Wednesday 1/21/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall's trial begins. Bianca urges Kendall to listen to what she learned in her dream about something she needs to find in order to help Kendall get acquitted. Jack proposed to Erica and she accepts. Edmund suddenly regains consciousness.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison develops an alias, hangs up abruptly when she gets the news of a close relative’s condition and makes contact when she hears about the condition of a loved one. Carly feels that she has to make her sister aware of a situation involving her husband and is torn as to what she should do about her sister’s marriage. Chris is warned that if anything happens to the baby, it will be on his head. Craig makes the final pay off. Dusty asks for permission to find a buyer for a partnership. Henry shows up in the nick of time to send friends to The Lakeview for a night of fun and excitement. Jack leaves for more information on what to do with a liar. Katie sees her husband over her lover’s shoulder.

Lily denies that she sees dead people and tunes out the ranting, concentrating on the image of her unhappy twin across the room. Mike feels like the luckiest man in the world. Mitzy is threatened with jail if she doesn’t confess all. Molly gives permission to sell her share. Paul remembers insisting that he have his wedding in Oakdale, warns that hate will eat a person up and will not be saddled with a vendetta. Rosanna heads to the station again after her husband asks her not to go, hunts a friend down, even though she is warned that he needs time to himself and is warned to be suspicious of her husband. Simon can’t go back to being dead.

B&B by Lea

Everyone is getting ready for Bridget and Oz’s engagement party. Eric called Jackie, but she told him she had to respect her husband’s wishes and hung up on him. Over at Forrester Creations, Deacon is introduced to a new intern named Caitlin – who is in awe of Eric. Eric walked in to leave a sketch with Deacon. Caitlin noticed the tension between the two men. Deacon explained Eric was to blame for his not being with Bridget anymore (totally ignoring the whole baby with her mother fiasco).

Bridget told Stephanie she missed her mom and she hoped she would not mess up her life the way her mother has. Stephanie assured her it would not happen. During the party Eric kept trying to get alone time with Jackie – to discuss business (hey we believe that). She informed him she was leaving her job as the Fenmore Forrester buyer. Eric is stunned and tried to talk her out of the decision – by grabbing her shoulders. Massimo walked up and saw Eric touching his wife – he was not happy.

Days by Rebecca

Lucas and Phillip try to get through to Kate, and she finally gets out of bed. Jan visits Marlena and talks more about Marlena than herself. Phillip, Shawn, Belle, Mimi, and Rex being to practice their routine for the circus. John visits Hope and they talk about Bo, Tony, etc. Later, they visit Tony (who has Celeste with him) and he tells them to wait until the circus, and the killer shall be revealed! Meanwhile, Bonnie's dog Max finds the killer's clothes in a box...

GH by Nicole

Jason tells Courtney he called off the search for Carly, he doesn't think she wants to be found. They talk about getting back together and almost kiss when he gets a phone call and has to leave. Carly wakes up in Alcazar's safehouse and is afraid that they made love, he reassures they didn't, he tells her everything he did for her. Carly tells him she cares for him but she needs to go home to her children Ric and Brian and Lucky talk about Cody's murder case. Ric tells Brian once they nail Jason and Sonny, Brian's relationship with Courtney is over. Nik and Liz talk about the possibility of Zander blackmailing Ric into setting up Nik for murder. Justus visits Faith and Ferncliff and tells her that he is the one keeping her there. Maxie and Georgie talk about hiring a model to pose as Tom for the dance. Sage steals the pic of "Tom" out of Georgie's locker and puts it on the posters in the hall. Ric tells Liz everything about framing Nik for murder and reassures her that he made a deal with Alexis so Nik will be free in the end. Faith kisses Justus, tells him she can handle the hole she has dug.

GL by Megan

Ed meets with Dr. Grant and owns up to his two medical mistakes, spinning it in a more positive light by attributing the mistakes to exhaustion and emotional stress due to Shayne’s accident. Dr. Grant is understanding and tells Ed to take a long weekend to recuperate, thus circumventing Rick’s attempt to force Ed on a long-term leave of absence. Rick is displeased at the turn of events.

Reva and Josh run into each other at the hospital. She begs him to let her in on his turmoil, but just as he’s about to confide in her, he shuts down. He makes excuses and goes off to meet Ed. Josh tries to talk Ed into going to the police with him, but Ed just wants to sit tight. Josh is adamant that they not follow Alan into folly once again, especially when it seems that Alan would stoop to murder to keep their secret about Maryanne. Ed grows agitated and confused, and he gets another violent headache. Ed rushes off.

Michelle grows a spine and accuses Carrie of wanting vengeance, not justice, for Maryanne. She makes it clear to Carrie that she’s through with the mind games and manipulations, and that if Carrie means to harm Ed she’ll have to go over Michelle’s dead body. Carrie insinuates that if she truly wanted vengeance, it would’ve been all too easy. It seems she’s had the three girls under surveillance for years. Michelle gives Carrie the juice – either she makes herself known to the men, or Michelle will give her up herself. Carrie’s imperious look turns sinister.

Michelle and Rick confront Ed once again. Rick tries to talk Ed into taking more time off, but a defensive Ed ends up in another argument with his children. He takes off yet again with headache in full force, and we see him over-medicate himself. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to ascertain if Rick can keep the Maryanne Caruthers secret.

Cassie is suspicious about Olivia’s repeated disappearances. As she and Edmund discuss Olivia, talk turns once again to the night of Cassie’s miscarriage. Cassie confesses that she’s had the recurring fantasy that her baby didn’t really die, that it was all an elaborate palace conspiracy to rob Richard of an heir. Edmund is understanding of her feelings and starts to wonder if her fantasy is in fact reality. With that in mind, he approaches Olivia, who still has many important palace and island connections. He starts to explain his theory that a baby thought dead is indeed alive, and Olivia immediately thinks Edmund is on to her until she realizes he’s talking about Cassie. Edmund asks Olivia if there is some credence to Cassie’s fantasy because it was extremely chaotic at the hospital that night and Richard had many enemies (besides Edmund himself) who would’ve concocted such a scheme. When it becomes apparent that Cassie doesn’t know that Edmund is looking into the fantasy theory, Olivia advises him not to go further until he gets Cassie’s okay since only a mother knows what’s best for her child. Olivia goes off to make a secretive phone call and to leave Edmund scratching his head at her parting remark. Olivia’s phone call regarding certain preparations for her and Phillip is overheard by a hidden Lizzie. Cassie and Reva meet up at Company, and Cassie tells an incredulous Reva how Edmund has helped her come to terms with her miscarriage. Cassie also expresses guilt that she’s kept Sandy at arms length and goes off to make amends with him. Josh joins Reva and admits that he is indeed going through extreme turmoil and that he needs to do the right thing, as Reva herself would do. Reva assures Josh that she’ll be beside him all the way. Cassie stops outside Sandy’s apartment and is stunned to hear Richard’s voice.

OLTL by Traci

Jessica goes to see John so she can get some quotes about Troy being the music box killer. John tells her that he is not leaving. R.J. talks to Lindsay about how he doesn't like Jessica being around Jamie. Marcie tells Jen that she will help her in school because that is what friends are for. Jessica questions John about whether or not he believes that Troy is the killer otherwise he wouldn't be staying here.

Michael/Al shows up at Jen's house and finds Marcie there, then asks her out to lunch. Rex brings flowers over to Lindsay after Jen refuses to take them. Roxy brought some stuff over for Adrianna and River. Dorian lies and tells Paul that she is going to California and not Puerto Rico. Michael/Al and Marcie go to the diner together. John goes to see Lindsay and questions her and why she thinks that Troy is telling to truth when he says he is being framed.

Passions by Brenda

Kay fears for baby Maria's life since it seems at first that Miguel and Charity might get back together. Kay sticks her hands in the "witching bowl" and tries to strangle Charity. Not long after that, Kay decides to go to the ski lodge to be with Miguel and keep him from Charity. Gwen insists to Ethan that she knows Beth is the one who tried to run her over with a car. Dr. Culver comes in to treat Gwen, but since she has never seen him, she is unaware that it is Dr. Culver. When Ethan comes back and tells Gwen that it was Dr. Culver, she sends Ethan to hurry and get him back so she can ask questions about Beth.

Beth pretends to be sick when Luis shows up to question her about Gwen's suspicions. Luis is so worried about Beth's fever that he insists she go to the hospital. Precious is hiding under the bed and turns the hot pad up too high and it shorts out, catching Beth's nightgown on fire.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Angelo wants to be there when the banker gets it, will make sure a banker goes, if he has to go and hasn’t got his name on the door, but will take care of the place if he has to. Ashley cries when she learns about the way that she has been acting, demands to know who the hell that woman thinks that she is and slides back into her trance when she looks at a picture of her daughter. Bobbie is found shouting at his computer and will not do anything about a nosey banker, even though someone else knows exactly what to do. Brittany feels that she has all the answers and tells her roommate to ‘shove it.” Frederick has used his contacts to make sure that Marcino's will not get a loan anywhere. Jill feels that her mother has been waiting for an excuse to have a drink all these years, feels that her mother’s visitor was from AA and will not stand by and let her mother kill herself.

JT broaches a touchy subject with a friend that he cares for and sees that a stripper is only at the club because of Mr. Slick. Katherine cries while hugging her bottle. “God! I want a drink.” Nikki insists that she be able to invite an ‘ill’ woman to join her conversation and will agree to let her husband help as long as he isn’t told the truth. Raul hopes that the banker is right in the way that he wants to handle things, is hired at $10.00 per hour and learns that a club owner will not be a part of his life for much longer. Sal hears shouting coming from inside the club. Victor announces that he is going to plead guilty to all charges, defends his going over to help a sick woman and kept a secret, as he knew that it would only be upsetting.

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