Thursday 1/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

There's a surprise party at Adam's where Liza, Marion, Opal and Palmer have been invited by Babe and Krystal. JR sounds like he's gloating, believing his father might be the next murder suspect, now that Kendall is off the hook. The police finally arrive, but, to everybody's surprise they are there because of JR. Jack comes to Bianca, informing her that he can tell that she is still pregnant. At first she denies it, but he's able to assure her that everything is alright, he supports her and she needs to tell Erica. But Kendall is very suspicious, both of him and of Dr. Lawson. She does, however, want to show Ryan that she trusts him.

Greenlee talks to Ryan about her plans to regain Fusion, completely unaware that he's helping Kendall pull off her false pregnancy. Erica is very happy that Kendall is no longer a prime suspect in the murder investigation, but still has no clue that Bianca is still pregnant.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron sees that a liar has bought herself some time. Barbara causes bodily harm, does the walk of the damned and has a wrench in her plan. Carly finds the bottom feeders, knows that now in light of new evidence, who the killer is and wonders ‘why the suitcase?” Chris behaves blasé. Clarke decides that he would rather stay in with a friend, has to settle for working on his grades and ruins a private chat. Craig hides an old bag and will not be questioned. Emily gets angry when she finds the PDA. Hal allows Barbara a few minutes to call her son in private and calls home, but no one answers.

Holden’s changed the locks. Jessica reveals what was found in the computer and warns her client to keep his big mouth shut. Katie decides to spell things out, has something important to say and heads to the kitchen to finally make breakfast. Lucy gives a tour of the house and smells smoke. Mitzy gets her payoff and gives an order. Paul freaks out knowing that his mother is going to get off and sees a familiar password. Susan starts calling around to find her daughter.

B&B by Lea

Bridget told Stephanie that she received an email from her mom. They discussed how much Brooke has matured. Stephanie stopped Bridget from going up to see Ridge – she explained he was with Samantha. Bridget declared, “Sex doesn’t cure everything.” Ridge confronted Stephanie about sending Samantha to his room. Sam kissed Ridge and tried to convince him she could make him feel better. Ridge declined the offer. Samantha took a wrong turn and ended up in Thomas’s room. Thomas told Samantha not give up on his dad.

Amber shopped for Deacon and dropped the packages by for him. He told her about his plans for Bridget tomorrow night. Amber tried to focus Deacon on the new company instead of Bridget. Deacon vowed Bridget would be his again.

Days by Danielle

Tony receives special instructions from Stefano about training Rex and himself to prepare to look death in the eye. Tony’s attempts to get Rex to rejoin the DiMera family fail. Tony fights with his sensei, as he prepares to fight for his life. Alone in the park at night, Marlena senses someone watching her. Rex regrets not getting to know Roman. Belle and Shawn join Mimi and Rex for a movie night but Rex gets another headache. Belle worries that it is a sign of another murder happening soon.

Celeste drops by Jennifer’s house and has a vision of putting on the killer’s mask and seeing eyes. Marlena comes by to help get Celeste out of her trance. Nicole’s shot at Victor misses. Nicole talks to her alter ego in the mirror and decides to send Tony and Victor a warning. Victor calls Tony to make a deal. Nicole uses onions to appear as if she had been crying when Brady comes to check on her. She tells Brady that Victor killed Colin and has been trying to pin the killings on her. A tiger’s cage is labeled with instructions to deliver to the care of the Horton's.

GH by Nicole

Jason goes to the Penthouse to find Courtney taking care of the kids. Courtney tells him Carly has committed herself into Shadybrook. Jason gets mad that Courtney let her. Courtney explains she tried to stop her, Jason and Courtney have a good moment. Faith overhears Cameron committing Carly and bribes the doctor to give Carly a dose of "love potion" and talks to her while she is "highly receptive" and makes Carly love Alcazar and do anything to be with him. Jason finds Carly at Shadybrook and while the doctors are giving her another dose, Carly grabs the syringe and stabs Jason. Brian saves Michael from being sent to Social Services, he takes them back to the Penthouse and overhears one of Sonny's men handling business on the phone. He calls Ric to give him an update when Courtney overhears him on the phone and sees an open business notebook on the desk. Sonny finds Sam and Jax, Sam still wanting the treasure ends up getting hit in the back of the head. Emily reads the journal again and envisions Zander obsessing over her, in real life, Zander does go to Wyndemere and tells Emily he loves her and wants her. She pushes him off and tells him to leave.

GL by Megan

Salerno pays a visit to Danny and one thing is very clear: he supports Danny's political aspirations, because he thinks it will serve his interests. Danny disabuses him of that notion by ripping up Salerno's contribution check – one made to "Cash" – but as Danny's doing this he's unaware Ross is declaring his intention to win, whatever it takes: Ross tasted defeat once before and isn't anxious to repeat the process. Just what turning Salerno away may cost Danny becomes clear when Ross lets Danny and Bill know the playing field isn't exactly level: the law allows him to use his unused Senate campaign funds for the mayoral race, while Danny faces strict limits on what he can raise. Danny realizes: he can't win the money war with Ross. Reva is trying to ascertain what's troubling Shayne when Josh arrives, and tries to help by putting to rest any notion Shayne might have that Josh is expecting him to return to baseball. But Reva sees that Shayne's concerns go even deeper: if he gives up baseball, then what? Reva tells him to embrace the clean slate, and make something new of his life. As Reva's telling Shayne this, Josh has found Billy, who's so stressed about the secret coming out about Maryanne Caruthers that he's considered drinking. Josh talks him down but Billy's troubles go beyond that: he dragged Josh into this, nearly 30 years ago, and he'll never forgive himself for it. Harley has another encounter with Brad, who's turning up the heat romantically. She escapes but has gained a tidbit: Alex is not pleased about all the questions Harley's been asking. Jeffrey advises Harley to take Alex to lunch to probe and learn what she can. Harley would rather eat glass – which, by coincidence, is Alex's same sentiment. But she, too, has realized it may be in her best interest to get together with Harley and learn what she may know. So the date is set, and the only thing left to do is order the wine. Lots and lots of wine.

OLTL by Traci

Jessica talks to Dr. Haver about an article that she is writing. Rae tries to calm Nora down after she almost loses it because Troy still has Mathew. Bo is determined to find Mathew. Antonio tells Evangeline that he was offered his old job back and Evangeline congratulates him. While Troy falls asleep, Mathew takes out a map and quietly sneaks out. Betsy questions Paul about the picture she got in the mail of him and some woman in a wedding dress.

Kelly goes to David and tells him that she will not give up on Kevin and nothing will stand in her way. R.J finds out from Evangeline that Antonio got his job back with the LVPD. Nora is thrilled when Mathew comes into the police station and now she knows he is safe. R.J. is a bit angry that Antonio has gotten his job back. Aunt Betsy questions David about how Adrianna is Dorian's daughter. Mathew helps to lead Bo and John to where Troy is.

Passions by Brenda

Kay does everything she can to make sure Charity goes on the ski trip, and tells her cousin that she should be ashamed of taking up Miguel's time - time that he could spend with his daughter Maria. Pilar talks to Miguel and he leaves work a few minutes early to talk to Charity before she goes away for the weekend, but he's too late. Kay has a romantic dinner set up, and plans to seduce Miguel while Charity is away.

Antonio accuses Pilar of loving Luis more, since she seems to be more in favor of Luis and Sheridan being together. He is determined to save the relationship they shared on the island, where he fell in love. Gwen makes an appointment with Dr. Culver for two purposes. She intends to investigate Beth's pregnancy and feels that Dr. Culver might be able to help her conceive another child.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Bobbie gets his back up when the apple of his eye is called a little bitch, chases out an irate ex-employee and gets a letter saying that his line of credit loan is in trouble. Brittany assures that she is safe. Christine feels outnumbered, offers a deal and explains the options. Diane walks in on a cat fight, gives good advice and shows that she cares. Drucilla has a solution to getting the company back on track and gives an associate a piece of her mind. JT is warned to follow instructions carefully. Jack refuses to call the police.

Jill talks to a counselor who happens to be from AA and announces that the woman came for her and hears about the early years. Katherine overhears a strange woman’s voice, demands to know who has been in the house and doesn’t want to be at the mansion. Kevin gets his walking papers. Michael advises a man in peril. Paul has a plan and warns that orders have to be followed. Raul wakes up alone in bed and wonders what he did to deserve breakfast in bed. Victor gets the bad news but doesn’t believe that nothing can be done about it.

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