Thursday 1/8/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica tells Jack she's very worried about what will happen to him, after he's been served a subpoena. She discovers David Hayward has also been subpoenaed. He seems to have kind of an attitude, noticing Erica and Jack back together at her home, but promises to go along with their plan to help Kendall. Maria is distraught and afraid she will lose her husband. The doctors will not let her assist them in their attempt to save Edmund, because she is too emotionally involved. She tells Juan Pablo he's killed Edmund and she will never forgive him. But Ryan is very supportive to her and she confides in him.

JR and Jamie have a confrontation where Jamie tells JR he's too controlling with Babe, and JR tell him it's none of his business and perhaps he needs to check himself into the hospital psyche ward. Jamie confides to his grandfather that he needs to find out who is the father of Babe's child. JR and Kendall go to have lunch together and talk. Special Prosecutor, Alan Singer appears and intimidates Kendall. JR tries to scare him off, but Kendall is still afraid of her fate.

ATWT by Glynis

Barbara figures out who has been tampering with evidence, why they have been tampering and then she throws the party and his wife out of the apartment. Ben agrees to help a kid out, bonds tighter to his wife and then makes it official. Carly begs her husband to listen to her. Craig thinks back to planting evidence, learns that a likely suspect might not be one at all then makes a proposal to get what he wants. Curtis spends time with another teen. Henry gives his roommate room to grow and gives her boyfriend good advice. Holden gives the steps for dealing with a death. Jennifer shows up to find her brother’s place ransacked. Jessica wonders if another arrangement can me made for Sarah, calls her husband to check it out and then calls a meeting.

Katie remembers the lovemaking, pushes it from her mind and then throws caution to the wind. Lily agrees to discuss court with a suspect and has her heart broken when she hears her son’s wishes, and then she secretly decides that her husband is wrong to make her let this go. Luke wants his mother back the way that she used to be. Mike warns what happens when rabbits get cozy, shakes off the sexual tension then finds his roommate under the bed. Mitzy bonds with a twin, pushes the issue about the business then has to wonder what a girl has to do to get a business in this town. Paul hires a Private Investigator, wants to know what his mother has been saying and sends a friend home to her family. Rosanna runs off again to help her friend. Sarah gets options.

B&B by Matthew

Mass complains to Ridge about how Eric is coming on to Jackie. Ridge thinks he is blowing this out of proportion, but has to leave to comfort his kids that are distraught over Brooke's departure. Thorne is wary of Oscar being in charge of promotions so soon, but his attitude changes after seeing Oscar's ideas. Oscar gets a note from Bridget telling him to come to Guest House II, pronto. He comes home to find Bridget with a picnic basket. Some surprise? Eric heads over to Jackie and Mass' house to tell her they shouldn't meet (they were supposed to have a buyer's meeting for Fenmore's), because of Mass' problems with him. Jackie is upset with Mass' interference. The butler calls Mass at his office informing him that Eric is there. Enraged he races home and sees Eric touch Jackie's face through the window. Yeow!

Days by Danielle

Chloe agrees to stay in Salem while the opera house is being built but then gets a call from Madame Marin about a part in an opera for the rest of the season. She begs Brady to come to Europe with her but Brady refuses the offer. Nicole taunts Victor by threatening to seduce the young men in Victor's family. Bonnie makes Mickey a home cooked breakfast as she proposes him investing in her ideas for Tuscany. Tony devises a plan to exonerate him and showcase the real killer. He calls to hire Mickey as his lawyer, offering a high enough pay that makes Bonnie work to convince Mickey to accept the job.

Celeste tells Lexie about Roman and Maggie's message but Lexie doesn't believe her. Celeste also tries to convince Mickey to defend Tony. Mickey agrees to take Tony's case. Shawn recognizes Jan and chases her through the park. Tek declares that Tony's samurai sword came up clean. Bo orders new tests.

GH by Nicole

Dillon and Georgie talk at the hospital, they are just clearing things up when Maxie comes over with the picture of Georgies new boyfriend, Dillon is hurt and leaves. Georgie says she needs to find a real boyfriend and fast. Jason walks in on Carly holding pointing a gun at Alcazar, he convinces her to go home. She goes home and spends time with Michael but afterwards still has erotic flashbacks. At PCPD Nik's prints is found on a candlestick, but turns out Ric planted them there with a glass Nik drank out of. At the Haunted Star Jason and Courtney agree to move on, Jason tells her he will always care about her and watch out for her. Sage approaches Jason and asks where her uncle is, Jason convinces her to go home and walks her home.

GL by Megan

Edmund forces Cassie to look backwards in time, to the night of the accident when she lost her baby. At first resistant to the memories flooding upon her, Cassie grows more emotional remembering against her will details of the frightening night she drove the car off the road. Edmund makes clear to her that he never meant to harm her. Cassie, to his growing horror, starts to blame herself, realizing that her own reckless driving and defiant attitude during a high-risk pregnancy were contributing causes. She asks his forgiveness for having been so sanctimonious in scapegoating him and Edmund freely gives it. After the talk they are more at peace, but Cassie asks Edmund if he was at the hospital the night the baby miscarried? He wonders why she's asking but she hides the hidden thought with "no reason." Reva shows up at Josh's hotel room with a comfort basket of videos and movie snack food. Josh is surprised to see her and, out of loyalty to his men friends, resists her company. But she charms her way past his many defenses and is cuddling in his arms when she shares with him the vision she had recently of his drowning. Josh now remembers his need to keep her at a distance, and resists her attempted seduction. Reva exits with dignity, but it is only when alone in the hall do we see how devastated she is by this turn of events.

Rick notices Michelle's bruise. She at first gives him a cover story, only telling him the truth when he wonders if Danny did this to her. Michelle tells him finally that it was Ed, and they share their mutual anxiety over his condition. Michelle tells him of the medical error concerning Shayne. Rick promises not to tell Danny and to keep an eye on Ed. Ed meanwhile freezes in the ER when confronted with a half-drowned woman who reminds him of Maryanne. Rick handles the medical crisis but strongly warns Ed he will not enable him in whatever's wrong. Ed denies he's drinking and freely offers to take a blood test. However, Rick is more worried about his dad than ever. Michelle meanwhile has sought the comfort of Danny's presence in Company, where he had watched Ross announce his bid for mayor. Bill and Danny discuss the upcoming fight. Neither Bill nor Danny will back down, and they agree to work on accomplishing great things together. When Michelle enters, she lies about the bruise. She voices to Danny her appreciation for the true security and love he's offered her. They go home, very much a team and in love.

OLTL by Traci

Joe sends his wedding ring back to in the mail to Jen. Troy holds Jessica, Natalie, and Lindsay hostage. Jessica writes a note and slips it under the door, which Antonio later finds. Marcie tries to comfort Jen. Flash and Riley go the the hotel where they will stay. Nigel is trying to do everything he can to make his hotel better. Michael/Al tells John he is moving in with Ron at the hotel.

Lindsay tries to calm Troy down. Ron helps Nigel fix things around the hotel. Antonio calls John and tells him that Troy is at Lindsay's gallery. Rex finds out that Jen is not going to school. Jen gets offered money to dance at a private party. Marcie stops her from taking the money. Roxy wants Nigel to keep the hotel the way it is and change the name. Michael/Al goes to Marcie's dorm and sleeps outside just to make sure she is safe. Troy is arrested.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney is torn about telling her father that she thinks she saw her mother and Julian kissing, while at the Crane mansion. Theresa helps her cover the hesitation, and Fox and Theresa both tell Whitney she was probably mistaken. Antonio and Luis fight over Sheridan, until Dr. Ackland and his staff break them up. Luis asks Antonio who gave him the idea that Sheridan belongs in the psych ward. Dr. Ackland bans Luis from the hospital and tells him that only Antonio will be allowed to see Sheridan. Beth encourages Antonio to keep Sheridan locked up.

Tabitha tells Kay about the deal Charity made with Death, in order that baby Maria will live and be healthy. Miguel tries unsuccessfully to speak to Charity, but she is trying to avoid him and keep her distance. John, Simone, Jessica, and Reese take off for a ski trip.

Y&R By Glynis One day ahead!

Abby can’t make her mother talk to her. Ashley moves her head when she hears a familiar name. Brad has no other choice but to go to the hospital it seems, can’t believe that an enemy is the answer and can’t forget that every time the moustache gets involved, things go wrong for Ashley. Bobbie gets the details regarding an alcoholic and gives advice. Jill gives the work crew the day off and then learns that her mother is going away. Colleen returns home with the baby, learns that her stepmother might not be reachable and learns that his daughter had a curious visitor today. Jack warns that the theft of the orchid had better not be a trick. Jill begs her mother to stay and explains that she doesn’t want to feel like she killed the woman.

Katherine gets angry when she sees where she wakes up, decides to have a drink, and then apologizes for what she has done to her daughter. Neil gets a visit from Jabot executives and wishes a co-worker all the power. Nick tries to figure out where his associate could be. Nikki tries to find her husband, tells him her suspicions on a wayward daughter-in-law and runs off in a huff when her husband refuses to stay away from an old flame. Sharon revisits her crimes, promises to tell her husband the second his associate calls and then is asked point-blank where she was after the party. Victor finds that his wife is trying to stir up trouble, tries to get her to end her quest and then gets an invitation from a rival.

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