Wednesday 1/28/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jack incriminates himself at Kendall's trial, confessing to having intent to kill Michael, although not going through with it, and admits to planting heroine in his home. At that point, the cops come to arrest him. But it is in perfect timing to be seen by Greenlee who is forced to forget her selfish attitude and want to help her father.

Mary has persuaded Greenlee to get the goods on Kendall, and she is also getting closer to Adam Chandler. Maria passes out and Juan Pablo helps her remember all the good times she's had with Edmund. Edmund calls Brooke and asks her to be the executor of his will, in the event of his death. But she keeps telling him he's not going to die and shouldn't even be thinking of such things.

ATWT by Glynis

Dusty learns that he is about to become a very rich man. Holden reports that his kids have been reacting badly to their motherís behavior. Jennifer agrees to take a stupid picture. Katie hates being blackmailed. Lily opens herself up totally to a stranger. Lois has a hefty check forced on her. Lucinda doesnít believe that her daughter is going to be okay.

Mike canít believe his ears as he watches his true love walk out of his life. Molly gives a reality check regarding a dead woman. Paul feels that he is the reason that the killing took place. Rose seems to be flickering the lights on and off. Simon begs his wife to stay true to her vows. Will can be saved if they all work together.

B&B by Lea

Bridget talked to Eric about Brooke and Ridge. She was concerned that emails from her mother had stopped. They also discussed the engagement party. She is loyal to her father, but doesn’t want to be in the middle of anything. Jackie visited Ridge to discuss Nick finding Brooke. They bantered about Nick and Brooke. She encouraged Ridge to step aside. Brooke prayed and asked for guidance about what she should do next. She asked for a sign. Ridge phoned, but Jackie disconnected the call before he could speak to Brooke. Nick arrived at her door. Nick told Brooke everyone who loved her was worried. He started to leave, but Brooke stopped him – it’s time for her to go home.

Days by Rebecca

Tony is rushed into the hospital, but wasn't able to say the killer's name. John, Hope, and Lexie wait for him to say it. Julie thinks that Bonnie just wants Mickey's money, and is out to prove it! Everyone thinks Nicole is the killer and Victor is out to prove it, but Brady is there defending her. The show ends with Tony looking up, saying he knew it was her, and we see Marlena put something into his IV saying "You're just too smart for your own good, Tony..." and the credits roll...

GH by Nicole

At the Dance, Georgie tells Dillon that her and Tom are fighting because Tom tripled timed her. Dillon punches Tom as he comes in. Georgie tries to tell Dillon the truth but Sage interrupts. Sonny and Sam agree to continue "meeting" claiming neither of them want a commitment. Carly wakes up in Alcazar's bed and is confused. Carly goes to the hotel to see Sonny and Sam coming off the elevator. Sam leaves and Sonny and Carly yell at each other, he tells her that she is dead to him. Later at the Penthouse, Carly shows up to get her kids and Sonny shuts the door in her face and does not let her in as she is screaming and banging on the door.

GL by Megan

Cassie, who still thinks of the baby she lost, can't help but feel protective of this child. She also feels an unexpected bond with Olivia. Cassie agrees to keep the baby's existence a secret, at least for now. Meanwhile, Edmund keeps up his pursuit of the facts surrounding Cassie's lost child. But her very real teenage daughter puts other demands on him, as Edmund and Sandy get caught up in Tammy and Joey's struggles with Romeo and Juliet – both on and off the stage. While they try to counsel the teenagers, Sandy is caught short by something Joey says and realizes he's been unfair to Marah. Marah, Marina and Michelle confront Carrie and wonder if she deliberately tried to harm Michelle. Carrie doesn't shy from their accusations and is able to bring Michelle and Marina back into the fold. When Marah returns to the Museum she gets a scare, but Sandy is there to make peace. Josh holds onto Reva and makes love to her for what he believes may be the last time. As he leaves for the police station, he encounters Billy who warns him that a threat may have been made on Michelle's life and Marah may be next. Josh's determination to confess is trumped by his desire to protect his daughter, at all costs.

OLTL by Traci

Flash's father Cord came to see her in the hospital. Rex and Lindsay have brunch together and Lindsay tells him that she wants to keep their relationship a secret. Jen asks Marcie if there is anything going on between her and Michael/Al. Marcie tells Jen that Michael/Al kissed her but she just isn't sure about it and that she is still in love with Al. Jen says she can love someone else and still love Al. Jessica and Stephan talk more about serial killers and stereotypes about killers. John tells Bo and Antonio about his plan to trap the killer by saying Flash is alive and has identified them, then they can arrest him or her.

John then gets a call that informs him that Troy just tried to kill himself. Asa blames Riley for what happened to Flash and Viki defends him. Riley and Flash's father Cord meet for the first time. Jen thinks that Lindsay is in a relationship with David and not Rex. Flash wakes up. Marcie turns down a date with Greg after she gets a call from John and Michael's mom Eve saying she can make it for dinner. Kelly almost tells Kevin the truth about her fake pregnancy but stops when she gets a call from the doctor saying she really is pregnant. Riley says good bye to Flash as she leaves to go back to Europe with Cord.

Passions by Brenda

T.C. attacks Julian. Whitney lies to T.C. to cover for Eve. Whitney realizes something is going on between Eve and Julian. Luis goes to the hospital to see Sheridan. Sheridan doesn't recognize Luis. He leaves her there because someone is coming back. Alistair threatens Dr. Ackland to erase Luis from Sheridan's memory, or he will destroy his family.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Arthur agrees to a meeting at the Athletic Club and had no idea that his dear old friend had a daughter. Christine hangs up on a very angry federal investigator, has her secret found out and tells how the feds only want her case now that a conviction seems inevitable. Mr. Becker rudely interrupts court proceedings and is beaten at his own game and is beaten at his own game.

Nikki bangs impatiently on an old friend’s door, knows what the half-empty bottle of booze must mean and watches in horror as her friend has a good long swig. Sharon holds her hands over her ears, as she can’t take it anymore. Victor is convinced that he is getting the best shot available and learns that his fate is still up in the air.

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