Tuesday 1/6/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica and Jack are ready to reconcile. Bianca informs Maggie and Lena that she has decided to tell Erica that she is still pregnant. They both promise to support her. Kendall, Greenlee, Mia, Juan Pablo, Ryan, Aidan and Edmund are still stranded at the cabin, hiding from shooters. Ryan wants Juan Pablo to put himself in the line of gun-fire to protect the rest of them, since he is responsible for their danger, and nobody else is. The gunman take Maria as hostage. She helps them catch the mysterious man in the basement. But Edmund gets shot.

ATWT by Glynis

Annabelle demands better lodging and cash flow. Barbara gets help seeing her son, makes him promise to keep her secrets and then shares a tearful goodbye with her boy. Craig catches a news bulletin on a murder case. Dusty learns that the defendant can get bail and decides to sit on the cops making sure that he will be there when a search warrant is served. Faith wants her mommy. Hal takes his son fishing to give him the bad news, lets his mother see her son and suspects that the boy has secrets. Henry shows up to visit a friend and finds a sight that makes him scream, then sees that a lover is going to have his prospects stomped. Holden has no sympathy for one who seeks to renew a friendship. Jack is asked for his expertise in making sure a killer is convicted.

Jennifer gushes over her brother being freed. Katie is making hot and heavy on the living room floor, feels that getting caught there stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life which she will avoid making in the future with an ally. Lily may just have to give up a friendship and breaks down after the hearing. Mike has to wear strange clothes as his are wet and envisions making love properly that same night, but now he has to worry about a place to live. Molly still has to deal with being told that she is guilty. Paul is arraigned, and awarded bail. Rosanna learns that evidence was tampered with and will use her friendship with Barbara for more information. Tom is sure the suspect will not leave the country. Will gets a PDA to keep in touch.

B&B by Lea

Deacon was determined to walk so he can get Bridget away from Oz. Stephanie found Deacon fallen on the floor. He did not want a pep talk. She gave him one anyway. Deacon told Stephanie he was in love with Bridget. Oz showed Bridget a picture of him and his mom as they prepared for dinner with Massimo. Jackie was surprised that Bridget and Oz were engaged. Massimo was thrilled over the news. He presented Oz with a family crest ring. Massimo confronted Jackie about Eric. He was not happy about Eric’s feelings for her. Jackie defended her actions – Eric is just a friend. Jackie wanted Massimo to spend more time at home with her.

Days by Rebecca

Celeste looks through the eyes of the killer (his mask) and believes that Tony is not to blame! Bo wants to kill him, but Hope holds him back. He is also promoted to acting-commander! Sami blames John for Roman's death, and so does Marlena! He moves out of the penthouse. Lucas spends the night with a crying Sami. Jan stalks Belle and Shawn, and Rex tries to comfort Kate.

GH by Nicole

Courtney and Brian talk at Kelly's, she says she needs to make that step, she agrees to go to dinner with him. Dillon sees Georgie receive flowers from her new boyfriend, which she really sent to herself. Dillon walks up on Georgie making out with somebody in a ski hat, turns out it was Maxie, but Dillon does not know. Carly goes to the Haunted Star to try and get Alcazar out of her system. Faith sees her and asks her why both men want her and asks her which man she really wants, Carly punches her. Then Sage appears and accuses Carly or Sonny of hurting her uncle. Carly tells her she does not love Alcazar and wants him out of her life. Jason takes Alcazar to the Panic Room and beats him up after he tells Jason that Courtney left him because of the life he leads. Nik and Emily find Cody hanging in the secret passageway. PCPD come and question them. Nik and Emily assure them that Ben is responsible for the hanging. Ric wants to question Nik.

GL by Megan

Josh, Billy, Ed, Alan and Buzz have renewed their promise to keep quiet about the accident thirty years ago and their cover up of Maryanne Caruthers's death. As they separate, each man tries to get back to his life. Alan questions Gus about the investigation into his car they pulled from the river. Buzz begins to sweat when Frank explains that they still hope to find evidence in the sunken wreck. Josh and Ed appear on the verge of cracking. Ed is finding it harder to perform his duties as a doctor. Only Billy can stem Josh's urge to come clean with his family.

Meanwhile, Michelle, Marah and Marina reel from Carrie's own retelling of the story. They don't want to believe their fathers capable of letting that young women die and then covering it up. They realize, though, that they have to confront the men. The three young women tell their fathers/grandfather/uncle what they've learned about Maryanne's death. The reactions of the men are very different. Buzz seems compassionate and understanding as he denies the story. Josh is silent, while Billy chastises Marah for her lack of trust. Michelle pushes Ed, digs at him with questions, and refuses to be rebuffed. Finally a desperate Ed slaps his daughter across the face. In the aftermath of the slap, he's shaken to the core, but still keeps his secret. The women hand over envelopes to Josh, Billy, Buzz and Ed. Alan finds one intended for him, too. The men read the notes from Carrie, and realize this is a long way from over.

OLTL by Traci

Michael/Al is devastated by Gabrielle's death. Luna helps him get some guidance from little Gabrielle. Dorian takes Blair to the hospital and tells the doctors her niece was raped. Bo is determined to find Gabrielle's killer, which he and others believe is Troy. Starr wants her and her father to just runaway. Lindsay talks to Ron about Troy. Michael/Al helps to make Marcie feel better.

Kevin goes and tells the governor that he plans on announcing his and Kelly's divorce. Asa and the governor tell Kevin to lie about his marriage. Viki tells Asa and the governor that she is proud of her son Kevin for not giving into them. Lindsay and Nora talk about Troy. Blair doesn't tell the doctors about what Todd did, she later decides to call the police. Michael/Al talks to Ron about them being roommates. Lindsay gets a visit from Troy.

Passions by Brenda

Whitney is stunned by what she saw from the nursery window - Eve and Julian sharing passionate kisses. She cannot bring herself to tell Fox exactly what she saw, and then she glares at Julian when he comes into the nursery. Dr. Ackland places Sheridan in a straight-jacket to take her back to the psych ward. Antonio tells Pilar that he signed the papers to have Sheridan committed, and Pilar is furious with disbelief that Antonio could do such a thing. Beth is overjoyed that Sheridan is now locked up and has convinced herself that Luis will now be with her forever. She blurted out to Luis that Sheridan is back in the mental facility because Antonio put her there.

Y&R By Glynis one day ahead!

Ashley’s eyes move at the sound of a name. Brad wonders if he is hindering his wife by keeping her home, then ends up shouting when an irresponsibly party calls. Diane learns the story of the plant and is surprised at Jack’s behavior. Gina finds a patron shameless. Jack admits that this was his first time having the upper hand in something and sees himself as acting like the moustache. Jill pours a drink as she orders the contractors around, smiles as the ceiling caves in and leaves a visitor in her house.

John is horrified to see that one word brings his daughter out of her stupor. Katherine cries in horror at the state of her house, sees nothing but demolition and falls off the wagon. Kyle is clearly going to be an athlete one day. Neil vents his anger at an associate’s gesture, but understands a competitor’s underhandedness even though he finds the man to be ruthless with his wife. Phyllis vows vengeance, then resigns leaving the building teary-eyed. Victor calls to ask about the condition of a dear friend, and tries to dissuade an employee from leaving town.

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