Tuesday 1/13/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee goes and talks to Ryan who almost blows her off, but reveals he still cares about her and is her friend. Kendall goes to talk to Erica about the trust issue they both have. Erica really reaches out to Kendall, urging her to trust her. Kendall sounds like she wants to until she discovers that Erica has been subpoenaed for her murder trial, and finds out Erica told the prosecution that she gave Kendall the combination to Jack's safe so she could have his gun.

Bianca talks to David and to Jack about Edmund's situation and how it reminds her of her father's death. David tells Bianca that she needs to get up the courage to tell Erica she's still pregnant. She almost spits out to Jack that she is still pregnant. And he's just about to figure it out when he goes to see Erica. Maria tries everything she can to encourage her kids not to give up hope that their father will pull through.

ATWT by Glynis

Alison’s heart is broken as she realizes that she will never see her mother again and she has her hand roughly removed when she tries to touch her true love. Barbara has no answers for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, shouts in horror when she hears the list of things that are going to be tested; and calmly gives up. Craig still feels that he can hit a hole in one.

Hal will deal with doing the charges, as he feels that he has to. Holden talks sharply, as his point isn’t getting across. Jennifer is horrified when she walks in on a confession. Lily buys more time with her husband. Paul is offered the truth, listens to a confession and finds no sympathy for a killer. Rosanna drops everything when a visitor delivers a message. Rose’s murderer admits to it.

B&B by Lea

Ridge explained to Eric that Stephanie was living at his place part time. Eric warned Ridge that he and Massimo have had a couple of run-ins over Jackie. Bridget told Eric that Nick would be at the dinner. Eric complained about Massimo’s need to control everything. He declared Massimo a very dangerous man (of course the way Eric was screaming, it made him look equally dangerous). Massimo was convinced Oz would help him bring Eric down. He was determined to change Oscar’s mind about living in the mansion. He also vowed to protect Bridget from his plans against Eric. .

Ridge arrived at the mansion to find Nick included in the dinner. He threatened to leave and for some reason Massimo was shocked. Jackie talked Ridge into staying. Massimo tried to give Ridge advice about the baby and his marriage. Ridge said he will never forgive Nick and he will never consider him a brother.

Days by Rebecca

Nicole and Jan plot to take Shawn-D for Jan. Belle and Shawn talk about her parents and Jan. Lexie tells Jennifer that Abby may lose a sibling and a mother if she does not terminate the pregnancy, and Jennifer is more confused than ever. Marlena testifies in defense of Tony and the courtroom is in shock! Afterwards, she tells John about Celeste's conversation with Roman, and later Celeste tells John that her vision will still come true - He will kill his wife. Victor and Tony discuss the killing and they assume it's a female, with Nicole looking on...

GH by Nicole

Jason tells her he knows she went to see Alcazar in the Panic Room and his unbutton shirt and messy bed didn't help. Carly tells him she can't help it, and asks him not to tell Sonny, he says he can't lie to Sonny. Carly finally tells Jason she needs help after he catches her again looking for Alcazar but Jason moved him. Courtney tells Brian that they are on opposite sides and he needs to avoid her. Georgie and Maxie set Dillon up so he would think Georgie is losing her virginity to her new boyfriend "Tom", he falls for it and tells Sage that he screwed up with Georgie. Alcazar calls Sage and lets her know he is ok. Nik and Zander fight. Mike tells Lucky about Ben, Lucky brings that info to Ric. Ric takes him off the case and tells him he'll handle the investigation of Ben and then tells Brian to get rid of Lucky's notes on Ben.

GL by Megan

Carrie gathers the three young women, wanting to know if their fathers and loved ones have demonstrated any regret or remorse, now that they've received the second letters. Marah and Marina reluctantly admit that the letters have only heightened the tension and the cover-up. Michelle is the last of the three to show up. She must first sneak out of the hospital to avoid Ed's suspicion. But Ed follows her, tormented by the thought that she could be with the person who had dredged up all the painful history of Maryanne Caruthers. At the same time, he hates himself for following his daughter as if she were his enemy. When he vents his rage at Buzz and Alan, they are less than sympathetic; and they insist Ed take them to where he last saw Michelle. But when they get there they are in for a surprise. Earlier, Alan and Alex discuss their concern with the "right of succession" at Spaulding, now that Phillip's mental health is an issue. Alan clearly sees Gus as his heir apparent much to Alex's dislike. And when Gus and Bill demonstrate a shared enthusiasm for a Spaulding/Lewis "relationship," Alan seems to be getting his wish. However, Gus remains determined to return to the police force - where his natural curiosity causes him to doubt Alan's story about the stolen car. Alex, meanwhile, chastised by Gus for not keeping Brad Green on a tighter leash, seeks Brad out and warns him that his womanizing could very well cost them everything they've achieved even though what they've achieved has not been entirely by honest means. Their meeting with the Shadow does not convince Tony or Eden that Bill has done something corrupt. But it does tell Tony that if Eden truly loves Bill it's up to her to prove his innocence. Eden is appalled – Tony wants her to spy on her lover? But Tony points out it's the only way to clear Bill's name. And by the end of the evening, Eden is in Bill's arms, knowing that to help him, she must betray his trust.

OLTL by Traci

Starr gets Mathew to fake being sick so the police van holding her father will stop so she can help him get away. Dorian goes with Blair to the police because they say Starr ran away. Nora tries to convince Evangeline that Todd is guilty. Nora tells Evangeline that if she continues this case she will lose because she is determined to put Todd away. Roxy talks to Natalie about how she should go and see John. Natalie tells her that she is not ready to move on from Christian.

Starr tries to get her father to make a run for it. Troy takes Mathew hostage after he sees that he is okay. Kelly attempts to seduce David into sleeping with her so she can get pregnant. David ends up turning her down. Roxy tells Asa about Nigel buying the hotel and how is going to quit working for him. Natalie thanks John for being there for her when she needed someone. Todd tells Starr that he can't run. Bo finds Nora and tells her that Troy has kidnapped Mathew.

Passions by Brenda

Theresa lets Fox know she is definitely interested in starting a relationship with him, and tells him they can go on a date when she gets off work in a few hours. Fox starts to tell Theresa that he is interested in Whitney, but she keeps interrupting with her enthusiastic ideas of what their relationship will be like. Whitney runs into Chad, and he asks her for a second chance. She is still stunned by seeing her mother and Julian embracing, down by the docks. She tells Chad that love is just a way for people to get others to do what they want, and she runs into the Book Cafe into Fox's arms. Chad asks if they are together now. Julian gets important information from one of the investigators. It's an access code to adoption agencies, and he and Eve go back to the hospital and run a search to get the name of their son. They agree to keep their search a secret, so that Alistair won't interfere.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Brad stops the visit when he hears the word ‘regrets’ and has to take a good look at the condition of his marriage. Brittany flirts with danger then learns what kind of monster she has been warming up to. Danny feels like a kid again, ends being a dueling banjo and agrees that he would like to sing with his old partner sometime. JT makes a surprise visit. Jack isn’t ready to be swayed by his sister saying a few words. Jill calls the police. Kevin is asked to give a little assistance and then learns that he is about to be fired.

Larry climbs through a window and ends up getting hot by the fire. Lynne hits to net to surf rock bands. Nick tells his father about a missing person. Nikki is advised to get a life but can see that her daughter-in-law must be in big trouble to make the threats that she does. Paul finds a surprising visitor with an ex. Sharon sits with a clear and present rival and pulls her trump card out of her back pocket. Victor stops leaving when he hears a child’s name called quietly and sees that he clearly should have been called sooner.

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