Friday 1/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica expresses her horror, to Jack, to believe it could be true that "her daughter" would be pregnant by Michael Cambias. At first, Jack assumes she's talking about Bianca. But when she reveals she is talking about Kendall, and how she could never forgive Kendall for doing such a thing, Jack knows it's not the time to reveal to her that Kendall is, in fact, faking, and Bianca is choosing to have the child of Michael Cambias. Bianca enters and overhears their conversation, and asks her mother what she'd do if it was her, instead of Kendall, who is choosing to have Michael's child. This is too much for Erica to deal with.

Greenlee is on the war-path trying to prove Kendall is not pregnant. She goes to Kendall's condo, hides in her shower with a camera, hoping to get photos of Kendall's naked body in order to prove she's not pregnant. But Ryan catches her, takes her to his home, and tells her she has to leave Kendall alone and accept the fact that he's going to marry Kendall. Erica goes to Kendall's, first in denial about what she's just heard from Bianca. But then she sees a "vision" of Michael Cambias and believes Kendall is Michael. Back at Jack's cell, Bianca reveals to her uncle that she believes Erica murdered Michael Cambias.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara welcomes family into the business. Blaine is told that there are new employees coming aboard. Carly ponders jumpstarting her career again. Emma leaves the baby in her mother’s care. Hal is not going to be invited to join in on the happy family initiative. Holden lets on that he knows about the psychic. Jack will support his wife’s career. Katie’s men cooperate for a minute to avoid the cops.

Lily has to decide if her kids know more than her new friend does. Lois is met with a challenging question. Lucas escapes into his father’s arms. Mike shows why he is the better candidate. Paul knows that he doesn’t need to go to New York for any reason. Simon plays rough and tough with his wife’s fiancée.

B&B by Lea

Bridget and Ridge discussed Brooke. He was dying to hear from her. Ridge told her his heart belongs to Brooke only. She was glad he didn’t succumb to Stephanie’s plan with Samantha. Ridge gets a call telling him Brooke is home. He goes to see her.

Nick and Brooke arrived home – Jackie was there to greet them. Nick apologized for his mother’s enthusiasm. Jackie tried to prevent Ridge from seeing Brooke. Thomas talked to Thorne about Caitlin the new intern. Thomas is sure she is interested in him. Eric reminisced about Stephanie with Caitlin. She told him of her strict upbringing.

Days by Danielle

Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Rex watch the news reports about Tony’s condition. They fear that the killer will come after them next. Rex refuses to go see Tony, only to change his mind after it’s too late.

Everyone crowds around Tony to hear the name of the killer but Tony can’t speak. Tony grabs Marlena’s hand in an effort to name her as the killer. Tony is pronounced dead without being able to convince anyone that Marlena is the killer. Later, his spirit visits Celeste. Marlena overhears Celeste talking to Tony’s spirit and offers to talk. Lexie orders an autopsy and a toxicology report. Nicole claims that she would give up being Mrs. Kiriakis and all the money that goes with it if she could be with a man like Brady. Victor finds Nicole’s hair clip in Tony’s room and confronts her. Nicole continues to proclaim her innocence.

GH by Nicole

Maxie questions Brian about Zander's involvement in the shooting, Ric overhears her and she slips up and he is suspicious of her. Jax saves Nik and Emily from Zander, Zander tries to kill Jax but his gun jams and he ends up shooting himself in the leg, he runs to GH and Maxie sees the blood on the floor. Courtney goes the GH to confess to Brian but chickens out, her and Jason almost kiss. She promises Jason she won't confess. Sonny and Sam make love. Alcazar and Carly make love. Sonny goes to Justus to get a restraining order against Carly so she can't see the kids. Sonny reassures Alcazar that his kids won't be anywhere near him or Carly. Alcazar promises Carly he will get her kids back. Carly fakes Jason out to come see her at the PC Hotel just to get him out of the Penthouse while Alcazar shows up at the Penthouse to find Courtney holding Morgan. He tells Courtney he has come to get the kids.

GL by Megan

Harley is furious with Gus for deciding to stay on at Spaulding and for having had to find it out from someone else. Gus defends but he's unable to tell her the real reason he's staying that he's undercover for Jeffrey. Likewise, Harley's unable to tell him the real reason she wants him out of the company: she doesn't want him caught up in the dirty business she's investigating. Frustration mixed with anger and hurt makes for a volatile mix and they argue loudly as Zach happens onto the scene, upset that they are yelling at each other. Harley's the observer as Gus talks to Zach about it and she realizes he's only doing what he feels he must. She apologizes for trying to order him not to stay at the company. They make love but Harley's words haven't been a solace for Gus. Jeffrey reveals his last undercover operative to his federal cohorts: Christopher who is to help shepherd Reva and her talents into their investigation. But Christopher is clearly reluctant and tells Jeffrey he thinks she's had too unstable a life recently to risk harming her any further. Jeffrey encourages Christopher to try once more and Christopher goes to Reva trying to give her every out, but she wants to continue with their work. Meanwhile, Billy and Josh confer over the tunnels they believe are being used by the person pulling the stings with Marah, Michelle and Marina to uncover what happened to Maryanne Caruthers. Beth finds Jeffrey and confesses she's had an epiphany: he was right about her– she should have lived more in the moment and taken their affair for what it was – an affair. This catches Jeffrey off-guard who is in the midst of trying to get Marah off his mind. As he wishes what Beth is saying to be true, they make love one more time. Meanwhile, Marah experiences a series of spooky moments when her childhood doll that she keeps trying to put away reappears without any explanation. She puts the doll away in her closet only to find it again in her desk drawer. She reaches for it and pulls back she's been cut, badly.

OLTL by Traci

Marcie prepares for her dinner party. She tries to get Jen to stay. Riley is at Ultra Violet getting ready to play as they talk on the radio about Flash. John tells Antonio that he thinks that this may be personal cause it sounded as if the killer knew about him. Todd waits at the hospital for news on Blair. Michael/Al tells John not to mess up anything with him and Marcie by not showing up at the dinner party. Stephan gives Jessica some more of his work so she can go over it. Jen thinks that Marcie doesn't have anytime to be her friend now that she has other friends.

Lindsay talks to R.J. about her relationship with Rex and how she thinks that he may just be using her. Michael/Al, Antonio, Jessica, Natalie, and John show up for the dinner party. Jen tries to make a move on Michael/Al and he just walks away. R.J. and Carlotta take Jamie to the hospital after she falls down, she turns out to be okay. John and Michael/Al are surprised when their mother shows up at the dinner. Jessica says that Michael reminds her of Al. Riley says that the band Midnight Logic is over. Jen watches as Rex and her mother Lindsay kiss. Natalie goes to see John and ends up getting attacked by the killer.

Passions by Brenda

Ethan watches from outside as Fox and Theresa are in the cottage, sharing a passionate kiss. He interrupts to leave some paperwork for Antonio, and mentions that he saw Whitney going into the Crane mansion solarium. Fox leaves to go see if Whitney is OK, and Ethan and Theresa are alone in the cottage. Ethan tries to tell Theresa that Fox is not a good match for her, that he is a playboy. Theresa defends Fox and tells Ethan that he is the one who betrayed her.

Antonio and Luis are arguing over Sheridan, when she screams out in pain. Antonio tells Dr. Ackland to have Luis removed from the psych ward, and then demands answers from Alistair and Dr. Ackland regarding Sheridan's treatment. Antonio goes so far as to grab Alistair and push him against the wall, but Alistair explains that what Dr. Ackland is doing will restore the love Sheridan has for Antonio. Fox drives Whitney home and tries to talk to her, to stop her from telling T.C. that Eve and Julian are having an affair.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur promises to stay in touch. Brad has a change of heart and returns to the living room saying that he has something to divulge before his wife comes to the room. Dianeís explanation for hugging a married man falls on deaf ears. Drucilla learns that someone else might present the flower to Jabot. Grace isnít leaving until her man is found. Jack makes the mistake of bringing up the orchid while sorting out his marriage.

Jill can tell that a charming man has made a timely visit. Michael is summoned again to hear some really bizarre news. Neil reveals that he really has no idea if the orchids are coming his way or not. Olivia offers to help with a revelation but isnít needed. Phyllis finds one orchid where she originally left two. Sharon decides that she has to make sure that the body is never found. Victor feels that something more is going on at Bradís house.

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