Monday 1/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

After Erica gets on the witness stand and incriminates herself in order to help Kendall, Jack gets on the witness stand and incriminates himself in order help Erica. Reggie is ready to turn himself into the police and confess to murder, in order to help Jack. The defense is getting more confident that Kendall can be acquitted. Jack calls a meeting and celebration at his home, with Erica, Bianca and Reggie, and announces his engagement to Erica.

Kendall is alone with Ryan. He assures her that he loves her. But Greenlee is worried about the two of them ruining her, which Ryan assures him will not happen. Babe urges Paul Kramer to help her get false paternity results. She notices her mother's infatuation over Tad Martin. Krystal assures her daughter she knows what she's doing and is simply "distracting" Tad so he backs off of his investigation. Babe informs her mother that she knows Paul will have to help her, or else he can lose the $30, first by still being "technically" legally married to her, and second if he is, in fact the father of her child. But unknown to them, Adam Chandler is also working on Paul and ready to pay him in order to get Babe out of JR's life.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison is feeling trapped, takes another step down the ladder and lies unmoving after her fall. Chris has an idea about how to get an ultrasound, rushes off when he learns that there is another way out of the building and sees that he has lost his ex again. Jack ends an argument with a kiss and feels that telling the truth would be saving his sister-in-law. Jessica agrees to break the law, has 6 months to fake responses and lies about her husband knowing about the letters. Katie doesn’t want to spend the night with either of the men in her life. Lily extends an invitation to learn more about her twin and orders the fortuneteller out.

Mike pleads his case and refuses to leave. Rosanna will be advised to settle only for the best. Rose is caught between 2 worlds and needs help getting home. Sarah asks for a note to be delivered and is angry that someone is trying to step into her mother’s shoes. Simon agrees to tell everything but not in front of his rival, Simon can’t believe that he has to leave his wife a second time and smirks at his wife’s fiancée. The fortuneteller decides that there is nothing more that she can do and has gotten the message all wrong. The supervisor decides to call the police.

B&B by Lea

Jackie told Massimo she only offered to quit her job because he was uncomfortable. She tried to explain how important her job is to her. He tried to explain why he is perhaps too possessive. He was afraid to lose her again like in the past.

Ox and Bridget discussed the situation between Eric and Massimo. Oz said Massimo claimed Eric is hitting on Jackie. Bridget defended her father. Thomas met the new Forrester intern Caitlin. She blathered on and on about Eric – not realizing Thomas is Eric’s son.

Days by Rebecca

Lexie, Celeste, and others wait eagerly for Tony to name the killer. The tiger scares many into hiding including Nicole/Brady and Lucas/Sami, who share a kiss!! Bonnie stumbles around trying to find her glasses, and even faces the killer! A can of blood is spilt on Tony, and the show ends with the tiger having its way with him.

GH by Nicole

Jason brings Courtney back to the Penthouse after shooting Brian, Carly tries to console her but she insists on going to PCPD to confess. Courtney ends up going to see Brian at General Hospital. Emily tells Helena that she will stay away from Nik so he can get his treasure money, meanwhile behind a picture, eyes are watching Nik and Emily talk about how they are going to find the treasure and take off together. Sonny and Sam talk about having no commitment and they make love again. Brian remembers that Courtney is the one that shot him but does not tell anybody, not even Courtney. Jason walks in and sees Sam and Sonny together. Justus frees Faith from Ferncliff, while she begs him not to because she is afraid Jason and Sonny will come after her. Faith informs Ric that Zander shot Brian.

GL by Megan

During a photo-op at Lewis Construction, Danny is anxious to get home to Michelle. Before he can leave, Jeffrey arrives to talk about rumors swirling around Danny's campaign. Michelle lies unconscious on the living room floor, as the gas seeps out of the fireplace. She sees Carrie's face and fears that she has come to kill her. Fortunately, Danny and Bill arrive just in time, but upon inspection they see the gas valve has been turned off. Alone with Michelle, Carrie reappears and protests her innocence, but Michelle remains dubious – clinging to Danny as he tells her that nothing in his life would mean anything without her. Eden is grabbed by Bruzi's henchman, it seems Tony will have no choice but to acquiesce to Bruzi's demands. But Eden is brave as well as resourceful and she and Tony are able to turn the tables on the bad guys. But once they're safe, Eden discovers that Tony's been wounded in the struggle. She rushes him to the hospital, where a skeptical Ed senses that Tony didn't have a harmless accident. But Tony and Eden hang together and stonewall the doctor – just as Bill appears. Bill lashes out at Tony not only for imperiling Eden but also for putting Danny's campaign at risk. Though Eden would defend him, Tony lets Bill vent, not even trying to justify his actions. Bill takes Eden home and Tony remains alone. Beth and Lizzie arrive at Ravenwood to find that Olivia and Phillip have said, "I do." Lizzie's shock and outrage lead her to send out an SOS to Alan and Alex and Olivia finds herself confronted with the wrath of the Spaulding's. She is up to the challenge, and Phillip summons his strength to support his bride. We soon realize that it isn't "true love" that's motivating either the bride or the groom. Olivia is fighting to protect the future of her baby girl, and Phillip is desperate to replace the child he thinks he's lost.

OLTL by Traci

Two students find Flash's body. Marcie hosts another radio show about sexual harassment by a university professor named Barnes with guests Rae, Stephan Haver, Jessica, Jen, and another student named Tammy. Jen hesitates about speaking on the radio about the professor, while the other student Tammy backs out. Lindsay brings Rex a gift and they end up kissing again.

Riley goes looking for Flash and ends up finding out from Antonio and John that she was murdered. Asa gets a picture of Kevin and Blair kissing on a the front cover of a newspaper. Tammy goes back to the radio station and Marcie finds out it was Michael/Al who convinced her to go back. Jen goes to see Rex and finds her mother at his apartment. Riley blames himself for Flash's death. Asa is devastated when he finds out that Flash is dead.

Passions by Brenda

Julian calls Eve and asks her to meet him at the Crane mansion. He has news about their son, and shows Eve a picture of him. Liz eavesdrops on their conversation, and uses the information to her advantage. She plans on having T.C. find Julian and Eve together.

Miguel fights Reese for being in bed with Charity. Kay lashes out at Charity and tells her that the fight is all her fault. Charity is bewildered at her own actions.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Angelo is warned that if he has done anything criminal, he will wish that he had been electrocuted, knows that if a wise guy did this, he must have gotten permission and spills about an associate offering to take care of business. Bobbie gets between two angry men and loses focus on the doctor’s report when he sees a thug that he has to have words with now. Brittany had dead tissue removed from her face. Christine hasn’t got even one regret about the night before and shares a kiss with an old friend after explaining her feelings on his being with her the night before. Danny knows that he has to tell the truth before his loved one finds out herself. Drucilla finds her husband acting very upset, needs something tangible to go back to her boss with and threatens that she has no idea what she will do if her husband can’t get his hands on the orchid.

Frederick doesn’t want pond scum at the hospital, finds a thug to be cowardly going after a woman instead of a man and wants to get a thug put in jail. JT learns that a certain goon is outside at the nurse’s station. Kevin seems to agree not to reveal who his relatives are and won’t leave town as he has been having too much fun in Genoa City. Lynne heads off to work alone, as her boss has something to take care of first. Michael decides to change his brother’s life. Neil tells his wife that everything is okay and that the orchids are going to be back in town soon. Olivia arrives to give a report. Paul accuses a rival of being unfair, refuses to go to his ex with an update on her current lover and will keep his secret about an aging rock star for now. Phyllis announces that she is coming home and doesn’t care what is fair anymore.

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