Friday 1/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Adam is able to persuade David to drop the charges against JR for assault. David agrees to do so, under the condition that Adam does not implicate Erica in the Cambias murder trial, from knowing what she and David did the night Michael Cambias disappeared. Jack attempts to tell Erica that Bianca is still pregnant, but he doesn't want to ruin the mood. So he just assures her that Bianca, Kendall and Reggie will all be o.k. Then they go in the bedroom and make love without any interruptions.

Kendall confesses to Ryan that she wants to trust him, in part from listening to Erica's recommendation to do so. He confesses to her that he is in love with her and sees Greenlee just as a friend. JR is doubting Babe again, but she assures him that they belong together.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara continually redirects a conversation, gives her son his options and tells her son that they are leaving Oakdale forever. Carly trades a check for cash, vows to get to the bottom of an evil alliance and has to make the right decision, as there is no turning back. Craig has nothing to fear from a budinski and learns that Paul may still be guilty. Dusty offers himself as a shoulder to lean on anytime. Emily knows where ‘they’ are. Jack recognizes ‘classic bull’, even though it is dressed up and starts buying into his wife’s stories. Jennifer finds her brother missing and picks up the rolling pin.

Katie presents a gift and sees her future clearly now. Lily lunges for an adversary and unleashes her wrath. Mike finds the perfect gift and is ordered to stop when he heads to the drawer that has keys in it. Mitzy uses her cash to get a snazzy room and will not go down alone. Paul identifies the killer. Rosanna has a bad feeling and pretends to faint. Simon enters Katie’s room. Will proves his love for his mother once again.

B&B by Lea

Jackie showed Nick a penthouse. She suggested that Nick, Brooke and the baby would be able to live there. Ridge and Nick met at Brooke’s office and argued. Brooke called and asked them to make peace. Brooke told them she is not coming back. Thomas told Ridge he had seen Samantha in her teddy. Thomas encouraged his father to keep an open mind concerning Samantha. Ridge said he was still waiting for Brooke.

Bridget arrived for her date and was dismayed to learn it was with Deacon not Oz. Deacon got out of the wheelchair and walked a few steps. He declared his feelings for Bridget again. She wanted to toast his progress, but she was not offering more. He offered her a ring and asked her to dance. She told him it was over. Deacon collapsed.

Days by Danielle

Hope dreams that it is really Bo they are burying and not Roman as everyone begins arriving for Roman’s funeral at the church. Sami refuses to let Kate accept the American flag presented to Roman’s next of kin. Kate extends an olive branch to Sami. Rex regrets how he treated Roman. Sami tries to get Rex to leave the funeral. Doug and Julie return for the funeral, unveiling their gift of a royal Bengal tiger. ISA Agent Spector meets with Bo to warn him that Hope may be in danger.

Tony continues his training with the tiger claw and tooth. Celeste visits Tony to try and work together to stop the killings. Marlena dreams of a tiger leaping toward her and seeing Roman come for her. Belle and John come to check on her and find her hard to wake up and wearing torn pajamas. Marlena wakes and blames John for taking her away from Roman. Belle gets upset with Marlena for tearing up her family.

GH by Nicole

Cameron checks on Carly at Shadybrook and sees her acting irrationally. Carly is given another drug after Cameron leaves and Faith tells her that Sonny is gone and that Lorenzo loves her now. Jason escapes Shadybrook and goes back to Courtney and his loft, Courtney finds him there and they kiss. Nik tells Emily she needs to go away for a while, so Zander does not hurt her. Zander beats up Nik in the interrogation room. Brian tries to convince Courtney that he was not trying to get information about Jason and Sonny. Jax and Sonny look for Sam. Jax goes further into the caves, Sonny goes back to the shack and finds Sam there, she was hit and someone took off with the treasure. Carly continues to hallucinate and see Alcazar. Dillon visits Georgie at the hospital, they argue about Sage, Georgie storms off. Sage and Dillon realize they have stuff in common and that he cares about her well-being.

GL by Megan

The hunted become the hunter as Michelle busts Buzz for following her. When Buzz tears into Michelle for trying to ruin her father's life, Ed arrives and jumps to Michelle's defense. Buzz and Ed are dismayed to learn that Michelle, Marah and Marina have met with the mysterious source many times and that this person sought them out. They demand to know the identity of the witness. Danny shows up to disrupt the argument. Buzz makes a call, summons Josh and Billy to Company for an emergency meeting. He chooses to leave Alan out this time. But Alan arrives anyway, reminds the men that they need him. He proposes that they find the source and get rid of him or her.

Carrie makes a mysterious call and sets up a meeting.

Outside Phillip's hospital room, Alan makes Olivia an offer. He'd like to free her from Spaulding forever by buying out her stock options. Olivia accepts, but clearly has a plan. She questions Christopher about Phillip's mental state, learns he's capable of reason. At the same time, Phillip struggles with his demons in a surreal fantasy. Later, Olivia tells Phillip she wants to marry him.

Cassie meets with Danny, who thanks her for helping him get started on the road to legitimacy. He tells her he'll understand if she can't endorse him because it would mean going against her best friend, Blake. After Danny leaves, Jeffrey advises Cassie to keep her distance from Danny. There's a mob turf war brewing. Cassie gets defensive, grabs a reporter and gives Danny her endorsement. Jeffrey calls Cassie on her reflexive contrariness. He manipulated her into her statement.

Harley and Alex lunch at Towers. Harley is trying to learn about Alex's relationship with Brad Green while Alex is trying to learn what Harley's up to. The meal is amusingly awkward until they drink some wine and loosen up. Finally, some truth comes out. Alex accuses Harley of snooping around Spaulding because she's worried about Gus. Harley claims to feel comfortable about Gus's short time at the company. But Alex reminds her that Alan's not going to let Gus go easy. And, as always, it's about what Alan wants.

OLTL by Traci

Dorian goes to Viki for help in talking to Starr. Blair tries to get Starr to eat since Starr has now said she is going on a hunger strike. Evangeline talks to Todd before they go to trial. Jessica and Natalie talk about a letter from Joey and Natalie tells Jessica about how Jen was wasted at the bar the night before. Marcie convinces Jen and her brother Ron to go out with her and Greg. Troy says he knows who the killer is.

John starts to have doubts about Troy being the killer. John just shakes it off and he and Antonio go to Rodi's so John can say good bye since he is going back to New Jersey. Viki manages to get threw to Starr somewhat by comparing her to Gandhi. Michael/Al spills a drink on Marcie's shirt as she is on a date with Greg. Blair testifies against Todd in the preliminary hearing. The judge grants Todd bail and also has a restraining order for him to stay away from Blair and the kids.

Passions by Brenda

Luis sneaks into Sheridan's room in the psych ward, and they make love, then discuss their future. Luis suggests that he and Sheridan go away together, but Sheridan objects and says that she cannot leave without baby Martin. Sheridan is sure that Martin is her baby and she tells Luis she feels it in her heart and soul. Ethan and Gwen agree to try to have another child, and have some private time to start another family. Gwen tells Ethan that she doesn't think Beth is as sweet and innocent as everyone believes. Ethan suggests all the things that Beth would have to concoct in order to pull off a scheme, but Gwen says she feels an intuition about Beth.

Dr. Culver tells his receptionist to send an E-mail to Beth regarding the scam she tried to pull when she was in his office, and the sugar sack broke open. He wants Beth to contact his office to explain. Beth responds by calling Dr. Culver's office and getting really angry with the receptionist. Gwen goes to her appointment with Dr. Culver, and the receptionist is about to give Gwen some interesting information about Beth.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Brad gets a slap on the wrist for taking a risk and is told that the biological father has to be notified before using him as therapy. Christine gets sufficient evidence for a guilty plea, has her case taken from her and makes a call warning that time has run out and that steps have to be taken now! Damon knows that Newman will not stop until Jabot is dead in the ground and feels sexy after hearing there is a new plan to be cooked up. Diane holds strong against advances. Drucilla asks her husband to contact the ‘most wanted’, reveals the company secrets and sees her trade for the orchid doesn’t fall well on associates’ ears.

Jack entertains a little lip locking. Jill throws her hands up in defeat. Katherine can’t take the way that her life is, heads to the decanter and is interrupted by a familiar face. Michael knows that there is no way that the deal can be cancelled. Neil strikes a deal to have an orchid returned. Vanessa has a way to get around having the orchid and is sure that Newman has no idea what they have in their possession. Victor has to wonder if this is a good time to call a bluff, offers to tell everything and feels that he told more than the authorities knew.

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