Thursday 1/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack is taken to jail after incriminating himself. Greenlee is outraged and blames Kendall. A surprise witness confirms that Michael Cambias would have to be the father of Kendall's baby. Everybody is shocked. Erica confronts Kendall, telling her she feels nothing but hatred for her, from having a baby with a rapist.

Krystal goes to make the rounds, first by seducing Tad, then by trying to seduce David Hayward to get information from him about Tad. Liza tells Tad she wants to have a relationship with him. Aiden goes to see Lomax, and gets the goods for Kendall. Singer threatens Justin's career if Justin fails to find Lomax and get evidence for their case.

ATWT by Glynis

Dusty learns that he is about to become a very rich man, phones an associate to talk about a promise and proves that he will do the right thing with his beneficiary money. Holden reports that his kids have been reacting badly to their motherís behavior. Jennifer agrees to take a stupid picture, is in shock over seeing her mother and brother talking nicely and looks like she wants to puke with what she hears at the dining table. Katie hates being blackmailed and watches an argument over her life. Lily opens herself up totally to a stranger and pushes her new friend out of the salon when her mother arrives. Lois has a hefty check forced on her and is offered a deal for helping out. Lucinda doesnít believe that her daughter is going to be okay, offers her help in any way that she can and puts her daughter in her shoes.

Mike canít believe his ears as he watches his true love walk out of his life, gives a warning as to what may happen if he isnít chosen and instinctively falls on a loved one when trouble starts. Molly gives a reality check regarding a dead woman, has an idea as to how newfound money could be spent and watches as a very big check passes hands. Paul feels that he is the reason that the killing took place and turns the tables on his sister making her seem like the one that isnít being cooperative. Rose seems to be flickering the lights on and off. Simon begs his wife to stay true to her vows and decides that he might as well stop running if his wife wonít run with him. Will can be saved if they all work together.

B&B by Lea

Nick gave Brooke and Hope a ride home on the company jet. Nick told Brooke he is excited to raise a baby. He promised to give her space. Brooke found lyrics to a song Nick wrote (you can find out more about the song on

Hudson told Massimo that Nick was on his way home with Brooke. Eric arrived at Massimo’s to discuss their mutual bad behavior at the engagement party. They both vowed to keep Bridget and Oz’s best interests at heart. Massimo proposed a truce. Thomas chatted up Caitlin at the coffee house.

Days by Danielle

Jan fantasizes about Shawn only wanting to be with her as she continues to stalk Belle and Shawn. Marlena puts a lethal injection in Tony’s IV. She is almost caught by John but hides out of sight. Celeste sees Tony warning her about the killer approaching but can’t get out of Lexie’s office to deliver the warning.

Nicole confides in Brady about having cheated on Victor with Colin Murphy but claims that Victor shot Colin. Brady confronts Victor as Nicole slips out the back to see Tony in an effort to convince him not to name her as the killer. The monitors begin to go off as Nicole is in Tony’s room. Everyone rushes in to try and save Tony as Nicole slips out of Tony’s room, only to be later confronted by Victor and Brady. Marlena tries to convince the medical staff, Lexie, and John not to give Tony medicine to prolong his life. John and Lexie dismiss Marlena’s objection as Lexie, John, Hope, and Celeste hang on Tony’s every breath, waiting for him to name the killer.

GH by Nicole

Jason and Sonny argue about whether Carly should be able to see her kids. Jason disagrees to Sonny's agenda and tells him to remove all traces of Carly himself. Alcazar promises Carly he will help her get her kids back. Courtney and Jason talk about Sonny and Carly's situation. Zander is hiding out in Maxie's room he sets up candles and they dance. He leaves and meets Emily on the docks and tells her she is the only one for him. Nik shows up and Zander pulls a gun on them. Luke is holding Helena hostage in a cage and wants her to tell him where the treasure is, Helena doesn't know who is holding her captive. Georgie convinces a sex infatuated Tom to be her boyfriend and in return she will get his GPA up and do his homework for him.

GL by Megan

Christopher invites Reva to start working with him again. Reva confides that she's been having disturbing visions of Josh drowning. Jeffrey asks Gus to start checking Spaulding records for antimonium production. Gus points out that Alexandra controls all of those records but Jeffrey insists it needs to be done. Danny shows Ross the screaming headlines from the morning paper about Tony's fight injury but his mayoral opponent denies planting the story and warns that anything goes in this campaign. Danny hints that he can play dirty too. Alexandra insists to Alan that they need to have Phillip's marriage annulled as soon as possible. Olivia interrupts, asking to see some papers in Phillip's office but Alan advises her that Gus has taken over Phillip's office and work. Gus announces that he's decided to postpone his return to the police force. Olivia stuns Harley with the news that she married Phillip and that Gus is staying on at Spaulding. Eden thanks Tony for saving her life and resents it when he makes fun of her gratefulness. Danny spots them together and warns Tony to stay away from her, advice that angers Tony. Jeffrey reveals Christopher as a member of his secret investigative team.

OLTL by Traci

Evangeline tries to get Todd to not print the story about Blair out of the newspaper. Blair goes to talk to the doctor about her the headaches she has been having. David tells Nora that he wants to testify against Todd in the trial. Kevin goes back to work at the Banner and finds out his editor quit since he is back. Nora finds out about the fake article that John had put in the newspaper in order to draw the killer out. Troy is awake and wants to talk to Nora.

Natalie finds out from Jessica that John is still here and he hasn't left. Todd tells Starr that she needs to stop getting into trouble then, he calls Blair to tell her what happened. Kevin asks Blair if she will take the job as editor of the Banner. Blair says she will think about it. Kelly tells Blair that she will not let her ruin her marriage. Blair faints after talking to Todd. Todd takes Blair to the hospital. Troy says he knows who the killer is.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney has lied to cover up for Eve, who was at the Crane mansion when T.C. came looking for her. Whitney tells Theresa that her mother is having an affair with Julian, and Theresa tries to tell Whitney she must be mistaken. Fox comes in (after taking Eve home) and he tells Theresa that Whitney is right - her mother was at the Crane mansion, but he doesn't have an explanation of why she was there. Whitney goes back to the Crane mansion and slaps Julian. Theresa sets a romantic mood for her and Fox, when they are alone. She tells Fox that he can have "all" of her. Ethan sees Theresa and Fox kissing as he is on his way back home.

Sheridan begs Dr. Ackland to stop the shock therapy treatments. Alistair has threatened to hurt Dr. Ackland's family if he doesn't continue to shock Sheridan and try to erase her memories of Luis. Dr. Ackland is upset with Alistair and calls him a monster, but fears what Alistair might do to his family, so he continues to give Sheridan electric jolts. Antonio hears her screaming and starts to search the hospital to find her. Alistair tries to convince Antonio that Sheridan is being well taken care of by Dr. Ackland. Luis and Antonio see Sheridan as she is being taken back to her room, and they argue over what is best for Sheridan and which one of them she loves more.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Arthur is happy to see a tight mother and daughter bond, learns of a younger womanís past and has perfect timing. Damon is angry that he has been pulled into corporate politics. Diane hopes to have a chance at love and directs the subject to work. Drucilla offers her associate a peace offering and reports happily that the orchids are on their way home. Grace is ordered to get in her car and never come back and tells the real reason why she has returned to town. Jack is asked if he has seen a missing businessman and is happy to hear that his rival will be convicted. Jill tries to get more information from a charming man.

Katherine forgot how tempting booze could be and tells of an old friend exciting her with visit. Neil canít guarantee that the orchids will turn up in the right hands, is made aware that his wifeís job is in danger and talks a good game even though his plan sucks. Nick finds out that a marriage is breaking up because of his father. Nikki learns a deep dark secret and tries to help the only family that she has really ever known. Sharon is relieved to hear that her husband isnít the apple of an ex-loverís eye. Diane gets a hug for saying something that was clearly difficult. Grace reveals that name of her true love.


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