Wednesday 1/7/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Jamie still won't give up on Babe. Krystal tells him he must leave her daughter alone. And JR is suspicious, not only of Jamie, but also of Paul Kramer. Bianca tries unsuccessfully to reveal to Erica and Jack that she did not abort the pregnancy which resulted from being raped by Michael Cambias. All Erica can think of is her "assumption" that Bianca has already aborted and how she would never forgive Kendall if she is actually pregnant by Michael. Bianca gives up trying to get through to her mother. But Jack sounds like he wants to listen to Bianca. Edmund has been shot at the cabin. Maria tries unsuccessfully to revive him. But it looks like the others are not in danger, for the present moment.

ATWT by Glynis

Aaron can stand lies but has reasons for not telling the truth and learns that he has a new co-worker. Alison finds an associate at work and is convinced that she should tell the truth. Barbara comes home to a familiar goblet, smashes it and then comes to the realization that an ex has been tampering. Ben gives permission for his son to get a job.

Carly learns that her sister is now a secret weapon but is promised that she will not get hurt. Chris bumps into an old flame while with friends. Curtis goes looking for a job and gets it. Craig is warned that he needs to control his wife, gets a tip as to where she might be and then saves her from a troubling situation. Dusty warns that a wife needs to be controlled, then he takes a twin out for drinks and again promises that the killer will be found.

Faith draws a picture of her aunt in heaven and runs off to help pick up her brother. Hal serves a warrant. Holden expresses his concerns. Jennifer is happy that her brother is getting help and heads off with a doctor to get additional information. Jessica feels that she should reach out to a wild teen, goes to an expert for help and gets it. Lily vows that a suspect will pay, gets a warning from a sibling and vows again that she will not let her sister down. Paul vows to find the killer, is upset to find out that his brother has seen their mother and has his computer taken away from him. Rosanna breaks and enters; knowing that the cops will not be called and then questions who she believes is the killer. Sarah is being transferred to a new facility. Tish flirts like the devil and tells a competitor that she should go away.

B&B by Lea

Massimo explained the importance of the family ring. Oz must earn the ring. Sally discussed love with Eric. He rejected her attempt at match making. Eric refused to listen to Sally put down Brooke. She told Eric about her plan to change the paternity test. Eric wanted to know if she really failed to change the test. She was positive she failed. Sally figured out Eric is interested in Jackie. Ridge arrived home to find Samantha waiting for him. He told the children about the marriage breaking up. Ridge expressed his anguish over the baby to Sam.

Days by Rebecca

Kate asks Marlena to give her plot in the cemetery next to Roman to her, but Marlena is hesitant. They go to see will, but they find Lucas and Sami playing around in her bed! John breaks the news to Belle that he parents have split. Ghost-Maggie and Ghost-Roman visit Celeste and tell her that Tony is innocent, and she knows who the killer is...

GH by Nicole

Nik and Emily figure out that the treasure is hidden on the Azure Keys at Bloodpoint. They get ready to leave when Ric comes in and tells Nik he is under arrest for Cody's murder. Liz goes to the Haunted Star to get Zander to sign his rights away over the baby. He said he doesn't see the rush and needs time. He then goes to Ric and tells him he will sign the papers if he prosecutes Nik, in return, Ric arrests Nik. Courtney visits Carly and sees her upset, Carly refuses to get Courtney involved. Sage shows up at the Penthouse with a gun, Carly takes the gun and takes the clip out of it, after Sage takes the gun back and threatens Carly to tell her where Alcazar is, Carly tells her she has no bullets in the gun and tells her to go home. Sam hallucinates and tells Sonny, who she thinks is Jax that she loves him and to take the treasure map and keep it safe, Sonny goes to get the map and Sam wakes up and accuses him of trying to steal her fortune. Sam kicks Sonny out but finds him still there when she wakes up, he tells her he is an honorable man and since she helped him, he is going to help her. Dillon tells Sage to stay out of her uncle's business.

GL by Megan

Buzz, Alan, Ed, Billy and Josh meet to discuss the mysterious notes delivered to them, saying Maryanne Caruthers will not be forgotten. The meeting is tense, full of incriminations and regret but Billy and Alan insist that they must stick to their plan, now more than ever: if they follow the girls and determine who is doing this to them, they can end this madness. But Ed's nervous about what "ending it" will entail. Alan doesn't elaborate but his coldness suggests a dark solution, one all the men are clearly hesitant to name. They split up as we see the ramifications this latest turn takes on them: Buzz clearly contemplates leaving town. Billy is tempted to drink. Ed tries and fails to get out of emergency room duty. And Josh, who confesses to Billy that he doesn't trust himself around others, tries to go into hibernation in his hotel room only to be visited by Reva.

Shayne is recovering from his surgery but has a frustrating moment when he cannot move his legs, despite his "feeling" that they are indeed mobile. For her own reasons, Marina finds herself really, truly needing Shayne to recover fully. But Shayne's already thinking that he has to be open to other eventualities and, not only that, must bear the brunt of preparing those he loves for what may come. Marina angrily rejects his overture, saying he's just giving up -- not understanding that his only motive is to help her.

Olivia has a run-in with a classmate from Lamaze, who's unaware Olivia lost her child. Cassie sees Olivia in distress and tries to help. But the descriptions of her own loss, meant to comfort Olivia, only show Edmund that Cassie's own wounds are still fresh. He tries to get her to talk about the baby she lost -- and his role in it -- but Cassie is reluctant, finally confessing: she's not prepared for where this discussion may take them.

OLTL by Traci

Troy tries to convince Lindsay that he is not the killer while she holds a gun at him. Dorian takes Blair to the police. Blair tells Nora that Todd raped her. Kelly announces on TV. that she and Kevin are going to be parents. Kevin tells Asa that it is a lie. Aunt Betsy goes to see Dorian, but ends up finding David and she is angry over pictures she has of Paul with someone. Paul overhears as David tells Aunt Betsy that Adrianna is Dorian's illegitimate daughter.

Blair tells Nora her version about what happened between her and Todd, while Todd tells Viki his version as he sees it. Jessica finds out that Walker is really Todd. Natalie helps John while he is trying to figure out anything he can about the killer. Lindsay begin to believe what Troy is telling her. Paul tells River where Adrianna is. Kevin finds out from Kelly that Todd raped Blair. Blair tells Todd that she has filed rape charges against him.

Passions by Brenda

Fox questions Whitney about who it was that she saw kissing Julian in the garden, and Whitney is reluctant to say, but lets it slip that it was her mother. Later, Whitney is rather cold to her mother and Eve wonders if Whitney did indeed see her with Julian. She is very worried that Whitney might tell T.C. Woody tries to talk Theresa into dropping the custody battle and accept Julian's offer. When she refuses, Woody resigns as her attorney.

Ethan goes to post bail for Theresa, but Fox gets there first to post bail from his trust fund and Theresa is released from jail. Sheridan is taken back to the psych ward and sedated by Dr. Ackland. Luis tries to take her home, but Dr. Ackland shows Luis the commitment papers signed by Antonio, and a restraining order. Antonio has a change of heart about committing Sheridan after talking to Pilar. Alistair talks Antonio into sticking with the plan. Luis and Antonio begin brawling in the hallway of the psych ward.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Bobbie reveals himself to someone who would rather stay hidden and smiles as he watches two women have a go at each other. Brad agrees that the moustache has to be brought in. Colleen becomes a play date.

Drucilla decides to stay and watch geniuses at work. Damon is unhappy after going to get the orchids. JT reveals that he wasn’t very good in pre-school. Jack tries to figure out how to get his wife back.

Jill heads to the bar with sunglasses on and promotes that she has been trying to nice to her mother. John feels that his son’s marriage wasn’t in the cards. Katherine orders a drink. Vanessa gets amorous this morning and offers kissing lessons. Victor decides that he would like to color too and assures a boy that he will get used to kids soon enough. Wesley guesses that a patient sees someone differently than her family does.


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