Friday 1/23/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee, Mia and Simone corner Kendall and ask if they can feel her pregnant belly, She tells them she wants them to leave her alone. They remind her that if she's lying about her pregnancy it will ruin her case, but she should trust her friends knowing they would not judge her for doing that as much as they would if they actually believed she'd have a baby with Michael Cambias. Erica enters the room and tells Kendall she agrees. Erica feels Kendall's belly and "acts" to the others as though she is disgusted with her daughter for knowing that she'd conceive a baby with that monster. Singer gets witnesses to incriminate Kendall, while Livia cross-examines them and establishes reasonable doubt.

Erica is called as a surprise witness, and almost comes out to admit that she might have killed Michael, and that she lied to the police in telling them that Kendall had access to the gun that killed him. Krystal confronts Tad, but at the end, they get it on. Simone comes to visit Tad and can tell he is busy. Also, Liza has a "flash-back" in remembering her romantic history with Tad, and how it's all ruined with his "fling" with Krystal. Babe meets Paul Kramer and tells him she knows he needs her cooperation, or else she can ruin his chances to get his aunt Betsy's $30 million.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron offers to help with the baby if that is necessary. Alison bustles by her boss and heads to the door, explains that she is not having a domestic dispute and promises to meet up with a friend at the YMCA. Barbara hopes that she will be able to help her son now that she is free, knows that whatever her son says, he still loves her and sees that her son really hates himself. Holden can’t answer as to whether his wife will ever really return to her family and can’t make his wife see that he doesn’t want to forget about his sister-in-law.

Lily cries out for a sign from her sister, is told that she is the one that needs help and learns that her sister wants her to be at peace. Margo asks Mike not to go charging over to his fiancée’s house and goes off on her brother-in-law. Mike finds his fiancée hugging and kissing another man and starts hallucinating about what he should do. Paul assures his mother that she will not be able to get to her son anymore and has an outburst in court. Simon doesn’t believe in an engagement, as he is still married, forces his wife to remember him and tells his wife that they have to leave town right now.

B&B by Lea

Days by Danielle

Celeste prophesizes to Tony that he is going to die and begs him to tell her the identity of the killer. The magician that is supposed to make Horton the tiger disappear has disappeared. Tony fills in, dressed in the magician’s clothes. Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Mimi find the magician hurt and unconscious. Tony prepares to announce the killer’s name as the killer unlocks the tiger cage.

Marlena continues to run away from John. Lucas breaks out of the Port-A-Potty just in time to snap the knife away from Sami with a whip. Sami confronts John with the knife when he tries to approach her but Marlena steps in and talks Sami into dropping the knife. John eavesdrops on Sami and Marlena’s heart to heart talk.

Everyone surprises Alice with a birthday cake but blood drips onto it when cut. Alice’s sees a vision of Tom. Doug unknowingly bumps into the killer as he carries Alice’s birthday gifts.

GH by Nicole

Carly and Alcazar talk about Sonny walking in on them, she tells him Sonny will get over it eventually, he tells her, her marriage ended tonight. Courtney comes to find Carly and is upset that she didn't go home with Sonny, they argue about Carly's decisions. Carly returns home to the Penthouse to find Jason, Jason is mad and tells her Sonny came home and left, tells her that he will fix her problems tomorrow. A hurt Sonny finds Sam at the docks, they kiss and end up making love. Emily and Nik are reunited after he is freed. Faith is still stuck in Ferncliff but tells Zander to kill Jason. The PCPD intercept a shipment and Brian tries to shoot Jason, but a follower, Courtney sees him and shoots Brian.

GL by Megan

Danny sees that Michelle is tired and suggests she stay home from Danny's photo op at Lewis construction. She reads up on Carrie's past and calls Marah to inform her that she threatened Carrie with unmasking. However, the gas line on the fireplace mysteriously goes out, and Michelle soon succumbs to the poisonous fumes. Carrie finds her coughing and semi-conscious but remains impassive. Danny receives a check from Billy and a sincere pledge of political support from Josh. Meanwhile, Tony has snuck off to a meeting with a low-level mobster, who tries to bring him on board with illegal activities in Springfield. Just as Tony tells the mobster to get out of town or deal with Tony, Eden, who has followed Tony, is brought out of the shadows by a henchman, a knife at her throat, turning the tables on Tony. Olivia arrives at Ravenwood with an unknown plan in motion. She is frustrated to find Phillip still sedated from medical testing. She calls someone one-way, urging him or her to get here ASAP and help. She tries to draw Phillip out by talking about their future and her desire to take care of him. Meanwhile, Lizzie confides in Alan and Beth about her overhearing Olivia's mystery phone call. Alan dismisses Lizzie's worry that Olivia is planning to kidnap her father. Beth decides to ease Lizzie's agitation by a late night visit to check up on Phillip. They walk in and are startled to find Olivia, Sam and a minister there with Phillip. Olivia with a smile announces that they have just been married.

OLTL by Traci

Blair tries to get Kevin to want her but he tells her that he can't because he is working things out with Kelly. Michael/Al helps Ron and Marcie move Marcie's things into Jen's house. Asa tells Kelly that she has to get Kevin not to resign. Lindsay goes and tells John and Antonio that she found sheet music with music writen in blood. Flash is happy now that her band Midnight Logic has been picked up to go on tour. Lindsay believes that someone is following her. John and Antonio go to Lindsay's gallery and don't find anything there.

Rex tells Jen that there is another women in his life. Michael/Al says something that reminds Marcie about when she helped Al with the drug problem he once had. Flash and Riley get into a fight after he informs her that he doesn't want to go on tour. Jessica and Dr. Haver continue talking about the music box killer. Blair apologizes to Kelly for she and Kevin being together. Blair asks Kelly how she can continue to love a man who can hurt her over and over. Kelly stands by Kevin as he resigns from office.

Passions by Brenda

Julian and Fox have a heart-to-heart talk, and Julian tells Fox that true love can mean making sacrifices. Julian asks Fox if he could step aside and let Whitney choose who she wants to be with, and if it's Chad, to be happy for her.

Kay talks to Miguel and tells him that she has always been in love with him and has never wavered in her love for him, unlike Charity. When Kay asks what it would take for Miguel to give up on Charity, he responds that he would have to catch her with another guy. Later, Miguel walks in on Charity and Reese in bed together - imagine the shock of all Harmony teens! Kay uses this to her advantage to point out that Charity is breaking Miguel's heart, and also hurt her cousin Jessica, who is Reese's girlfriend. Gwen and Beth have it out and Gwen lets Beth know that she is going to prove her suspicions, once she talks to Dr. Culver, and then Gwen will let everyone know that Beth kidnapped Sheridan and stole her baby. Julian receives an envelope and calls Eve to tell her he has more info about their son.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Bobbie feels he knows whose has dirty hands and punches the guy out, has to wonder if his visiting ‘friend’ is responsible for an accident and smashes a chair in anger over an injury. Brittany gets the shock of her life, is carted off to Trauma Unit 1…STAT, and lies unconscious waiting for the paramedics. Christine takes a hand, leading a man to her bedroom and seemed a little suspicious earlier when she said that she wanted to go to bed. Danny displays his heart on his sleeve and shows up and interrupting a private conversation. Frederick calls the police to investigate an accident. JT is almost about to trip the fisherman into saying something damning. Kevin is sure that the cops have nothing, makes a threat and might feel the need to add another name to his hit list.

Lauren can’t shake the idea that she might have a stalker, is shaking as she makes an urgent call and offers herself as a decoy. Michael gets info on the neighborhood psycho, is surprised to see Christine with another ex-husband and overhears a phone call, knowing that soon things are going to get out of control. Olivia is called to help an emergency patient and gives an update on a burned patient’s condition. Paul clears the room when he mentions that he has a date, gets an update on an aging rocker’s career and warns that getting in too deep into a relationship too fast, can be a bad thing. Raul accompanies his girlfriend to the hospital, knows that there has been a setup and learns that a tough guy never prays for help. Sal denies that his visit was electrifying.

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