Monday 1/12/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jamie informs JR and Babe that he has evidence, from medical records, that Babe lied about the time she conceived the baby. JR takes her to the hospital and has Dr. Parker find out for them the date of conception. It is revealed that she is much less far along than they previously thought. JR reveals to Babe that he chose her but he never believed her. Krystal and Tad have a confrontation, where each defends their child. At the end of their conversation, they stop arguing, sound friendly and seem to having a meeting of the minds.

Jack leaves Greenlee alone with Erica. Erica advises Greenlee to get over Juan Pablo. Greenlee decides that she's going to go after Ryan. Ryan, however, has proposed marriage to Kendall and offered to make a baby with her, although she keeps finding herself unable or unwilling to trust him. Maria freaks when she finds out that she may be dependent on David Hayward to save Edmund's life. She lashes out at him and at Brooke, accusing them both of taking away her life with Edmund. She later calms down and apologizes.

ATWT by Glynis

Annabelle makes a demand. Barbara stands up to her daughter, springs into action when she sees that she could be in big trouble and sneaks into the victim’s house. Ben spends time with his father and then helps with a move into his house. Carly eats some Humble Pie, apologizes to a rival and follows her cop husband to get more information. Craig sneaks out to call his partner in crime. Dusty is overheard when he proclaims that the murderer is after his 2nd victim. Hal orders testing on everything and anything, gets another piece of the puzzle and sees another strike against a suspect. Jack heads over to get the martini glass, and then heads to get an urgent call from his boss. James’ name has clout with the Hit Man. Jennifer threatens her mother; seeing that her brother needs all the protection that he can get and then orders a meeting.

Jessica gives her real reason for helping the wayward. Lily heads to the DA since the cops insists on dragging their heels and she feels that she needs to be the one that stops a killer from killing again. Luke saw a thin man running off. Mitzy is taken to the hospital, placed in cubicle three and diagnosed with a familiar poison. Molly gets cooperation from a likely source, watches as a big shot gets taken down a couple of notches and then gets a babysitting job. Paul’s PI finds proof in the pudding, puts his money where his mouth is and thinks back to how thinks have been occurring. Sarah gets a reality check, confronts her savior and decides to give peace a chance. The Hit Man fills in the blanks. Tom tries to explain to a dynamic duo why no action can be taken. Walker has a breakthrough, calls to break the news and then announces that it was physically impossible for a suspect to be a suspect.

B&B by Lea

Bridget dropped by Logan Creations to listen to Ridge’s continued whining. He’s tired of being obsessed about the fact the baby should have been his. Who isn’t? They talked about her engagement to Oz. She was worried about the tension between the two families. Eric complained to Thorne about Jackie’s marriage to Massimo. He believed Massimo looked on his wife as another possession. They met with Oz to discuss marketing for the new line. Eric called Jackie to talk about her work with Forrester Creations. He said Massimo was a possessive man – is everyone sensing a theme here?

Jackie asked for an apology from her husband for his behavior earlier. He presented her with a portrait he commissioned before the wedding. Massimo discussed his plans for Eric with Hudson. He vowed to take Eric’s most prized possession, before Eric stole his (and yes, he means Jackie.). Massimo invited Oz to dinner with he and his sons. Massimo decided to use Oz as a secret weapon against Eric.

Days by Rebecca

Lexie tells Jennifer that if she does not terminate her pregnancy, her life is in danger. Abby tells her that she killed her dad, she can't kill his child too! Nicole plays nice with Chloe, apologizing and giving her a farewell hug before she's off to the airport. She watches as Brady says good-bye to his love and plots to have him.

Victor and John talk at Tony's trial, and Victor believes that the killer is a woman. Bo and Hope still can't believe Mickey is defending Tony. Bo takes the stand and tries to prove Tony's guilt, but Tek takes the stand and reports that there is no solid evidence. Tony continues to say that he did not commit these crimes. Celeste gets visited by Roman and Abe who tells her that Tony is innocent and she must prove it to the world, and she tells Marlena. Marlena says that she will testify, but is it against or on the behalf of Tony?

GH by Nicole

Carly visits Alcazar in the panic room and they make out, Alcazar stops Carly telling her he doesn't want to take advantage of a brain injury. Jax sees Sonny with Sam in his arms, Ben is dead. Jax confirms that her father is dead, he tells her not to go after the treasure, Sam does anyway and Jax finds her in a cave getting the treasure. Emily and Nik talk about the charges and if he is found guilty, they will run away. Faith and Justus come face to face, history prevails and turns out that Justus was Faith's old boyfriend, he ended up being found guilty and died in jail, Faith is seeking revenge until Skye shows up and threatens her to let him go. Michael asks Jason if he is mad at Courtney, Jason tries to explain their situation but is at a loss for words. Courtney tries and still can't make Michael understand. Jason sees Carly leaving the Panic Room, follows her home, she lies and tells him that she was at the spa to clear her head. Zander tells Liz to tell Nik and Emily that his offer still stands. Ric tells Brian to get info out of Courtney soon.

GL by Megan

Shayne's initial first step seems almost too good to be true. At first, he believes he had help. But when he tries it again, on his own, he and everyone else realize the miracle is real – Shayne can walk. Reva and Josh momentarily overcome the distance that's existed between them to revel in their son's recovery. Marah, too, is able to share in Shayne's moment. And most of all, Marina, his constant champion can hold him close and know their future is filled with possibility. But at that very moment, unknown to her, Buzz is preparing to leave town. At the same time, Gus seeks out Harley to tell her that he's worried about her father. But to Gus's surprise, he finds her with Brad. Harley is stuck for an explanation when Brad, of all people, bails her out. Later, when Gus tells her about Buzz, Harley has the sinking feeling that her father must be grievously ill. She goes to Buzz believing he "won't be around" much longer. In a case of comic misunderstanding, he tries to tell her goodbye, while she thinks he's headed for the grave. Thankfully, Marina calls Buzz to tell him the good news about Shayne. While praising his granddaughter for her unwavering courage and optimism, Buzz hears his own words and realizes he's running out on the people who need him most. By the end of the day, Buzz has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Gus encounters Bill, who is becoming more and more of a player in the political and business worlds of Springfield. Bill wants to include Gus in his plans for the future. While all this is going on, Tony and Eden's "spa" treatment is interrupted by a call from the informant with information that could save Bill and Danny. Tony and Eden go to a parking garage to meet the informant, who fancies himself "The Shadow." And there they learn the name of the person who has brought the mob into Lewis Construction – and threatened Danny's campaign.

OLTL by Traci

Marcie talks to Jessica about her being on Marcie's radio show. Blair explains to Starr about what Todd did to her. Evangeline agrees to defend Todd in court. Kevin tells Kelly he doesn't believe that she is pregnant. Dorian goes to talk to Viki. Dorian tells Viki that she blames Kevin for everything that is happening.

Bo offers Antonio his job with the LPD back. Starr goes to the courthouse to see her father Todd. Nora informs Blair that Todd didn't make bail and is going to jail. Rae talks to Bo about his dealing with Gabrielle's death. Starr comes up with a plan to help her father escape and gets Mathew to help her.

Passions by Brenda

Julian arranges a meeting with Eve. He has news that their son is alive and was placed in a foster home after he was kidnapped from the hospital. Eve hugs Julian, and Whitney rounds the corner just in time to see Julian and her mother in an embrace. Chad arrives back in Harmony, and runs into Theresa at the Book Cafe. They come to the conclusion that Fox is in love with Theresa, and Chad encourages her to give Fox a chance. Later, Fox tries to explain to Theresa about his feelings for Whitney, but she misunderstands. She tells Fox they should start seeing each other.

Luis gets in to see Sheridan and tells her that if she wants to get out of the psych ward, she will have to lie to the doctors and tell them that she now knows that little Martin is really Beth's baby. Sheridan does not want to go along with the plan, but Luis convinces her it's the only way she will be freed. Alistair hears their plan, and contacts Dr. Ackland to stop Luis from seeing Sheridan ever again.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Brad makes a decision and takes a chance. Cameron is a high-profile executive, so his whereabouts is of great importance. Christine gets a welcomed unscheduled visit and begs for a command performance. John avoids discussing a rival with the man’s wife. JT keeps his cool while leaving a turkey in suspense. Lauren shows kindness to strangers.

Michael offers his assistance if he is needed later on. Michael sees an opportunity for the truth to be told, warns about DNA and offers his assistance if needed. Nikki reaffirms her commitment to her company and learns what the magical word for a beauty in distress is. Paul expresses how sexy a ‘friend’ makes him feel. Sharon stalls heading to the meeting. Victor offers his assistance, but will leave if he really isn’t needed.

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