort Theresa and take her outside. Rebecca threatens to call the police and have Theresa arrested for trespassing and violating the restraining order.

Whitney begins to confront her mother about her advice not to date a married man, even though Chad is now divorced. T.C. tells Whitney that her mother is a perfect role model and she should not speak to her mother with such disrespect. Whitney tells T.C. that Eve is not the woman that he thinks she is. Liz is hanging around, enjoying the fact that soon the truth about Eve and Julian just might be revealed.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley admits feeling better when a special friend is near. Brad changes his mind about strategy. Colleen is positive is being planned for a special day. Diane is accused of planning to score points with the orchid. Drucilla will not let a loved one think that what has gone wrong is okay. Jack vows to do everything possible to get a heavy sentence. JT snaps at a loved one due to lack of sleep.

Michael gets a tongue-lashing when he brings up a wayward spouse. Neil sees his wife in a new light. Nick warns that he only has time for a quickie. Phyllis slams down the phone when she realizes that she has committed a similar crime. Sharon turns a deaf ear to her advisor. Victor talks a friend into facing her fears.

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