Thursday 1/22/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Livia and all of Kendall's allies are shocked to find out Ryan is testifying for the prosecution. He sounds, at first, like he's ready to get her in trouble. But at the end, he proves that he is not. Greenlee, Mia and Simone all plot a plan to prove that Kendall is lying about being pregnant. They corner her and ask to touch her baby

Tad has a meeting with Krystal and Babe. He tells them he'd dug up a "pattern" of Babe bribing and professors and cops. He thinks he's "blown them out of the water" admitting what he knows about Paul Kramer and the fact that JR is not the father of Babe's baby. But she tells him she will have a test done to prove paternity, and has no worries. Little does he know that she is going to have Paul Kramer falsify the results for her.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara changes her plea to "guilty", gets directed as to how she should play the judge and likens her situation to the judge’s. Carly decides that her sister should be allowed to have the life that she desires. Craig begs for forgiveness, is in the doghouse and says that the police have the silly notion that he has been bribing. Dr. Michaels is speaks sharply when her patient makes her wait for no good reason and would like to see a patient sent to the home for the criminally insane. Henry is bumped by a frantic female, flawless while lying to a dead man walking and takes the blame for a disheveled room. Jack warns that an Obstruction of Justice charge is in the works. Katie learns that her husband is looking for her, that she has to escape and lock herself in her house and that her husband and boyfriend may bump into each other.

Lucy admits to leading a guy on and cringes when she hears a familiar knock. Margo can’t advise her sister on the latest turn of events. Mike finds that his suite has been tampered with, heads unannounced up to the suite where he has forgotten his keys and knocks on a locked door, which has his fiancée on the other side with another man. Mitzy heads south to the border. Paul can’t get his brother to get his priorities straight, taunts his mother at the moment of sentencing and can’t believe the words that he hears out of his mother’s mouth. Simon catches his wife as she falls limp in his arms, is told that he has been given the slip and refuses to leave town alone. Will is asked not to believe anything that his mother says and is only concerned for his mother’s well being and not even his own.

B&B by Lea

Jackie told Eric to let go of her. She explained the decision to give up the job was her choice. Massimo watched the scene and then confronted Eric (“Take your hands off my wife!). Stephanie noticed Eric, Jackie and Massimo have disappeared from the party. The two men spoke around Jackie as though she wasn’t present. Ridge arrived with the kids – all aged about 10 years older than when we last saw them. Nick came in with news about Brooke. Thomas flirted with Samantha. Nick had the call traced, and as it turned out so did Ridge – it was an international call. Later Nick learned the call was from France and he made plans for travel.

Deacon was at dinner with Caitlin the new Forrester intern. They discussed Eric -- she thought Eric was a “sweetheart.” Deacon whined again about how Eric is keeping him from Bridget. Massimo arrived at the same bar – Deacon asked him to join a partnership to bring down Eric.

Days by Danielle

Everyone in Salem prepares for his or her part in the circus. Belle, Shawn, and Philip make their way safely across the tightrope but Mimi faints as she and Rex are crossing the tightrope. Belle and Shawn also help out by running the kissing booth. Jennifer receives a bad report at her new sonogram appointment with Lexie and later decides to keep the baby. Tony shares his plans for announcing the killer’s identity with Celeste. The killer hides out backstage at the circus and plots to use a dangerous chemical on the tiger. Sami plots revenge on Kate during the knife-throwing act. Bonnie steps into the dunk tank herself when she can’t find anyone else to do it. Mimi knocks her down on the first try.

GH by Nicole

Jason tells Carly that she is on her own, after she tried to convince him that Alcazar was trying to help her. Nik and Emily get reunited at Wyndemere. Sonny tells Jax and Sam he is leaving the island, offers to take them with him, Jax wants to go, Sam doesn't, Jax leaves with Sonny. Sam overhears Helena and the pirate, Helena stabs him and Sam tries to help him but he rushes her away before Helena comes back, she picks up a ring. Dillon and Sage realize that Georgie and Tom are never in public together. Sonny calls home while on the plane, talks to Michael, then Carly walks in and talks to him, he asks her where she has been, the connection on the phone is lost. Carly calls Alcazar and wants to meet, Courtney overhears and tells Carly she won't let her do this. Sam ends up on the plane, Jax notices the ring. Mac calls Ric, they found Ben's body, the case is close, he admitted to killing Cody. Sonny comes home to find no Carly, Jason tells him she went to Alcazar, Sonny immediately drops everything and leaves. Carly goes to Alcazar to say goodbye. Ric cons Zander into signing the papers. Georgie tries to tell Dillon about Tom but Sage interrupts. Sonny walks in on Alcazar and Carly kissing.

GL by Megan

Harley gets a surprise when she meets with Brad – who's arranged for a private party in a hotel suite for just the two of them. She manages to photograph something suspicious in his briefcase but is nearly caught when Gus calls and Brad goes for her photo-phone. Jeffrey provides an escape for her and Brad rushes home to keep Marie from getting suspicious – but Harley's near-romantic interlude with Brad has her feeling dirty and disgusting. She goes home and despite the guilt she feels, asks Gus to hold her. Tony finds the three men working for Lewis Construction he's suspicious about and confronts them about their ties to the mob. They try to stonewall but Tony has their number and warns them they'd best leave town. Eden wonders if the problem's been solved, but Tony knows its just beginning – and as he suspected, he gets a call from the boss, Bruzi. They arrange a meeting. Shayne's set Marah up with a blind date; he's a nice enough guy but doesn't stand a chance, especially when Jeffrey arrives at the same restaurant. She sneaks over to his table for some relief from her date, Luke, but gets a shock when Jeffrey's date, Miko arrives. She endures the rest of the evening as best she can but finally leaves, abruptly. Jeffrey's been affected, too; he tells Miko they need to take a break from their affair. Cassie finds Sandy watching tapes of Richard and he confesses she's the one who stirred his interest in the father he never knew. As they connect, she suggests he also find room in his life for his mother, Reva – but Sandy's hesitant and the surprising reason is his reluctance to have her find out how tough things were for him growing up. She's impressed – and thinks it's just the kind of thing Richard would do. They promise to continue this new connection, but Sandy continues to watch the tape of Richard with strong interest.

OLTL by Traci

Kelly and Kevin make love. John takes Lindsay to Statesville prison so she can try and get some information out of Troy. Kevin tells Kelly that he id going to resign from being Lt. Governor. Blair goes to workat The Sun and finds Todd there. Troy tells Lindsay that there is someone in his head and tells her that it is his brother Colin that is making him do these killings.

Bliar decides to quit her job because of Todd. Starr calls Nora and asks to speak to Mathew. Starr apologizes to Mathew for what happened to him, he accepts it. Viki talks to Todd about what happened between him and Blair. David starts to think that River is acting a little weird. After coming back from the prison Lindsay finds her gallery door open and a painting with music notes on it. Blair asks Kevin why it is they should be together.

Passions by Brenda

Alistair tells Dr. Ackland to give Sheridan another shot, but he hesitates. Alistair grabs the hypodermic needle and enters Sheridan's room. After a brief conversation, Alistair injects Sheridan with the 2nd dose of the potentially lethal drug.

Kay arrives at the ski lodge and tries to share a room with Miguel to save money. Miguel says no, and Simone and Jessica tell Kay she can stay in their room. Endora casts a spell on Charity so that her hormones leap out of control. Charity goes to Reese's room and begs him to make love to her.

Dr. Culver goes in to treat Beth for her high fever and is shocked to see Beth. He gives Beth an ultimatum that she had better not try any more fake illnesses, because he believes that she is trying to pull an insurance scam. Beth leaves the triage room and sneaks up to listen to Gwen, who is waiting to see Dr. Culver, so that she can question him about Beth's pregnancy.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

A stranger watches dirty dancing using surveillance cameras, witnesses his assault and then turns off the current, wishing his victim, “Sweet Dreams”. Angelo has a new bounce in his step, invites an upstart outside for a not so friendly chat and is warned again to keep it bottled up. Bobbie smells something bad in the air and walks in on heartfelt kissing. Brittany hates that she will be dancing naked in her boyfriend’s presence, is dragged from the dance floor motionless and shakes it like she has never shaken it before, once the electricity hits her. Frederick pays a visit to the neighborhood strip joint.

Kevin puts it out there that he needs a job. Lauren gets a gift from an adoring fan, is overwhelmed by confessions of the lovelorn and promises to take security measures when alone. Michael learns that his brother knows yet another of his acquaintances in town and pushes a lovesick puppy out, begging him to get help for his emotional well being. Nikki recommits in spite of hard times. Raul excuses his boss and gets to work in the office and explains why he has chosen Marcino's. Raul peeks when he hears a beautiful voice. Sal makes a call giving the okay to kick off a plan, makes nice with a temperamental banker and nods in the direction of his Sumo thugs, pointing out their mark for the night.

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