Tuesday 1/20/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca tells Lena and Maggie that she knows she got a very significant message, in the dream she had the previous night. And there's something she must find in order to help Kendall. Kendall's trial begins. Both the prosecution and the defense select and reject jury members. Kendall has a "fantasy" that all her family and friends turn on her and get selected to the jury to see her fry.

Aidan tries to find a witness to help Kendall. But the guy gets a visit from the police and they take him to jail. Bianca goes to Michael's in search of some sort of "key" to get the truth and help Kendall. But she unexpectedly runs into Erica who tells her she must give up and get out of there. But she tells her mother that they must face something.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara defends her position and her rights are forfeited. Bob points his son’s head in the right direction. Carly figures out a behind-the-scenes scheme and puts her cards on the table. Chris sees that the intended father isn’t. Craig foolishly thinks that he is in the clear. Dusty still works to find a connection to his enemy. Hal orders charges for assault. Henry can’t stop screaming at the sight of a dead man, hesitates when asked where a bubbly blonde is and makes a promise that he can’t keep.

Katie explains how meaningful her proposal was. Lily is asked to try on someone else’s shoes. Mike makes wedding plans. Simon walked one hundred miles, and he would walk one hundred more; just to be the man that walked a thousand miles and dropped down at her door. Tish discovers that sonograms were switched. Will acted to please his mother, didn’t mean to be a killer and is read his rights.

B&B by Lea

Massimo and Jackie wondered what was troubling Nick. He changed the topic to Oz and Bridget’s engagement party. Massimo was irritated by talk of Eric. Massimo accused his wife of lying about where she went after shopping. He forced her to admit she went to see Eric. Massimo predictably enough is not happy. Deacon told Amber his evening did not go as planned – she was not shocked. She was, however, very happy that Deacon walked and danced. Deacon wanted to talk to Eric about Bridget. Amber tried in vain to dissuade him having that talk. Eric predictably enough didn’t want to hear Deacon.

Bridget visited Eric and thanked him for the engagement party. She told him about the dinner with Deacon. Oz told Bridget that Massimo seemed jealous of Eric and Jackie’s relationship. Massimo confronted Eric about Jackie and made a veiled threat about “consequences.”

Days by Rebecca

Tony is drawn to the tiger, and Shawn-D still thinks he's the killer. Victor tells Tony about Nicole killing Colin and the other victims, and Tony tells him that he will get rid of her. Nicole, listening in, says that she'll kill them both to protect herself. John tells Brady not to get in Nicole's web, and he agrees. Bo is ready to go to Europe in search of Billie and the secret she has about the Salem Stalker.

GH by Nicole

Jason and Courtney are in Shadybrook and act as if Faith was Carly and have her transferred to Ferncliff under the alias of Frances Walsh. Carly is in Alcazar's safe house, he puts her in a bath and has her drink water to get the drugs out of her system. She freaks out and tells Alcazar to stop telling her what to do, Alcazar backs away from her and tells her to sleep it off and in the morning she can make her decision of what to go, he is letting go for now. Courtney and Jason tell Justus he needs to keep Faith locked up in Ferncliff for Carly and Sonny's sake. Dillon watches as Georgie shows Maxie her ring that "Tom" gave her as a promise ring. Later at Kelly's, Sage nominates Georgie and Tom as King and Queen of the Winter Dance. Sonny removes a bullet from Jax's stomach and saves his life, Sam tells Sonny that behind his big bad mob attitude, he is a good, warm, man.

GL by Megan

Michelle, Marah and Marina decide that they need to know more about Carrie. As Alan prepares to confront them, the women slip though the tunnel on their way to Carrie's room. Alone in Carrie's room, they begin to snoop around, looking for clues. They're startled when Carrie returns, but she puts on a front of geniality and welcomes them. Marah finds Maryanne's death notice in the newspaper and Carrie is forced to admit she was Maryanne's aunt. She confesses that she loves Maryanne and has been trying to keep her memory alive. Once Marah and Marina leave Carrie's room, Michelle hangs back to accuse Carrie of wanting vengeance. Jeffrey, pulling Gus into the mystery, suggests that he mention the name Maryanne Caruthers to Alan and watch for a reaction. When Gus brings up Maryanne's name, Alan's skittishness confirms that Alan is hiding something. Buzz and Alex head out on a motorcycle ride, a chance for each of them to have fun, be free. Alan orders Buzz to stay away from his sister and warns Alex to keep her mouth shut. The weight doesn't remain off of Buzz's shoulders for very long. Olivia returns home where we find her brother, Sam, taking care of her very much alive baby girl. She vows to protect and take care of her daughter at all costs. Marrying Phillip will be the first step. Olivia seeks out Jeffrey and asks him about the legality of decisions Phillip makes while in Ravenwood.

OLTL by Traci

Blair, Kelly and Dorian manage to stop the fight between Kevin and Todd. Blair refuses to call the police on Todd after he leaves. Rex and Lindsay continue to kiss after he takes her home. John and Bo go over the new found evidence in John's hotel room. Michael/Al helps to treat Jen at the hospital afther she has an alocohol overdose. Marcie calls Lindsay just as she and Rex go a bit further in their kissing.

River tells Dorian that he is going to see a few friends but he is really going to see Adrianna. Adrianna is hiding out and starts to rethink her running away and if she should go back. David overhears as Dorian tells Carlotta that she is going to go to Puerto Rico to help look for Adrianna. Riley gets Flash to call her father. River asks Adrianna to marry him. Michael/Al walks Marcie home after her brother Ron says he will stay at the hospital to be there if Lindsay or Jen needed him.

Passions by Brenda

Pilar shows up at Tabitha's house, surprising Kay and Miguel. Pilar offers Miguel money to go on the weekend ski trip and tells him to talk to Charity. Pilar also takes baby Maria for the weekend, giving Kay some free time. Whitney tells Theresa about seeing her mother and Julian together. Pilar informs Whitney that Julian donated a new wing to the hospital and named it after Eve. Theresa explains to Whitney that she probably just saw her mom being grateful to Julian and gave him a hug and kiss.

Theresa announces that she is going to marry Fox and that she will have to learn to get along with Julian, since he will be her father-in-law. Whitney seems to be stunned by Theresa's announcement. Beth is the hit-and-run driver who mowed down Gwen, but Gwen recognized her. After Gwen is treated at the hospital, she asks Luis to arrest Beth for attempted murder. Ethan tries to reason with Gwen and tell her she is confused because of her head injury.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Arthur guesses what his old friend has been up to, has questions as to why sobriety has been broken and is very sad that he has no children to share his life with. Brad can read a friend’s mind regarding what she is afraid of. Drucilla is harshly reprimanded for putting everything in a rival’s hands. Jack doesn’t believe the deal that has been struck without his knowledge. Jill’s biological mother sees that something is wrong. Katherine finds that she hasn’t been able to forget a man in her life. Liz agrees that things were much simpler before all of this and knows that an alcoholic is responsible for her own behavior.

Michael knows that the clerk may have seen hair color or accessories on the night in question, sees that creditability is soon to be out the window and tries to show that telling the truth at this time is the only option. Neil might have to choose between his wife and his company, and relates that they can’t do anything until an associate returns. Nick doesn’t see that there is a deal made and makes it clear that secrets had better be related to the right people. Nikki demands to talk about an urgent matter now and learns of the extent that a friend is willing to go to in order to revive his wife. Olivia is praised for her decision-making. Sharon remembers who saw her the night of the murder and will not confess, no matter what. Victor notices that there is a brick wall to his helping a dear friend..

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