Friday 1/9/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Krystal informs Tad and Brooke that their son is stalking her daughter, sneaking uninvited, into the Chandler house. She tells them Jamie had better Babe alone and he cannot make her have the amnio to prove whether her baby is his. When she's alone with Tad, however, she finds out that he is looking out for his son and believes Jamie has the right to know if he's the father of Babe's baby. JR sounds like he's ready to have a happy marriage with Babe. But as soon as he is alone in their bedroom, he discovers Jamie's ID on the floor and leaves. When he's gone, Jamie appears uninvited to see Babe. When JR returns to his home, he discovers Jamie in his bedroom, with his wife. And the distrust starts all over again.

Ryan informs Kendall and Bianca that he's found a doctor who will examine Bianca and falsify her pregnancy as Kendall's. Kendall is untrusting of both Ryan and the doctor. The doctor examines Bianca, everything seems o.k. But she advises against the amnio. Bianca and Ryan both tell her it's o.k. to do it, so that the special prosecutor cannot nail Kendall for perjury in lying about her pregnancy. But Kendall says she does not care, she will not put Bianca or the baby in danger. Edmund's life still hangs in uncertainty. Maria contacts David Hayward and tells him she will forgive him for all his wrong-doings if he saves her husband's life.

ATWT by Glynis

B&B by Lea

Stephanie visited Ridge to see how he was doing. Ridge was still whining about the baby that should have been his. Stephanie declared she was moving in with him. Thomas is now a teenager. Thomas supported Stephanie moving in. Oz and Bridget’s picnic was ruined by rain so they had a picnic in the living room.

Jackie and Eric talked about their time sharing the beach house. He questioned whether she really wanted to hold onto her marriage. Massimo confronted Eric about hitting on his wife. After Eric left, Massimo asked her if she was happy. She tried to convince him that Eric is only a friend. Massimo continued to try and control her life and work. Massimo declared war on Eric.

Days by Danielle

Lexie brings Jennifer a huge bag of Theo’s old baby clothes. Seeing a baby outfit that refers to “daddy” spurs a conversation about Tony and Celeste’s visions. Jennifer offers her support to Lexie. Lexie does another ultrasound for Jennifer but discovers something wrong with the baby. Upon a suggestion from Nicole, Shawn thinks the woman he is chasing is Jan but Nicole talks him out of it. Later Victor threatens Nicole after witnessing her interaction with Shawn. Nicole approaches Jan with a request for her help.

Marlena pays a visit to Tony in jail. Tony insists that Marlena knows he is innocent and wants her to tell the judge to set him free. Marlena still shows a cold shoulder to John. John and Belle talk about Celeste’s premonitions and Belle’s fears that her parents' marriage is on the rocks.

GH by Nicole

Carly goes to the hospital to talk with Cameron about getting her fantasies to go away. He suggests therapy, Carly is hesitant but then tells Cameron she will go through therapy. Sam is attacked by Ben. Sonny walks in and shoots him, then while comforting scared Sam, Jax walks in to see Sam in Sonny's arms. Nik is let out on bail, he knows he is being set up. Alexis is representing him. Ric is still working with Zander, but Zander says that Nik getting out on bail was not part of the deal. Zander attempts to quit his job with Faith, she personally convinces him not to. Carly goes to see Alcazar again and they make out.

GL by Megan

Shayne is going home from the hospital and Reva and Josh are determined to be encouraging and optimistic. But Shayne has become a fatalist about his recovery. He must be willing to accept the possibility that he'll never walk again, and he needs his parents to accept that, too. But even as Shayne prepares himself for disappointment, Marina is anxious to be with him when he walks -- yes, walks out of the hospital. Nico is a true friend, offering to overcome his aversion to hospitals to be with her today. But Marina's concern isn't limited to Shayne -- the story of Maryanne Caruthers has estranged her from Buzz and Marina fears the gap will only grow wider. Little does Marina know that Buzz is planning to leave town. Believing it's best for everyone, especially Marina, that he go far away and take his guilt and shame with him. Meanwhile, Harley is preparing to go out on the town with Brad Green -- as part of her undercover work for Jeffrey. Her plans are temporarily stopped when Gus assumes her sexy dress and high heels are meant for him. But Harley is able to make a getaway, and keeps her appointment with Brad. While she is flirting and fishing for information, Gus stops by Company -- only to sense that something is terribly wrong with Buzz. Gus sets out to find Harley to tell her about her dad -- not realizing he's about to find her with Brad.

Jeffrey makes a point of tracking down Marah to tell her he knows she's upset that they were together the night Shayne went into the hospital. Sensitive to the kind of person she is, Jeffrey eventually gets her to admit she's been beating herself up for not being there for her brother. It isn't merely Jeffrey's words but the realization that he really does care that enables Marah to go off to join her family for Shayne's first step.

OLTL by Traci

David informs Dorian that Adrianna is missing from her school again. Kelly goes to meet Todd at Rodi's. Todd tells Kelly that he didn't rape Blair, and he blames Kevin for what is happening. Blair goes to Viki's to get Starr. Starr tells Blair that she doesn't want to go with her. Babe asks Paul for help. Natalie thanks John for helping her when she was being held hostage by Troy. David and Dorian try to figure out where Adrianna might go.

Natalie congratulates Kelly on her pregnancy. Bo is still dealing with Gabrielle's death. Viki tries to calm Blair down and Blair tells her that Todd will not get away with what he did to her. Roxy thought that Babe was a prostitute and she was making a move on Paul. Jessica asks Antonio if he believes that Todd could have raped Blair. John tries to get Troy to confess to the music box killings. The police show up to arrest Todd.

Passions by Brenda

Kay has a conversation with Ivy, and asks her to talk to Charity. Ivy tells Charity that it is important that she stay away from Miguel so that he can spend time with Kay and Maria and not take his attention away from his obligations. Alistair pays a visit to Dr. Ackland and tells him he must keep Sheridan locked up forever. Gwen and Ethan go to see Sheridan, and she tells them that she KNOWS Beth's baby is hers, and that she is not delusional. Gwen becomes suspicious and wonders if Sheridan really is telling the truth.

Rebecca calls the DFC and brags to Clarise that Gwen and Ethan are bonding so well with little Ethan that he may soon call them Mommy and Daddy. After Theresa also talks to DFC, she is furious and throws a pitcher of water on Ethan. Beth is really starting to lose control of her temper whenever she has to bring baby Martin to Sheridan to be breast-fed. Edna taunts Beth that this will last a long time, unless she wants the baby to die from lack of nourishment.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Brad greets his enemy to solve a problem. Detective Webber starts his investigation regarding a missing businessman. Jack learns the ugly truth. Kevin meets an older woman. Paul has a pleasant meeting at Marcino's and gets a little more friendly than usual.

Lauren has a pleasant surprise for dinner. Nikki isn’t ready to give up on her investigation. Sharon relives her abuse, gets a call that she has to meet with the cops then ponders her fate. Victor will not help the Assistant District Attorney with his case.

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